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    tron and soon to be tron legacy
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    i love music games i would love to be in a group of players who play and love music games just as much as i do
  1. Post in the "Welcome to vVv Gaming!" forum and greet some people. Make some friends here, and you got to stack that value, man.

    Suggest you check out the 5 Pillars and ways to add value.

  2. cool cool justbeen waiting for mine too go through its been 4 mounths

  3. I finally got my interview yesterday with Exo and i made it 'BooFerz' because my girlfriend calls me 'Boofers.' lol. I don't know why, but the name sounds funny, hah.

  4. nice job bro you changed you name may i ask why and hope to see you soon

  5. you know whats fun when dj hero no more the price will go down on dj hero and then ppl will be like oh its cheapier now let me tryt it and see if i like it and then millions of people love the game becuase they tried it becuase it got cheapier and then there like shit dj hero got kick and there gonna be like i loved that game i wish i gave it a shot earlyier and if more people knew how good it was we wouldent have to say goodbye to it becuase it would be makeing great money but people dont feel like wasting money on sometrhing that i new to music gameing
  6. fuel2thafire99

    more dlc for guitar hero and dj hero ?

    oh yeah this is great news
  7. fuel2thafire99

    more dlc for guitar hero and dj hero ?

    there makeing more dlc for both guitar hero and DJ hero after they said it was all ove dose any one know any roumors of what songs there mabey hopefully something worth 6 dollars
  8. fuel2thafire99

    dj hero 3?

    so i heard dj hero trying to work a deal with activison to make there new dj hero one last time and if so that would be great i couldent belive activison kicked the game
  9. my pc broke so i had to fix the mother bored

  10. man fedex smartpost is retarded

  11. fuel2thafire99


    hmm so vvv got hacked man this worlds full of kids you get mad becuase the suck so the hack some of the best players hope they get caught