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  1. Relent is BANNED

    vVv Nynjatic New Console Manager!

    Good Luck...
  2. Relent is BANNED

    MW3 vs Battlefield 3

    Guns in BF3 take way more skill than any CoD game. Even the bi pod weapons have more recoil and than weapons like the ACR in CoD. If you play the game you realize that the suppression isn't like that and whoever said that didn't really describe it best. First off, ALL classes have this ability and you have to shoot so close to their head to make it work that it makes sense and fits in nicely. It basically make it so if you are getting shot and hit that you can't return fire that well. It happens alot more when you are firing full auto and the recoil takes you off them more then bad shooting.
  3. Relent is BANNED

    The New Order (TNO) Needs 1

    Stitches was the most dedicated on the team IMO. Good luck.
  4. Relent is BANNED

    Gow3 Suggested maps and Gametypes

    take trenches out for execution and put gridlock in its place. More fast pace and better flow and gridlock only works well for execution.
  5. I think they need to add some priority for the X button. I hate trying to pick up boom only to realize i picked up lancer ammo that was on top of it.
  6. Relent is BANNED

    Application for CD jr

    great work. keep up the stuff and I am sure you will be in vVv in no time.
  7. Relent is BANNED

    vVv DwAy's App

    heard he had a higher apm then huk
  8. Relent is BANNED

    BtH update?

    What happened with legit and naded?
  9. Relent is BANNED

    Kung Lao nerf

    the low hat fix will be big IMO. Is any other character suppose to get patched?
  10. Relent is BANNED

    BtH update?

    I have seen a lot of stuff on twitter and was wondering if anyone had an update. What is their current roster? Formal left? Why were these changes made? How have these changes effected the teams play? Any kind of update from the team itself would be nice for vVv and all BtH followers
  11. If they made a pendulum wars game it would be all retro and sawed off shot guns and snipers since that is all they had in that war. I think this will be the last game and when the last book comes out it will solve anything the game doesn't. People always want series to continue but then get mad when game endings don't have a proper ending because it isn't the last one. I think they should be done with gears after this and start a new game series so Gears doesn't get drawn out to much and become hated (which it already has)
  12. Relent is BANNED

    Application for CD jr

    One of the best MK9 players right now. I would love to see the CD bros in vVv with REO. We would hands down have the best MK9 division with both of them in it.
  13. Relent is BANNED

    vVv's Donation Drive!

    Jolly is busy opening his new club called underground. He says he will finally have free time in a month or 2 and hopes to come back for some MMO (depending on which on have better PvP)
  14. Relent is BANNED

    Community Spotlight: vVv Titan

    <3 Titan. You are my favorite player to watch and your streams are awesome.
  15. Relent is BANNED

    vVv's Donation Drive!

    Can I pay for a night with Titan? If so I am so willing to pay the price.