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    Scratchoholic, Breakdancing, StarCraft 2
  1. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    ll_AndyB_ll application

    Good luck, Andy!
  2. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    vVv Ability at MLG Columbus!

    Woooo! Go Ability! I'm sure you guys will do even better at the next MLG Event!
  3. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    vVv Halo community night signup thread

    Add me to the list! vVv ODieN
  4. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    Concerning vVv

    Yay, another Halo streamer! Hit me up if you want to play sometime!
  5. ODieN (Ex vVv)


    Good luck, man! If you want to play, hit me up for some games; vVv ODieN
  6. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    ll_AndyB_ll application

    Hey, good luck man! I just switched over from the MW3 Division, maybe we can play together sometime. Add me if you like; vVv ODieN gl yo!
  7. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    vVv Halo Community Highlights?

    I like this idea! ;D
  8. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    GloryD's Resignation

    Bye, GloryD! ;[ gl with your endeavours.
  9. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    Sg Vaiders I application

    Good luck in your app, man! Be sure to stay active! Hit me up if you ever want to play; vVv ODieN
  10. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    Monsta's Application

    Welcome back, dood! ;]
  11. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    Should I play diablo 2 to learn how before?

    Pick it up and give it a try! But be warned, it can be addicting!
  12. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    What happened between Diablo 2 & Diablo 3. (11 years - DLC)

    I'm a bit upset, don't get me wrong, I can't wait for Diablo 3 to release, but when they announced Diablo 2: LoD, I bought it, and found out that the expansion only had 1 more extra 'world' or 'act' I guess you can say, I went on and sold it to my cousin for $10 not knowing that you get more features such as an extra character and equipment. #FML
  13. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    3v5 With spec, varton, and myself we won....

    I don't really know anything about LoL, but good job!
  14. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    Swisher Sweets Application

    You're not kidding.. Anyway, Swisher, welcome to vVv! Add me if you want to run some games; vVv ODieN gl and stay active!
  15. ODieN (Ex vVv)

    PappaCat Here

    Welcome to vVv, man! I was watching you guys scrim against Naded's team a couple nights ago. Good stuff. Good luck with everything! Hopefully we'll meet at MLG.