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  1. Trying going directly to ibuypower.com and seeing if you can get the computer without mouse/keyboard and stuff..you may even find a better deal on ibuypower.com
  2. NGry

    SC2 Player's Pass

    ugh..but I got into DOTA2 beta yesterday!!!!
  3. NGry

    SC2 Player's Pass

    I'll be there for sure, but if another teammate wants the pass go for it(I plan on spectating atm) If nobody else, I'll play! lol
  4. NGry

    4v4 TLOpen

    everybody knows lings are OP in 4s
  5. NGry

    D_Way gave up

    It's okay! Terrans forgive while zerg just rage all day about imbalance!
  6. NGry

    D_Way gave up

    Spamming "z" and a move is the same thing!
  7. grandmaster this season is currently blogged down with people with multiple smurfs in GM...**cough alej with 3 accounts!** Give it a few weeks and the peoples smurfs will get kicked out of ladder with bonus pool rising up and then it will even out more like last season....I think last season started out like this also???? Again to reference Glon's point..some people just hate laddering like me
  8. Placed 1st at South Jersey LAN #2 http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=243733 Placed 2nd at NE SC2 League http://www.teamliquid.net/forum/viewmessage.php?topic_id=245192&currentpage=5
  9. NGry

    Mrwet's application

    gl on your app dude! And I will be at the second LAN event youre hosting
  10. NGry

    KidNamedOmni's Application :D

    Man who is this guy..I can't take him seriously! j/k lol, gl on the app man!
  11. U should post this in the replay section
  12. NGry

    The Grand Race!

    Gonna have to teach u how to include the date on those SS's so its legitimate tomorrow Ruff!
  13. NGry

    The Grand Race!

    Man...this makes it very tempting for me to go into crazy ladder frenzy mode
  14. rofl same But as some people have stated earlier..sentries shut down any pure bio all in that doesn't include a ghost. Guardian shield along with some well placed FF really make bio all in's worthless and easy to hold with just gateway units. Again..if there's a ghost mixed into the all in..then we have another story.
  15. NGry

    My new computer

    Grats on new comp...DA when did u become a community gamer and not a SC2 gamer