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  1. DyeHard

    Asylum, Dyehard, and Cheese

    Brock, you did it again!!!
  2. DyeHard

    And finally, the hotel window pic

    The Infamous Window Pic
  3. DyeHard

    vVv Esoteric and vVv Asylum feeding each other

    The happy couple! <3
  4. DyeHard

    Providence Team Dinner

    Team Dinner for MLG Providence Finals!!! http://www.centroprovidence.com November 19, 2011 10 PM This dinner is a pay-your-own way event for our vVv Team Members only! http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/topic/53397-providence-team-dinner-formally-the-meet-and-greet/
  5. DyeHard

    My Year in Review (I love my vVv/District families)

    I effing love you so much! I'm so glad we've gotten to hang and get to know each other, not to mention getting to share the District fam together thru life's ups and downs. No matter what, I always got your back!<3<3
  6. As I began writing this blog, it was 4:30 in the morning on the East Coast. I’m chilling in bed after what can be described as the worst, most stressful week of my life followed very quickly by an unforgettable day that is proving to reinforce some of the hardest yet unforgettable lessons anyone can learn. As some of you may know, last Saturday - July 30th - was an epic day of lesson learning and getting thrown into a situation that I knew very little about and was not ready for: my grandmother, Patricia Czarnecki, passed away. She fought a good fight, put up with too many medical conditions far too long, and never broke her spirit as to help those around her remain strong. We joke in my family that Grandma was really Mrs. Cleaver - there was never a household chore left undone, even towards the end of her life. In addition, my house is a very small and tight-knit family - Grandma, Grandpa, my mother, and myself. My grandma took care of any small need that anyone would require fulfilled. She cooked almost every night and did everything she could possibly do to help the family run more smoothly. One day, I hope to live up to her standards and expectations. I could write a book on the grief I feel about the loss, the intense pain of missing the woman who practically raised me, and how much of an impact she made on this house and this family. But all of that aside, she also taught me how to be a better person; and this is how loyalty, heart, passion, and commitment have come to play such a large role in my life. I cannot express how important it is to spend time with your family and loved ones. We’re all trying to find a way to balance *everything* and odds are good that we will never figure it out perfectly. However, it is starting to hit I am no longer a spring chicken, most of my friends are grown and gone, and life will continue to hit me. I don’t have time to waste on anyone who doesn’t matter, and it’s the choices I make to embrace moments and really live life that will not only matter, but shape and influence the world around me. I realize that my favorite soapbox is the one labeled “vVv *IS* a family!” and that some people just don’t get the level I’m on. However, this past month has shown me that my passionate belief in the concept of a vVv Family is a solid one built on an incredible foundation. I’ve been lucky and blessed for the support of everyone on the team and the understanding of the MOST AMAZING staff on the planet for picking up the slack in my absence. I have to take time to shout out a few of my brothers and sisters who’ve been my rock while I deal with family issues, though this BY NO MEANS covers every great experience I’ve had. To everyone and anyone who sent prayers, good wishes, karma, or whatnot - THANK YOU! We live our lives online and expecting an entire team to physically show support is nonsense. However, each Facebook post, Tweet, and text message was a reminder that my team had my back and wanted the best for my family no matter what. To vVv redvsblue, also known as Smith, who took an early morning phone call when ish started to hit the fan and hear me out about my personal fears. I’m not much of a religious person anymore; but the faith and prayers of Smith and his wife not only touched my heart and brightened my days, but helped remind me of the power of prayer and group thinking. I love you both dearly! To vVv Paradise, my fantastic friend Jason, who sent near-constant calls, texts, and tweets to check on me and how I was doing. Jason has always been a great friend, but to have someone pulling so hard who also understands the importance of a family was much needed. I have to lump Paradise into a second shoutout also for vVv Nynjatic. You two guys kept me grounded and provided a much needed laugh when I was in the hospital ICU at 2 am. While things were starting to turn for the worse, you both helped me relax and keep a level head. I can’t do shoutouts without mentioning the great crew of vVv Jolly, vVv Cheese, vVv Relent, and vVv Perilous. We’re all aware of Jolly’s hospitality, but the trips Cheese and Perilous took to visit both while Grandma was still in the hospital and after blew my mind. These four guys not only helped me to relax and unwind before the storm really hit; but also took time out of their shenanigans to actually talk to me and counsel me through how I was feeling. Some people may think we just go to a club and drink; but getting to truly kick back and be myself and be supported in that helped me work through a lot. As Lord Jerith mentioned tonight, maybe it is time to turn District into a vVv therapy center! Last but not least, a shout out for the one and only Lord Jerith. While he may have great rants and strong opinions, intimidating all the eSports land; he is a far more kind and understanding mentor than anyone can know. Thank you, Jerry, for being so patient with my situation and allowing me to work through everything at my own pace. You are quite a role model for us all. As I said, I have no ability to put into words the feelings that I have about the family, friends, neighbors, and teammates who did all they could to support me and continue to support me. Thank you all so much. I truly do have a strange, disjointed, motley Adopted Family - but I couldn't trade it for the world. With all of that, I finally feel ready to conquer the future; but I realize it is NOT EASY. There is no way that I could have gotten to this space without some key support. Time and time again over these past few weeks, I’ve been continually surprised at the level of support I’ve received and I don’t know what I would have done without it.
  7. DyeHard

    E3 2011- My Experience

    Thank you for rocking the family letters out in Cali! I'm glad you had a great time!
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    vVv Roar

    vVv Roar
  9. DyeHard

    vVv Roar

    vVv Roar
  10. Why does SC always hang out on the floor?
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    vVv DyeHard and vVv Cheese

    vVv DyeHard and vVv Cheese
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    vVv Treva

    vVv Treva
  13. vVv Brock, vVv RedvsBlue, and vVv HellAshes
  14. vVv Cheese and vVv DyeHard demonstrate the importance of protecting one's eyesight. With swag.