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    Call of Duty 4 and Gears 2
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    Polish, Chinese, German, Greek, Italian
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    Scoot Pilgrim vs The World, Tron, Hunt for Red October, Hangover.. anything really .. Dont do horrors though.
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    Devil Wear Prada, A Day to Remember,Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Modestep, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Dj Tiesto, Dj Mangoo, Lil Wayne, Drake, Celldweller, MATLOCK, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Close Your Eyes, Ozzy Osbourne, Downlink, Dj Magix, Dj Markski, The Prodigy, Pendulum, 3!OH3, Roscoe Dash, Eminem
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    Playing Video Games, Chillin with friends, going to partys, BMX and Football
  1. Krisbyy

    Favorite Anime ?

    Mobile Suit Gundam: 0079 <3
  2. Krisbyy

    Favorite Rapper

    Tung Twista, Tupac, Wayne, Wiz, Mac Miller, Cudi, Tech N9ne and Kae-Wun
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    Imports vs Domestic

  4. Krisbyy

    Would You Rather

    Definately work Would you rather have a relationship or hook up alot?
  5. Krisbyy

    Would You Rather

    Subway. Way cleaner than the others. Would you rather be famous for epic guitar solo's via Slash or be famous for billboard singles via Katy Perry?
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    Lol i didnt spellcheck when i wrote it.. Unfortunately im not sure how to change it
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    'A few weeks ago i purchased a set of SteelSeries 5xb's. This is the second pair i have purchased and im a little irritated at the fact that with in 2-3 weeks the Audio stops working. "vVv Gaming recently had the opportunity to visit the SteelSeries headquarters in Chicago in order to interview the company's Chief Marketing Officer, Kim Rom" I watched this video as Mr. Rom declared that "You have to practically yank at it for the cord to break". Completely untrue. I use it daily and i love them, but the fact that the Audio from the wiring stops working. This is the SECOND pair i have purchased and this is the SECOND time this has happened. Please fix this.' A complaint i sent into SteelSeries because of the problem with their product. It seriously disappoints me when the company makes such claims and yet after a few weeks they bust down. Since SteelSeries is a vVv sponsor maybe they'll see this. Forgot to add. To get the SteelSeries to work i have to angle the cord by the mix-amp or whatever it is to make it work. The slightest movement will then ruin the time you took to move the cord so you will be able to hear the sound. This is the second pair it's happened to.
  8. Krisbyy

    Imperial Focus GoW1 Scrimtage

    I'd have to say.. Dark Angel is like my fav Gears competitive player.. Such a goon
  9. Krisbyy

    Songs that mean something to you

    Makes me think about just relaxing
  10. Krisbyy

    Songs that mean something to you

  11. I kinda hope Gears 3 plays like Gears 1 in the respect of trucking and shit like that. I kinda hope they bring the Gears 2 Shotty (Before TU6) idk i dont like Gears 1 shotty.. It seems too random for me. I like that ammo for weapons doesn't respawn until whoever has the original wastes it. I hope they have Gears 2 Wallbouncing as well. I personally liked Ragdoll.. It made the game a little more fast paced and it made it more exciting imo.. What do you guys hope for?