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  1. Are You A Fan Of DAMAGE POINTS? Show Your Support By Rock'n The Fanbar =) a>

  2. If it were Black Ops im going for sure. They will end up having one with enough votes and support for the game. My team will definitely be heading there in great spirits and hopes to win if there is one. Good luck in the Reach tournament though to all who are going.
  3. Damage Points Fan Bars

    There awesome, look the same exact way as my sig but just say fan bar. Awesome for sigs, we are trying to build some support out there in the gaming world. Got a great great team going right now. Couple MW2 pro players on our team who went to nats so we are looking for cool supporters! Just post your AIM and I will send you the fan bar thank you everyone who is going to support us!
  4. Are there a lot of vVv members in Chicago?

    My teammate Jay is from Chicago, we are currently all applying to become a vVv Black Ops team. http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=46054&st=40 There is our team name if you want to wish me and him luck. Add me of PS3 if you have one and him PSN: Spec_MaNia PSN: JayMann-_-
  5. Videos games as a simulator for murder?

    lol I dont understand this. What is your point just asking.
  6. Wrong place but I still got you on a answer. What drives you to be as good as you are when in tournaments ? When in tournaments the most driving factor is winning and adrenaline. When you make that big play to change the tempo of the game and you know it, you get the greatest feeling and it just pushes such adrenaline within you to carry on and keep going. The most key factor though to continuing doing this to dominate is being consistent. How do you get so good at that certain game you enter a tournament for? Being good at a certain game is a gift for no one, you must work and work hard to keep getting better and becoming something so you feel confident traveling and going into a tournaments so you can come out on top. You need dedication and team with chemistry, then you scrim and practice, practice, practice, and when your team is not on and you are, get in some pickups, go hard and practice some more in them like you would in real situation. Are there any obstacles that you must break through? Well being under pressure would be one thing, to know you have people watching you play on main stage or even on live stream millions of people can watch and say hey that kids doing amazing or even good, or they might be saying that kids doing bad. Fact is you will never know what people are saying when you are playing but you have to play and prove yourself to be one of the best. Stay calm and cool under pressure, dont get to hyped or overconfident or even cocky or you could lose. The main thing is as I was taught and stuck with, "never play like you have something to prove" mainly saying do your own thing what you practiced so hard, have fun with it, if you play like you have something to prove you will play bad no doubt. Who are the people who are always there to support you when you play? When I play my support are all my close friends in the Call of Duty community, if our team application is accepted and we become a vVv Black Ops team I will definitely be looking forward to the support of all the great people in the community, and my last 2 are my Dad who I travel with hes mad cool, and God. It may sound corny and all but I look up to him and he definitely guides every one of us every day, as I believe. But thats all hope this helped
  7. If you have a PS3 lemme know your PSN and I will add you bro
  8. Nominate a Guest for The Loser's Bracket!

    Even though there my teammates gotta like the love being shown! Hopefully I will get some more good nominations. Thanks guys!
  9. vVv Gaming's WCG 2011 Voting Guide

    My votes all in order were: Call of Duty Black Ops Forza Motorsport 3 WarCraft 3: Frozen Throne NBA 2K11 World of Warcraft: Cataclysm DJ Hero 2 Definitely interested in Black Ops for sure. Got our great team application going right now with vVv and I will also be playing some Cataclysm when it is out, should be a awesome switch in the WoW world!
  10. Nominate a Guest for The Loser's Bracket!

    Im not sure if you can nominate yourself but I would love to be on the Losers Bracket, I have a ton of great things I can talk about with our team making a huge move in the 25k and with our team application. But if I can I definitely nominate myself and will get some people to back me
  11. Old games you miss

    Gears of War 1 back when it was on the circuit! Best game of all time, also miss Gears of War 2 as well as Call of Duty 4. All amazing games in their time era. Originals are the best
  12. new forum look

    Yeah I really like em got some good stuff.
  13. vVv Staff Structure

    this is some good stuff, vVv is a well organized organization and I look to being a part of it

    lol people do such dumb crap these days
  15. This is ma dude, he has the best shot, haha Jay keep active things are going good.