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  1. Foxgale

    League of Legends (Read First)

    LoL is a pretty good RTS, just recently started trying it out, not the kind of game I'm used to, but definitely enjoying it. If anyone wants to play sometime I wouldn't mind, I'm not that great but getting better and could use some strategies which would improve my game
  2. Foxgale

    Black Friday

    Last year me and my pals stayed outside of Best Buy from Midnight until 6 in the morning. It was freezing cold, and we were only there for cheap games to buy...I can't wait too do it again this year!
  3. Foxgale

    Prestige and your level

    Yeah I've always wanted to get to the highest prestige in one of the CoD games, never got around to doing it in any of them sadly, but this time around I probably will. Current level 17 Prestige 1.
  4. When a new game comes out I generally play the campaign to get a feel of the game and learn the backgrounds to it before I jump right into multiplayer, however with Black Ops I jumped right into multiplayer seeing as how I've played almost every CoD game before it and I was familiar with the game. I managed to get to 50 already in the first week haha so now I am trying out the campaign and am mad because the campaign is so good and I realize that I have been missing out.
  5. I main Link and I have ever since the first SSB. He is a great character, has decent moves and if used right can own a lot of people.
  6. Foxgale

    Reflex sight or Red Dot?

    Personally I go with Reflex scope just because it's easier for me to use, and I feel like I get less Recoil with it. But that's just me.