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About Felony.

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  • Birthday 05/13/1984

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    Jeremy Arnold
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    vVv Felony
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    starcraft 2, gears of war, madden
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    Linkin Park
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    My family, I have a wife and 3 kids. Football of course.
  1. Felony.

    My Mini Rain Combo Video

    rain looks real nice
  2. Felony.

    So does vVv Play Anymore?

    I still play rift. They are doing good things with pvp
  3. Felony.


  4. Felony.

    vVv and Improvement

    that looks crazy i dont think i could ever use that
  5. Felony.

    vVv and Improvement

    Im not sure when the next is honestly. They have them all the time so Ill be sure to let you know. Just dont tell Napalm
  6. Felony.

    vVv and Improvement

    Thanks, yeah it felt pretty good
  7. Felony.

    vVv and Improvement

    i won my first MK tourny! only $25 but still happy
  8. Felony.

    Application for REO

    congrats bro, now teach me the ways with csz! lol
  9. Felony.

    vVv and Improvement

    I am in the finals of my first MK tourny! Not sure when game is tho.
  10. Felony.

    vVv Application: Krayzie Bone

    played against you couple times in a KOTH last night. Good player almost got ya couple times
  11. Felony.

    Guild Wars 2 and DAOC

    to this day, DAOC is most complete MMO ive played. Enjoyed for well over 5 years.
  12. Felony.

    Application - Wonder_Chef

    nice app man, if you get ur live account going. Throw me a friend request.
  13. Felony.

    vVv Application: I$AAC

    Welcome man, add me on live and we can play some
  14. Felony.

    vVv and Improvement

    Thanks Napalm Im gonna keep working.