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  1. EEvisu

    hola! :)

    Welcome an enjoy your stay, be sure to know the rules~!
  2. EEvisu

    My thoughts on the Brawl Drama

    The fact they were flown to Vegas for free with that much money being handed out really should of encouraged a split to have a fun event for all. I'm not for splitting but since the idea would be to have a fun event it would of avoided this mess.
  3. EEvisu

    Whats going on folks!

    Did we meet at the HBurg tourny a few months back? Haha? Either way welcome.
  4. EEvisu

    vVv Gaming Introduces a New Smash Bros Manager!

    Good stuff Chibo, very happy for you homie.
  5. EEvisu

    vVv Gaming Drops Mew2King and Lee Martin!

    I should be replacing one of them, as someone who isn't good enough to place in the money you don't have to worry about bracket rigging with me!
  6. EEvisu

    Sup vVv

    welcome ~
  7. EEvisu


    Cheese <3 Thanks all ;3
  8. EEvisu


    I'm new to this forum but a long time member of the smash community, joining cause I really like vVv and my boyz Chibo n Cheese are legit so seeing them sponsored shows me you guys have some taste, good stuff. Cya around n such.