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    Portland, Oregon, BABY!
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    my daughter, videogames, sc2, computers, coding.
  1. I am so sad now that my girlfriend and daughter are moving in that weekend now.... I forgot that was MLG raleigh (I moved to North Carolina)
  2. Rigid o.O wow
  3. In the end I did end up buying Rift (I am Healgeek). So far it looks fantastic. I just cant wait for addons to be released. (Also YAY for Trion releasing their API!!). I really like the ability to have my class be super varied, and lots of talent options. I look forward to raiding with you all when I hit 50.
  4. I have a few questions for the raiding side of Rift. And specifically how it compares to WoW. I played WoW for ~5 years. In that time I saw, early Rag kills, pre-T2 skin change Ony/Nef kills, AQ 40 top 100 clears, naxx 40 top 200 clears, Kael'Thas top 500, Illidan top 500, Kil'Jaeden and Mu'Ru pre nerf, Yogg 0 kills, Top 200 insanity run, and attempts on hard mode lich king 25. Then I burned out (3 days before the bitch went down). I had many top healing scores in the world and was VERY hardcore and theorycraft about my WoW. (I went so far as to modify my game so that I could have the mouse activate on mouse DOWN instead of mouse UP to save milliseconds). So my question is, how much of that goes on in Rift? Is the raiding as laughable as Burning Crusade/WoTLK was? Or as awesome as Classic? How hardcore is the vVv guild? Do you press for server/world firsts? Do you analyze combat logs etc? Can you customize the Rift UI? Or is it locked? I only ask because that is the way I play MMOs, and Rift looks awesome, and I just want to know if I should bother trying to start from nil at this point, or if vVv is too far along to catch up with in gear. Thanks, vVvIBGeekn4me
  5. Hmmm never thought I'd see vVv limit the community size. Interesting.
  6. I Play magic off and on, I have a great deck idea, but can't think of what to add to make it more able to find the cards I need on a more regular basis. Perhaps some dual land or something? or other search cards. I also need to bring it up to 60 cards. It has been a while... currently: 8x forest 8x plains 4x wirewood savage 4x man-o'-war 4x Cavern Harpy 4x Ghitu Slinger 4x Soul Warden 4x Eladamri's Call 4x Enlightened Tutor (would prefer something tht puts it in my hand) 4x Eladamri's Vineyard 4x Aluren The idea to this deck is to get an Aluren out, then bounce creatures back and forth in my hand and play to insta-gib the other player, and give myself infinite life. Specific ideas I have are adding a 3 or less black creature with an "as this enters play" effect. Any help would be appreciated. My Currently complete white protection is: 4x pariah 4x lightning greaves 4x isochron scepter 4x pacifism 3x ironfist crusher 4x inviolability 4x glittering lion 1x chastise 3x prismatic strands 1x congregate 1x skull of orm 1x razo barrier 3x shelter 1x enlightened tutor 20x plains edit: I should add Idyllic tutor to the Aluren deck.
  7. Welcome to vVv good luck!!!
  8. ZvZ

    Glon's advice is accurate. Faking aggression with strong droning follow-up is excellent.
  9. Ugh this could be a bad idea... I was top 100 at WoW pve and played it for way too long, I guess I will take a look for when I am not doing sc2: ibgeekn4me@gmail.com.
  10. your fase is imbaz
  11. She probably needs a plastic bag for her head... Err I mean paper bag?
  12. ok jerry. (also sorry for being not around recently... )
  13. dood so many bitches gonna get owned by my full body controlz!
  14. Hoping for a grack tlo final. Then grack over TLO.
  15. DDDDDAAAAAAMMMNNNNN we doin work up in here in ESEA!