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  1. Noxie

    Amazing memories with vVv

    Drinks on me next time we meet bud. BTW did that video ever surface that you had me do back in Raleigh. Best of luck E>
  2. I will be there as usual
  3. Noxie

    Blog #15 Why MLG should add FIFA 13 to the Circuit?

    The problem is that all the players are Euro and MLG is American based... The US scene is pretty non existent.. Its the same reason there is no CS on MLG's stages. I would love to see MLG expand or at least start doing exclusive side tournament events for FIFA but its unlikely. Best of luck in your tournaments michs.
  4. Noxie

    vVv Gaming Revises Application Process

    I like the new format.. pretty well thought out if I may say so. Gives the opportunity to give value in an area more specific to what your niche is.
  5. Noxie

    ECU Gaming Event

    Hey guys, At ECU I have been throwing some big lans.. and for our last event of the year we are having a fighter exclusive event (with casual pc gaming) http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=318953 That is the smash boards post. We will have Brawl (teams and singles) Melee (team and singles) SF4 Marvel vs Capcom 3 ((sorry no mk9)) Let me know if you are interested in coming. It is on East Carolina Universitys campus and myself and JayC will be there (old school vVv members haha :X) Hope to see ya there! <3 Nox
  6. Noxie

    vVv vs EG!

    Go hard or go home and since you dont have a home.. you gotta go hard.
  7. Noxie

    LoL Chat Channel

    anyone still use this? ill check it out ((n0xi3))
  8. Noxie

    CombatEX apologizes?

    This is much more then his 3rd apology.. he will still be an asshole.
  9. Noxie

    Underdog: vVv Titan

    Stay strong Titan, keep it up man.
  10. Noxie

    Inspired by Fear

    Starkad has been coaching me basically since I have been getting more active with the semester coming to an end. But, I advise EVERYONE. Go and ask for help from these people. Too many times I see people offering services and no one takes that advantage!