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  1. Currently attending Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. Having a lot of fun and still representing vVv Gaming

  2. Genocide (ex vVv)

    vVv Genocide Resignation

    Hello everyone, I would like everyone to know that i will be leaving vVv Gaming. I am glad to be apart to this community. MLG Columbus 2012 was the best because i was able to hang out with most of vVv Gaming. I had a great time in this community, but i think it is my time to leave. I am going to be joining in the United States Marine Corps, and i do not have much time to be playing games anymore. Ill still play here and there, but i will not be able to play like i used to. I had the most fun by being in this community, and have made some awesome friends. I would like to thank everyone for this great and awesome experience.
  3. Genocide (ex vVv)

    vVv Staff Changes

    I am so sad to see Jerry to go. I have a lot of faith in Doomhammer and he will do a very great job.
  4. Genocide (ex vVv)

    vVv Gaming announces Aspire: The Starcraft Learning Consortium

    this is really neat and hope to join one day
  5. Genocide (ex vVv)

    Makuly's Application

    GL on app and stay active!
  6. Genocide (ex vVv)

    On Vacation to VA.

    hello everyone. I am now back and ready to play games.
  7. Genocide (ex vVv)

    On Vacation to VA.

    i will have to extend this notice. i thought i was going to be able to come home on the 6/12 but this has changed. i will be back home on the June 16th. I cant wait to be home and start gaming again. This is kiling me that i cant game. So i will notify you guys when i get home on the 16th of June. PS. i am on my phone and this is taking for ever for me to type this. I hope it turns out good. i am not going to spell check this. My phone is running very slow.
  8. Genocide (ex vVv)

    New Starcraft 2 Menu Interface

    i like this. it made customs more organized.
  9. Genocide (ex vVv)

    BluDragon's Application

    GL on app and stay active!!!
  10. Genocide (ex vVv)

    On Vacation to VA.

    I am going to be gone for two weeks, and i am going to VA. I will be gone from 5/29 - 6/12. i hope to be back on june 12 but idk. my grandmother has cancer and i need to be with her. i will contact you guys if i am going to be gone longer.
  11. Genocide (ex vVv)

    vVv Gaming Revises Application Process

    I really like this!
  12. Genocide (ex vVv)


    GL on app and stay active!
  13. Genocide (ex vVv)

    Message to Play

    I have recently got MW3 and want to play with some vVv members/applicants. Please message me at oG3N0C1D3 to play with me. PS: in my gamertag that is a zero in the middle.
  14. Genocide (ex vVv)

    InfestedOne's Application

    GL on app and stay active!!
  15. Genocide (ex vVv)

    BackTrack's Application to team vVv

    GL on app and stay active!!