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  1. Can one of the admins close my app please? Thank you everybody for your time and effort you have spent on me.
  2. Well we have plenty of players to help you on your journey! :]
  3. Minjaaa

    Tier List

    I think Lassiz is salty... lol
  4. Study first, then Smite ADL! You could also study in between matches?
  5. We are excited to finally bring this to you guys! Keep in mind as the post said, our initial alpha stage is going to be open to community members and their friend's only. So bring a friend with you, [VVGL] Good Luck! and [VVGH] Have Fun!
  6. Minjaaa

    Toke's Smite Showcase

    I just hate Loki....
  7. YOOOOO I'm so proud right now.
  8. I'll be getting all those skins solely to add to the prize pool.
  9. Thanks for the feedback man. I know Sugarbear has been trying to help us clean out the AFKs in mumble. As far as in game, that's something we can try to bring up to our members. I know I have been frustrated with it as well. Other than the AFKs, have you noticed anything else that we can improve on?
  10. Minjaaa

    Game Night

    I'll definitely swing in at certain points. Just not right now lol.
  11. Can vouch for this lol.
  12. Thanks for the feedback khimera. I think you and I are pretty much on the same page.
  13. Just a heads up, he said the build was mainly for arena... So there are no real rotations. Hence my build. The only difference between our build is that you didn't do BoV and I like Pythag's piece for the aura it provides to other magical gods on your team. In a mode like arena, all Ares is good for is being a beads burner, hence the 35% CD between Pythag's and BoV. The other aura items we listed are the same. Now obviously if I don't have any other magical teammates for some reason, I'll swap it for witchblade or something, but my build offers exactly what you were talking about. Being able to be that frontline, constantly burning beads for other CC to work, just overall being annoying, and dealing waaaay too much damage for a tank.
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