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  1. Don't forget we raised 500k in a week for the HCS!!!
  2. So was thinking of re-creating this thread...But this one's here...So who would be interested in starting this up again?
  3. It's right in my back yard as well!!!! Would be happy to arrange some rides to grab some grub while its in town!!
  4. Kinda feel like this will be the testing block for the million dollar tournament....I haven't heard of the IG 10k before....Like at all....Not one mention of it(I know it just got announced but tournaments like these generally have some sort of rumored event)
  5. I'm extremely skeptical of this whole thing....I'm willing to give it a chance...I feel like it is to little to late and they may be doing it for the wrong reasons....Do not get me wrong...I'll be the first one to fight for it. But they haven't given a single care up until Halo started dying....Why should they care now? Because it might save their game? Mehhhhh
  6. So Halo had a decent turn out for PAX....Was crazy...School has been beating me over the head since it started....Senior year of being a double major sucks hahahaha.
  7. I tend to agree with Sun Down on this....You guys might want to look into the website and community a bit more. I hate to do it, but figured I would put it out here before people got to involved, vVv currently(as far as I know) is not looking to pick up a Halo team, as we are attempting to re-build the Halo division, you guys are more than welcome to stick around and help with this. The help would be welcome, then apply at a later date!
  8. I'd like to do one on Thursday if we can get the people and if the game will cooperate
  9. Hey, I'd like to grab the 5/6 people we have togeather on XBL on Thursday night if everyone would be free....Say, 9pm EST give or take? Anyone's free to join in as well though! Thanks
  10. FR is sent! WIll add to the group once you accept
  11. Yepp, I already have been As of right now, everyone whom is active is added to the skype.
  12. Whats going on folks! Figured I should make another thread since there are a whole bunch of new faces around My name is David, or Apollo, i'm 23 from Pennsylvania! I am a Marketing/Management double major in my 6th year of college(graduating in May yay!!!!) but changing my majors half way through sucks and screwed me over haha. Gaming wise? I've been in vVv before Proud member of the Halo division back in the day, coach of vVv Ability(Halo Reach team) we placed 17th at the last Columbus event where Halo was held. Looking to hopefully bring back the Halo division Figured i'd pop in and say hello
  13. Honestly, I dont have the time right now to respond to this thoroughly, as I am about to head out to work.......Short answer is Yes and No for both. I'll update once i get back from work. But yeah.....Those two, as well as a night where we can just have fun, and build/get to know the community from within...One night where we can just have fun, cause that is what gaming is really about. Edit Before work: Like I said though, thats part of my personal input...vVv CGN was Andy's baby back in the day Edit: I feel that it will be a good way to develop players and reach out to find new players for a while, it would be a consistent thing for people to do an consistancy is key. So people would know Wednessday night, we are playing Halo. On the flip side however, after a while, we may only see the same people, so therefore it would stop to be a factor, eventually. As for developing, sure it'll help when we are taking things seriously.
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