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  1. It's that time once again... vVv Meet and Greet Team Dinner!!!! Quite possibly one of my FAVORITE times of any MLG Weekend, I am pleased to announce the official plans for the Columbus Team Dinner! After a long day and half of spectating and competing, you best be ready to grub - and grub we shall! WHEN AND WHERE: Saturday March 24th, 9:30 PM at Buca di Beppo, 343 N. Front St, Columbus, OH WHO: You! Do you have 3 Vs? Are you trying to get 3 Vs? Do you just really, really like us? Then you need to come! WHY: Because we like food. Especially Italian food. Especially when we share it together. And some of us like to drink, but only if you're of age. Those of you who had the pleasure of attending last year remember what a great time we had, and I intend for it to happen again! As always: the Team Dinner is a PAY YOUR OWN WAY event. Please, if at all possible, bring cash. After tax and tip last year, most people spent about $30 to eat more than their fill. Additionally, please list below if you are interested in attending so that I can finalize the best number possible to the restaurant. Also, if you are going to Columbus, please PM me so that I can get your cell phone number so we can all stay in contact all weekend long! Can't wait to see everyone there! xoxo, vVv DyeHard P.S. - I will be at dinner with many other team members, no matter what - but if you are competing or intently watching gameplay, no big deal. This is an open invitation, but by no means a required activity!
  2. Platypus Day! Get some.

  3. Starting at Sportello on Wednesday = final Sunday of laziness today!

  4. Heading to downtown for a stage at Sportello today!

  5. Study, Study, Study

  6. DyeHard

    Updated WCG 2012 Voting Guide!

    This. I would love to see our Rhythm Gamers have a chance to hit the big stage again this year!
  7. DyeHard

    vVv Team Jersey Design - post your thoughts

    I completely agree with Kraft's commentary. The collar as is just... ugh. It makes my skin crawl. I feel like this particular jersey cut looks "Bike racer" not "video gamer." I realize this is an expensive cost for us to undertake, but what about a little roomier cut, and definitely a long sleeve. Hyped to be getting jerseys for our players, but we've got some things to clean up first.
  8. Really excited about this!! Hope to see a lot of our members and apps in the Online Barcraft!
  9. HUGE DAY: Just scheduled an interview for a banquet culinary spot at the Mandarin Oriental downtown Boston on Thursday!!!! Now to get my knife bag in order and my coat pressed...

  10. Whoo-hoo!! Great job representing the team, guys!!
  11. We won a waffle iron!

  12. Thank you to everyone who sent Birthday Love yesterday! I'll be getting back to you all over the next couple days!

  13. I want my cake. And then I want another effing cake. DAMMIT.

  14. I really didn't want to jog this morning. Went for 25 minutes anyway.

  15. Just ran for the first time since high school gym. Ten minutes at a probably slow pace, but it's a start.

  16. First thing off my to-do list today: Watch The Challenge and listen for ELIM's "Can't Stop Us." Done!! Go watch and listen yourselves!

  17. DyeHard

    Applications are Open for 2012!

    Good luck everyone! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you - applicants, members, or not - at our MLG and LAN events this year!
  18. I have such a great sports day ahead of me! I get to watch the Caps beat the Penguins and then the Ravens beat the stupid Patriots! If you need me, I will be in front of my tv.

  19. I'm still so mad I wasn't able to be in attendance for this one, but I'm super proud of you Jason!
  20. DyeHard

    2012 Strategy

    This post, plus the new news about what MLG plans to do, make me super excited for 2012! Congrats, and thank you, to all of our 5 year members. Without your presence, our community wouldn't be as strong as it is - you guys helped set the bar! I'm super excited for more StarCraft news, hyped to hear what our Rhythm Gamers might be able to do this year, and mega-sad over dropping Brawl. Beyond vVv, that is one of the most fun communities to be around and I'll miss helping represent our team on a formal level there. Here's to 2012!
  21. It's good to be back.

  22. Why oh why is my fiancée the real life incarnation of Pete Eckhart?

  23. Happy New Year's everyone!

  24. iPhone iPhone iPhone YAY!!!! Thanks Patrick Bazinet