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  • Birthday 05/31/1995

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    Cody Seay

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    Cody Seay
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    North Carolina
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    Call Of Duty (not MW2)..Kayne and Lynch..Madden..Gears Of War..Red Dead Redemption..Dirt..Last and least Halo.
  • Favorite Foods
    pizza, wings, Ribs any Good Southern Food
  • Favorite Movies
    Madea's Family Reunion, shooter, zombieland, Saw, The Blind Side, FMJ, Delta Farce, IronMan, Batman, Any Action/ Comedy movie
  • Favorite Music
    3OH3, Nickelback Favorite Artist-Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Zack brown band, Lil wayne, Drake, Kid cudi, Ludacris. I mainly listen to Country Rap and some Classic Rock
  • Interests
    Call of duty, Xbox 360, Hanging out with friends all playing some COD. YouTube(PWNuOnBLACKOPS)
  1. Congratulations on winning
  2. no i havent i asked him if i could resheduale to friday.
  3. Yes it should be legal ....if you have Netflix I recommend watching ....The Union ...great documentary on marijuana
  4. I sent a pm to vVv Spud
  5. Still no update on interview... ill keep everyone updated!
  6. 2686
  7. 2685
  8. thank u every one wishing me luck
  9. Big thank-you to vVv Doomhammer and all the other vVv staff that helped out in protecting vVv!
  10. Could be cool if this turns out good
  11. Weeds
  12. Wtf??
  13. Hit that shit easier. Only a couple hits u obviously were trippin pretty hard
  14. Cod has been so close to ruine except cod4 but it does get old so no mw3 not in my mind don't plan on buying it, I think ima get battlefield3 instead