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  1. NooG

    Beta Swag

    dumb thread, and i dont think gamebattles will have a gb aspect so early
  2. NooG

    Who thinks GoW3 will make it to MLG?

    The game looks great in the trailers and gameplay,but a question you should ask is "does it play great?"since we can't answer that means we have to wait for the beta .maybe it will draw the attention of people who spectate other mlg games,but your going too far into the future of a game that hasn't even released the beta yet.
  3. NooG

    Quick Steelseries Spectrum 5XB Review

    i liked the second pic where the steelseries was detached and no wires were spewn about and the turtle beaches had wires everywhere.lol
  4. NooG

    D NooG ( Community Application)

    hey thanks and good luck to you Guidice.
  5. NooG

    Gaming 101: Crafting vs. Looting

    i hated having to spend a week on my blacksmithing in world of warcraft.it costed alot of gold because i was a lazy miner.alot of time i had to spend.and its really annoying when i have to spend hours in one dungeon to gey a nice new weapon or piece of plate armor only to have some douce need roll over my need roll.add some drop rate percentage will you Blizzard.
  6. NooG

    Who thinks GoW3 will make it to MLG?

    one can hope but your probably right rapture
  7. NooG

    Pics of my Place

    i saw that malibu coconut rum in the bar,its so good.nice house
  8. NooG

    Who thinks GoW3 will make it to MLG?

    well i hope gears of war3 make it to mlg and hopefully it wont get taken off the circuit i want it to be there as long as halo 3 was
  9. NooG

    D NooG ( Community Application)

    what did kenny mean Jordan?
  10. NooG

    D NooG ( Community Application)

    thank you milkyy look forward to you contacting me via my xbl account
  11. NooG

    Community Spotlight: vVv Shluu

    got shluu on my friends list,he's chill and a great gamer.
  12. NooG

    Southern Comfort - Halo: Reach

    oh snap they gotz an interview,congrats
  13. NooG

    Gamer 101: The Concept of Theory Crafting

    Good read,i guess i was using theory crafting when i first started seeing world of warcraft
  14. thanks for this dream it makes so much sense now
  15. NooG

    Who thinks GoW3 will make it to MLG?

    i understand that we should wait for the beta to releas but i never understood why gears of war 2 was taken off the circuit.anybody know why?