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  1. ScarreD

    Ghostly Application

    Nice App
  2. ScarreD

    Selling ViewSonic monitor

    Someone hit me up. This is also a very good computer monitor. I use it all the time for my computer. I just want the new MLG monitor used for Halo: Reach but i just don't have the cash atm. Let me know
  3. Dallas. Let's go SoCo!

  4. ScarreD

    Apollo's 2011 A40 and Wiress Mix Amp Review

    Sticking with mine. Another $200 isnt worth it. Plus i like how mine fold and swivel. lol
  5. ScarreD

    Southern Comfort Team Updates

    3/30 Southern Comfort will be leaving at 5am tomorrow morning and arrive at Dallas 3 hours later. We will be looking for LANs if this one we have planned doesn't go thru. We can't wait to meet everyone and i wish everyone the best of luck and have fun!
  6. ScarreD

    Reach MLG Playlist v3 Update

    Agreed. The bottom of your screen says flag is away when someone pulls your flag. Pretty helpful but thats not MLG. That's more of a big team battle type thing in H2 or something. lol. H2 was the best i might add
  7. ScarreD

    Southern Comfort Team Updates

    Haha. Wait... What about you Apolio? LMAO!
  8. ScarreD

    Dream Vehicle

    My car is my dream car. But my sig is what i do with it. Get it straight, Drive it sideways!
  9. ScarreD

    vVv SoCo Team Updates!

    Thanks Falcon. New thread
  10. ScarreD

    Selling ViewSonic monitor

    I'm selling my 22" ViewSonic monitor. It was used for MLG events for Halo 3 and now i want to sell it to buy the new MLG monitor thats used for halo reach. It has 1 2" long scratch that isnt bad from a friend scratching it at a local tourney. I have the original box it came in and i believe i have all the directions, owners manual and what not still. Here are some pictures. Contact me by phone with texts messages only please (3869564899) or xbox live (vVv ScarreD). Thanks. Here are some pics. Front Back Scratch that isn't visible unless in person. Note: The streaks you see are from me trying to rub it off and my natural skin oil got on it. It'll clean off. Where scratch is. Not bad. I can't even see it while I play. It doesn't affect my playstyle. How monitor looks turned on VGA and DVI input and the buttons. Change from your VGA input to DVI input source. Also buttons on right control brightness, Color etc. Very good for CoD. I can see people with ease and destroy them. Same with Halo. The quality will make you play better IMO. Bought this monitor for $250 USD and I'm trying to get close to $200 for it since it is pretty much brand new other than that minor scratch. My price is negotiable. If i don't like your price I'll tell you to wait. If i don't get any better offers, you can buy it. Thanks. Also I'm sure there is some kind of product that takes out scratches. Like the scratch remover for cars.
  11. ScarreD

    vVv SoCo Team Updates!

    I've moved this thread to the general discussion where i will be typing all the updates. thanks
  12. ScarreD

    Southern Comfort Team Updates

    3/24 I've moved this thread from the 360 section to the general discussion. As new Captain I will be posting any news that we have to share. If anyone needs to contact me I am available online randomly during the day if I don't work until i practice from 8pm EST til 3am EST. So let's get started. As of 3/24 we have started to play Gamebattles and are currently in 7th place. We will continue playing everyday to achieve 1st place. We are in the playoffs for this season and I will be updating you as to how we are doing when the playoffs begin and what teams we play. Dallas is uproaching really fast and we still need some things worked on. I don't see us placing outside of top 24 based off of how we are playing now. But obviously me and my team want higher than that. We have new gameplay that will be uploaded hopefully within the next week before Dallas on our youtube page.Be sure to subscribe!Thanks for reading and see everyone at Dallas! SoCo Let's GOOOOOOOO!
  13. ScarreD

    Which game takes more skill?

    Halo for sure.
  14. ScarreD

    The Avenger controller

    Highly doubt MLG will allow these. lol