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  1. Im looking for a team for gears 3. GT: vVv HiddenBlade hit me up on xbl
  2. takedown im interested hit my gt up
  3. Radiation i'm speaking of the middle of the map, ive seen some teams control the entire game when they get at least two people up there. in some of these maps you only need to be in key points to control the game. also the sawed off should have been an power weapon instead of a default #ImJustSayin.
  4. Radiation trenches also has a height advantage.
  5. Execution 1.Hotel 2.Old Town 3.Trenches 4.Checkout 5.Gridlock TDM 1.Hotel 2.ThrashBall 3.Trenches 4.Old Town KOTH 1. ThrashBall 2. Drydock Overall most of the maps are pretty good and well rounded. There great for setting up strats and easy flanks if the opposing teams awareness suck. The spawning in TDM is kind of wacky though.
  6. Off To College Pre-Season Football Camp, Much Love

  7. Welcome To vVv-Gaming's Website, We Have A Great Community & Many Talented Gamers. Stay Active & learn ways to add value. vVv-Gaming uses twitter quite a bit so i recommend following the official vVv-Gaming page and also the members pages to stay updated on events and news. Also Try to play with as many members as possible.
  8. Welcome.
  9. played with him a few seems cool, look forward to playin some more tho.
  10. Naaaaa.. Soon enough when people think MLG or any competitive gaming event they will think vVv-Gaming. Great write up Jerry.
  11. Although semi is good always aim for the top goal. you never know you might make it sooner then you think. Goodluck.
  12. no your not a member, its about a 2-3 month process to decide if your allowed to get an interview, then whoever interviews you based on your answers and how much value you have added to vvv will decide if your in or not, then you will be able to change your name. just promote vVv-Gaming on twitter, facebook or any other website or help others around the community.
  13. Reo U Did Amazing Dude