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    My goal is to get partner on twitch.tv
  2. Good to see you've done your research before posting!
  3. This week brings vVv's first loss in WNS at the hands of DarkCell, of Quantic Gaming. These games showcase some strong ZvT, winning against Ruff's Cheese, Murder's macro-based play and NGry's timing based play. DarkCell also wins a close ZvP, coming back from having his third base killed for free. Replays can be found here. Game 1: vVvMurder(T) vs Agh(P) on Tal'Darim Altar Murder opens with a gasless 1 rax expand, into a very atypical 3 rax into 3rd command center. Agh opens with a more standard 1 gate expansion, quickly adding 2 more gates for pressure and a robotics facility. Both players macro up from here, murder teching up to starport and taking his third on the low ground, Agh teching to DTs and taking the natural third base. Both players drop simultaneously, murder dropping a medivac full of marines and marauders into Agh's base, which does little damage, Agh warping in DTs into Murder's base, killing a few SCVs and add-ons before Murder cleans up the DTs. Murder loads up four medivacs after dealing with the DTs, dropping Agh's main while also sending the rest of his units to Agh's natural. Agh sees the units coming from the front, and only breaks off a small number of zealots and stalkers to deal with the drop. These units get crushed with relatively few losses for murder, and having no form of AoE, the rest of Agh's gateway army gets picked apart by the split attack. Dealing with Terran's split attacks as protoss is quite unforgiving, since small numbers of gateway units are incredibly inefficient against infantry and medivac armies. Agh should have sent far more units back into his main to deal with the four medivac drop. Game 2: Murder(T) vs DarkCell(Z) on Metalopolis In this game, Murder opens with a 1 rax CC into 4 rax with fast combat shields. DarkCell begins with a hatchery first, following by a very late gas and a fast third queen, droning incredibly hard. Murder scouts with an early reaper, and pushes out to attack DarkCell with a handful of marines as combat shields completes. DarkCell has a perfect defense, though, with 4 queens and 2 spine crawlers. Posturing aggressively with his marines and reapers, Murder forgets to build a supply depot, and is supply blocked at 46 supply for nearly a minute, followed by another lengthy supply block at 56. Coupled with DarkCell's bold drone production, this leaves DarkCell with a 17 worker advantage, while still producing lings in time to deal with Murder's attack. DarkCell takes a third base while Murder techs to starport. Murder beings a third CC while dropping DarkCell's main. The drop is dealt with effectively, but after securing his third base, Murder returns with two medivacs dropped behind DarkCell's mineral line and a tank/marine push at the front. Murder's dropped marines sit safely behind a spire and baneling nest, killing several lings and drones, but is eventually clean up along with the entire push due to DarkCell's massive number of lings and banelings. Murder continues macroing while attempting to drop DarkCell's main and picking off stray lings and banelings on the map, but DarkCell's macro is phenomenal. Every time Murder pushes out, his units are flanked and slaughtered by a nearly maxed army of lings and banelings. After losing two huge armies this way, Murder's main and natural are both mined out, and he ggs. Murder's massive supply block during his initial push cost him a lot. DarkCell droned very greedily, but went unpunished because of the supply block. With an additional round of marines, Murder could have probably killed the spine crawler on the right side of DarkCell's natural and gotten behind the minerals to kill drones and delay mining. Going into the midgame with such a huge harvester disadvantage is almost always going to lead to a loss. Game 3: NGry(T) vs DarkCell(Z) on Shattered Temple NGry opens with 2 rax; DarkCell again opening with hatch first and a late gas. NGry's first push kills four lings and forces ten more on top of that, while losing no marines. NGry expands behind this pressure, setting him up for a strong mid-game. NGry adds a third command center quickly while producing marines from four barracks. DarkCell, on the other hand, produces mass ling/baneling, staying on two base for a very long time. NGry sees no ling/baneling aggression, so moves out to attack what would be DarkCell's third base. Unfortunately for him, DarkCell has not taken a third, and counters with a huge number of lings, ripping through NGry's natural and into his main. Meanwhile, NGry's army takes out two rocks before getting to DarkCell's base, where he is greeted by several banelings. NGry's opening was solid, but his mid-game plan was abused well by DarkCell. NGry often pushes at the time most zerg players will take their third, but since DarkCell stayed on two bases, he has a larger army than usual, and crushed NGry. With the extremely early third Orbital, NGry could have afforded to scan to check for the third base, but opted for greedy instead. Game 4: Ruff(T) vs DarkCell(Z) on Testbug Ruff opens with three barracks at his expansion, aiming to put a ton of pressure on DarkCell early. However, DarkCell opted this game for a speedling expand, and when Ruff's initial marines reach DarkCell's base, DarkCell surrounds them, stopping the rush cold. At this point, DarkCell's hatchery has not yet completed at his expansion, so he cancels it and builds a baneling nest, to end the game more quickly. This is a mistake, as it gives ruff a chance of winning the game, but DarkCell's bust is successful, and ruff resigns. Ruff's initial push was not executed well. He pushed with his marines out in the open rather than staying against the wall or behind the minerals, where they may have done better against the zerglings. Game 5: Time(P) vs DarkCell(Z) on Shakuras Plateau DarkCell opens speedling expand, while I open 2 gate FE. I am able to sneak a probe into DarkCell's base, seeing an early roach warren. DarkCell sneaks some lings into my main, seeing nothing but two gateways. Using hallucination, I scout DarkCell taking a quick third with very few units, and push with +1 attack and blink, killing the hatchery for free, as DarkCell has very few units and can do nothing to stop my army. During the attack, I built a third base and began teching to colossi. DarkCell begins burrow, roach speed, his third, and quickly after his fourth base. Once I have finished colossus range and my third colossus, I push again while taking my fourth. Due to poor scouting, I engage DarkCell's army out in the open, and his banelings evaporate all of the zealots and sentries quickly, leaving the roaches to deal with the colossi and remaining stalkers quite well. DarkCell adds infestors, while I tech to templar and void rays. DarkCell uses lings to take out the fourth base while dropping roaches in the main, turning the game back in his favor. I push again once I approach maxed, and successfully take out DarkCell's natural and most of his army. However, DarkCell continues to abuse burrow to kill buildings in the main and at my fourth, crippling my economy. With reinforcements, DarkCell cleans up the rest of my army, and with constant harass, prevents me from being able to deal with increasing infestor numbers, which continue to neural and spam infested terrans, winning the game. Despite gaining a large lead in the early game by taking DarkCell's third out for free, I lose this game with poor army control, losing the first push due to poor positioning, and later due to allowing banelings to blow up all my high templar before using any storms. Congrats to DarkCell for the all-kill!
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    Looking for a Coach

    Hey cepteel, If you're still looking for a coach, I'm looking for students. I do not have a lot of experience coaching yet, but as long as you are committed to improving I can help you improve more quickly. Prices are negotiable, and I am available most days, with 5pm-7pm and 10pm-midnight being the best times. Basically I will work with you on whichever matchup you want each session and teach you some build orders and/or analyze replays from that matchup. I also watch a lot of top level replays so I can help you find some replays which I think are instructive. vVvTime
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    Replays from week 4
  6. Time

    WNS Week 4: vVv vs VP

    Last night, on Wednesday Night StarCraft, we played VP, an up-and-coming team with several GM players. NGry lost the first match on Shakuras Plateau against VPSuppy, then vVvTime(me) all-killed VP. I used a few original builds, and I will be able to give some good insight into the way the games were seen from my end. Replays can be found at this link: Mirrored at megaupload: Game 1: NGry(T) vs Suppy(Z) on Shakuras Plateau Suppy begins the game with a hatch first build, NGry responding with a 1 Rax Expand, a standard way for the game to begin on Shakuras. NGry adds a second barracks, a bunker, then two additional barracks, planning for a large marine push with combat shields and stim to kill or force a cancel on the zerg's third base. Not having much in the way of scouting, suppy adds a roach warren before teching into the typical muta/ling/baneling, so that he can be safe against early marine pushes without committing to spine crawlers. NGry moves out to take the south watchtower with marines as combat shields completes, stim about 3/4 done. He then kills some creep tumors and forces a cancel on suppy's third before trading his marines for several banelings and most of suppy's lings. The drone count is about equal, and NGry has a 3rd CC completed and upgrades starting, putting him at a slight advantage. However, suppy has an army advantage due to coming out on top in the previous battle, so he positions his lings aggressively in the center of the map. NGry pushes out with a few marines in an attempt to take his third, but loses them to a swarm of zerglings. Suppy follows this advantage up with a baneling bust, quickly ending the game. After cancelling the zerg's third base, NGry should have played more cautiously, waiting for more reinforcements before taking his third. We can see that even after the baneling bust, Suppy's third has still not completed, so waiting a bit before taking the third for NGry would still have left him with a sizable economic advantage. Game 2: Time(P) vs Suppy(Z) on Metalopolis We spawn in close air positions on the right side of the map, suppy opening with a standard speedling expand. I open with a new build I am experimenting with, where I get a fast +1 attack and 4-5 zealots, followed by a voidray or two, into expansion. With this build, I plan to put a lot of pressure on the zerg early game, allowing me to take an expansion with relatively few units. Zealots with +1 are very good against zerglings, while void rays are very good if the zerg attempts to defend with roaches. In this game, my initial 4 zealots with +1 force the zerg to build a lot of zerglings, as well as kill a queen and leave two in the deep red. This allows my first voidray to finish off one of the queens and kill the hatchery at the zerg's natural. He is also forced to build spore crawlers to defend his main. While this is happening, suppy manages to use all the lings he has produced to force a cancel on my expansion nexus, so he is maintains a worker lead, so he is not too far behind. I see that suppy is adding a hydralisk den, so I plan to get charge quickly and push with voidray/chargelot, trying to end the game before he responds correctly, since this strategy is quite unusual. My first push with chargelots and voidrays takes out most of suppy's army, as well as most of the drones at his expansion, but suppy is able to defend by taking a strong position on the ramp while my void rays die to spore crawlers. I begin amassing chargelot/voidray/blink stalker, aiming to hit him again before he is able to drone up and reproduce a large enough army to defend. However, suppy cuts drones at a perfect time and produces enough roaches to win the coming fight handily, though he again loses several drones. At this point I decide to take a third base, since my main is almost mined out and roach/hydra is too cost effective against my mostly gateway composition. My plan from here is to go primarily voidray/stalker/sentry. This composition is good against roach/hydra as long as the zerg isn't near max food, and since I do not have a robotics yet I cannot get colossi in time to kill him before he gets a third base up and running. Once I scout that his third base has completed, I loop around the left side of the map and kill the hatchery, using force fields to prevent the zerg from engaging at all. Suppy has transitioned to infestors, but they arrive about 30 seconds too late to defend. I continue building voidray/stalker/sentry for another minute before returning, again attack just as his third completes. This time, though, I attack his natural while rallying zealots from a proxy pylon into his third to shut it down. Suppy's economy has been suffering all game, and by this attack my army is too big for him to handle. I feel that after the first void ray kills suppy's natural, he is behind, and by continuing to pressure him as his third completes, it is nearly impossible to come back. One way suppy could have done better in this game is to build a spine crawler or two in response to my chrono boosted zealots and quick +1 attack. Game 3: Time(P) vs Frisky(P) on Shakuras Plateau This game was fairly uninteresting on the surface. I blindly went 2 gate robo, getting 2 immortals, 2 colossi, then an observer and two more gates before a-moving across the map, while Frisky went blink stalker plus observers and getting wrecked. However, I think it is a good game to learn strategy from. I have played Frisky many times on ladder, and in over a dozen games Frisky has only shown that he knows how to do one strategy in PvP. Between this and the fact that I have not practiced PvP all week, I felt that the best strategy was to blind counter him, and it paid off. Generally, if you do the same build against someone dozens on times on ladder, you should come into a clan war prepared with something else. If, for example, suppy had opened 3 stalker into phoenix, I would have had a very difficult time. Phoenix openings are quite good against robo openings, and the 3 stalker opening would lead me to believe that he is playing the way he always does. So remember to have a diverse array of strategies you can do and consider what your opponent has seen you do in the past when you play them in a tournament setting. Game 4: Time(P) vs Chance(Z) on Testbug Unfortunately for people looking forward to some in depth build order and play-by-play analysis, this game again was a case of metagaming. Testbug is a map where the third base is very difficult to take and defend in PvZ, so heavy two base play is very potent. Also, I know that chance likes to go 11 pool 19 hatch, which gets a very delayed gas. This allows me to go 1 gate expand safely, since there will be no early speedling pressure. By getting a stronger economy from this early expansion, two base play is even stronger. I also know that chance likes to go zergling/infestor, so my particular choice of two base all-in was a blink stalker+3 colossus build that I had prepared for MLG Dallas. As for the game, the first 10 minutes are uneventful. Then, chance sees that my six full energy sentries are sitting right in front of my base, just waiting to be killed by some fungals, which he promptly takes advantage of. This was a huge blunder for me, and chance, sitting on 3 fully saturated bases, would have been wise to max out on ling/infestor/roach and crush my inevitable push, taking advantage of the fact that I now have no force fields. However, he decides to take a fourth base instead, and my push comes when he has very few roaches. His lings melt almost instantly to two colossi, after which my army is able to quickly clean up his roaches and infestors, and he is forced to gg. Again, don't be predictable in tournament situations! Also, when your opponent is doing a 2 base all-in, you do not need to have 4 bases to win the economy war. Game 5: Time(P) vs Cry(T) on Xel'Naga In this game, Cry opens with a two barracks marauder rush, proxying one of the barracks in the path behind my natural. I did not scout this way, so I opened with my standard 1 gate expand into two more gateways. I scout a very early marauder, so I suspected that he might be going two barracks marauder, but did not consider that one of them might be proxied, so I continued with my early expansion. When his initial three marauders get to my base, I attack them with my zealot and two stalkers. This was a huge mistake, and I lose all three units without killing a single marauder. Cry runs up my ramp with 4 marauders and a few scvs, but controls his units very poorly, allowing me to surround all of his marauders with probes and kill them with minimal losses. I clean up the few additional marauders he sends after this, and due to having an earlier second nexus, am in a good position. Cry's expansion finishes a bit after this, and begins stim and teching to medivacs after adding a third and fourth barracks. I go double forge, planning to do a timing attack once I get 2/2 upgrades and charge, as well as taking a third base at the gold. Cry attacks upon finishing stim research, and since this attack comes just before my 1/1 upgrades finish, he does quite a lot of damage, taking out all of my sentries and all but three stalkers. However, I lose no probes and am ahead on upgrades, so I proceed to take out the gold rocks while researching 2/2 and charge. Cry begins pressuring once he gets four medivacs, and since I am spread out trying to take the gold base, manages to unload two full medivacs into my main, taking out a few gateways and pulling my army back. At the same time, he uses another group of units to force a cancel on my nexus building at the gold. Cry pulls back, and takes his gold expansion, quickly upgrading the command center into a planetary fortress. At this point, I am ahead on upgrades, but cannot attack into the planetary, so I take my own gold. Cry then becomes overly aggression, attempting to drop my main and use a split attack to kill my gold base again. However, I have blink now, and take out the two medivacs in my main nearly for free. At the same time, my upgrade advantage and force fields allow me to crush his army that is attacking my gold, quickly turning the tide from a 13 supply deficit to a 20 supply advantage. I continue chasing until his reinforcements come, then retreat to warp in a few rounds before coming back to finish Cry upon completion of 3/3 upgrades. I avoid the planetary fortress at the gold, opting to attack straight into his natural where he has several of his barracks positioned. With several sentries and 3/3 upgrades versus Cry's 1/1 infantry, Cry's army dies quickly, and Cry taps out. Similar to the previous game, I feel that the economic advantage was not used correctly by VP's player. In the last game, chance tried to gain a huge economic lead, rather than being content with a more conservative lead, and it cost him the game. In this game, Cry has his gold base completed and saturated before I have even begun my third nexus. There is absolutely no reason to become aggressive at this point, especially against an army as mobile as mine. Heavily upgraded chargelot/blink stalker/sentry is very strong in the midgame, especially at defending against drops and pushing against an unprepared terran, but once both sides approach 200 supply, gateway units become very weak and it is necessary to add colossi and/or templar. Cry could have played more defensively and slowly taken a fourth and added ghosts, attacking once he has maxed out. Instead, he played overly aggressive with drops and got punished.
  7. This week we had another exciting episode of Wednesday Night StarCraft. We had some intense back and forth matches, with a final score of 3-3, StyleCraft's final player unfortunately being unable to show. As with last week, I'll give a brief analysis of each game. Replay Pack Game 1: Titan(Z) vs Seig(T) on Shattered Temple Titan spawns in the 3 o'clock position, Seig spawns in the 9 o'clock. Titan opens with his signature speedling expand, with Seig opting for a 1 rax hellion expand. Titan scouts Seig's hellions with some lings, and when Seig arrives at Titan's natural, Titan is able to quickly force Seig's hellions into a corner, killing them with pure ling and a few queens. Titan is able to drone hard behind this and gain a large advantage. Titan breaks the rocks at the gold immediately after this skirmish, and makes some lings and banelings to secure map control. Titan also adds a spire to do some muta harass and shut down drops. Meanwhile, Seig takes the expansion in the upper left corner, and begins massing a marine/marauder/medivac/tank force. Seig begins pushing at the 15 minute mark, but Titan is nearly maxed with a huge muta/ling/baneling army, and has creep covering the entire middle of the map, stretching from his natural nearly into the naturals of the other three bases. Approaching 200/200, Titan sets up a huge flank on Seig's army and attacks, killing most of Seig's army, and most importantly, taking out all but three tanks, leaving two in the deep red. Seig continues his push despite the losses, and Titan's reinforcements swiftly destroy Seig on the creep. In this game, Titan macroed very well, and Seig's opening which relied on hellion harass to do economic damage failed. Given the relatively easy to defend natural on shattered temple, I believe Seig's opening is poorly chosen here. Game 2: Titan(Z) vs lkjewq(Z) Titan spawns at the left base, with lkjewq spawning close by air, at the southern base. These spawns are good for ZvZ, since both players have complete information for a long time, resulting in fewer games lost to chance. lkjewq opens with an unusual 13 hatchery, with Titan going for a 15 hatch at the gold, one of his innovative builds on metalopolis. lkjewq makes a fast roach warren, with Titan opening ling/baneling, a strong opening given the massive mineral advantage he obtains by having the gold base. Titan stops at 22 drones before pumping pure ling/baneling, and destroys lkjewq, even catching all of his roaches out in the open. lkjewq was probably surprised by Titan's opening, and did not respond optimally to it. By expanding to the gold base, Titan is going to have a very difficult time defending early pressure, but will quickly pull ahead in resources. If Titan is ever allowed to go on the offensive, lkjewq will probably lose the game, since this eliminates Titan's main weakness, and his economic advantage will allow him to win. Since lkjewq does not see a spawning pool, extractor or hatchery at Titan's expansion, he can know that Titan is probably taking the gold expansion without directly scouting it. Given this information, he should save larva to immediately produce 8 when his spawning pool finishes, and use the larva advantage from the early hatchery, as well as Titan's weak defensive position to end the game before Titan can effect an economic advantage. Game 3: Titan(Z) vs GenX(Z) on Xel'Naga Caverns Titan opens with a speedling expand, with GenX opting for the more aggressive quick baneling nest, possibly in response to Titan pulling his drones off of gas after 100. Titan adds one drone back to gas after initially pulling all three, to try to trick GenX, but this was ineffective. Since GenX has baneling/speedling against Titan's pure ling, there is very little Titan can do, though he attemps to get a baneling nest of his own up. Unfortunately, this is far too late, and GenX has already managed to do economic damage and trade cost-effectively with Titan. When Titan is finally morphing banelings, GenX has twice as many lings, an equal number of banelings, and two additional drones. Although GenX succeeds in winning the fight at Titan's natural, Titan goes for a ling counterattack, killing all of GenX's drones and queens. GenX has done the same in Titan's base, though, and in the end Titan is down to four drones vs GenX's twenty zerglings, and calls the GG. Game 4: Time vs GenX on Shakuras Plateau GenX spawns in the lower right, with me spawning in the lower left. GenX goes for a 15 hatchery with a fairly late gas, so I decide to skip the first zealot and go for a 1 gate expand. GenX makes a quick spine crawler, so the initial stalker does no damage, while GenX's initial lings run into my base, causing a lot of lost mining time, but relatively few probe losses. GenX makes many queens and drones hard, playing the Spanishiwa style. I scout with a probe, seeing a drone going to plant a third hatchery, and several lings. Expecting ling/infestor play, I decide to do a quick two base all-in with blink and several sentries. GenX sends lings behind my army trying to pick off proxy pylons, but there is already one situated at the upper middle expansion. I attack into his third base, killing a hatchery and chasing down 3 queens. Unfortunately, he comes in from behind getting some nice fungals while I am controlling my units poorly, and I fall incredibly far behind. From here, he continues to macro well and make ling/infestor and wins the game easily. Since I was going for a two base all-in and his third was not even mining yet, I should have just attacked into his main, going for the kill before there were several infestors out. Attacking his third definitely destroyed any chance I had of winning this game. Game 5: aLeJ(P) vs GenX(Z) on Tal'Darim Altar. aLeJ spawns in the upper left, and begins a wall at his natural to forge fast expand. GenX goes for a hatch first. Upon seeing this, aLeJ throws up a three pylon wall and begins cannons to force a cancel on GenX's hatchery. GenX cancels and builds and spine crawler in his base to break out. Meanwhile, GenX builds a hatchery in aLeJ's base with his scouting drone, and makes a roach warren. aLeJ fails to scout his base for the proxy hatchery in time, and GenX begins pumping roaches and a queen from the hatchery. aLeJ can do nothing to stop the roaches, and gg's quickly. After forcing a cancel on a zerg's expansion, a protoss player should always scout their main and outside their natural for any sort of proxy hatch shenanigans, as well as scout the map for a hidden expansion. This basically wins the game on the spot, as the zerg can only go on to do a weak one base all-in from here, which is of course not effective on a map as large as Tal'Darim. Game 6: Murder(T) vs GenX(Z) on Testbug If you only watch one game from this series, this is the game to watch. Murder spawns in the 11 o'clock position, with GenX spawning at 3 o'clock. Murder opens with an aggressive 2 barracks expansion, building the barracks at his natural. GenX opens hatch first, and is forced to make a spine crawler and several lings to defend. Neither player takes many losses from the initial marine pressure, and the game is about even after the opening. GenX adds several queens and three spine crawlers, then drones up to 49 drones before beginning ling production. Murder adds a third barracks and techs quickly to siege and medivacs. Murder pushes out with his first two tanks as GenX begins his third base. They trade armies, Murder coming out ahead in supply, but GenX is able to finish his third, and has the energy upgrade for his infestors completed. Murder begins breaking the rocks at the southwest gold expansion, while GenX builds several infestors and zerglings to take control of the center of the map. Behind this control, GenX quickly techs to greater spire. However, despite his early drone lead and quicker third base, GenX has not made many drones, opting instead to get infestors and broodlords quickly. Murder is ahead in workers, and with mules and a third base at the gold, he will quickly pull ahead if GenX does not capitalize on his tech advantage. Murder has scanned GenX's base and sees the quick hive. He knows that his economy is strong, but that if GenX is able to pressure him he will lose quickly to the broodlord/infestor doom army that GenX will soon have. Murder goes on the offensive, dropping GenX's main to get his army out of position while pushing onto the creep with marine/tank. Murder clears most of the creep tumors and targets down some infestors. Broodlords complete morphing and force murder to retreat, but GenX plays overly aggressive, losing several of his infestors to kill relatively sacrificial marines. GenX rallies all his hatcheries to the center and pushes onto Murder's gold with six broodlords, two infestors and some lings. However, GenX crucially blunders by morphing the remainder of his coruptors into broodlords, allowing three vikings to kill eight broodlords. Murder has lost his gold base, but is ahead 50 supply. Murder moves out with eleven tanks, some marines, and five vikings to secure the center and take the gold expansion again. GenX only has ling/infestor remaining, so can do nothing to stop murder as he closes the gap in workers. Both players begin taking their fourth base, and GenX abuses the high ground behind Murder's gold to kill a ton of SCVs with fungal growth. At the same time, Murder drops into GenX's main to draw back the zerg army, and moves his tanks outside of GenX's natural, preparing to go for the kill. Murder gets sieged up before GenX can respond, and GenX attemps to attack into the line of thirteen tanks with pure ling/infestor. Needless to say, that doesn't go very well. Murder takes out GenX's entire army, and having cut right between GenX's natural and his third and fourth bases, he is in a great position to kill the reinforcements as he slowly pushing his way into GenX's main and ends the game. Game 7: Unplayed, no show by SC's final player. .
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    WNS Week 2 Replays



    Reps from WNS Week 2 against xSix
  9. Time

    WNS Week 2: vVv vs xSix

    Last night's match between vVv and xSix was a narrow victory for vVv, with a final score of 4-3. Today, and for future Wednesday Night StarCraft matches, I will be giving a (very) brief analysis of each game, and the critical decisions and mistakes that were made. The VOD of the match can be found here. The first game begins at 32:30. Replays can be found: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/files/download/38-wns-week-2-replays/ Game 1: vVvTime(me) vs xSixShadow on MLG Testbug In this game, xSixShadow opens with a quick second gas, also stealing my second gas. In response to this, I take a fast expansion with 1 gate and a forge. Shadow quickly gets 3 gateways and a twilight, teching straight to blink. When shadow attacks, I have only 2 cannons and a handful of gateway units, with only 2 gateways complete. With excellent blink micro, shadow takes down the two cannons and most of my gateway units while losing very little. In this game, the response used against the fast gas and gas steal is good (imo), but my execution was not. I am not very familiar with this strategy, so my build order was not very optimal, and I did not have adequate defenses in time. Had I taken my second gas later, I could have had a third cannon or one or two additional gateways completed, which may have been enough to thwart the attack, leaving me in a good position with a stronger economy. Game 2: vVvMurder vs xSixShadow on MLG Shattered Temple (Close Air Spawns) vVvMurder opens with 1 rax CC, while Shadow opts to go 3 gate robo. Shadow does not put on much pressure after seeing Murder's quick bunker, and makes his own nexus after getting 3 gates and a robo. I feel that this opening is very slow for Shadow, and although it is "safe" in the sense that he cannot die to an early rush, it is very unsafe after that point, where the terran will have an economic lead. Although Shadow is able to put some pressure on murder with several stalkers and sentries, he is forced to retreat when murder arrives in his mineral line with a medivac full of marines. Murder never stops with the aggression, constantly pressuring the front and dropping in the back while taking his third base. Murder approaches 200/200 at minute 19 and moves out to kill shadow. Murder's viking fleet is large enough to quickly take down shadow's colossi, and with the help of a few crucial EMPs, shadow's army quickly disappears. With well placed force fields and good micro, shadow was able to even the playing field with his attack, despite his nexus being very late. However, I feel that his choice of opening is still a mistake in these positions. It takes a long time for his gateway units to retreat to his base, while murder can counter with medivacs very quickly, since they spawned at 3 and 12 o'clock. Game 3: vVvMurder vs xSixMkengyn on MLG Shakuras Plateau Murder opens with reaper expand, and Mkengyn opens hatch first into some early roach aggression. Murder's first reaper sees everything in Mkengyn's base and manages to kill 4 drones, but Mkengyn quickly counters with four roaches, forcing murder to lift his command center, and killing some SCVs. The aggression continues shortly after, with Murder's stim finishing he pushes out with some marines and marauders, doing some damage to Mkengyn's forces. Mkengyn cleans up Murder's attack, and the game is about even. Murder continues putting on the pressure, and once he gets medivacs out, does a split attack, taking out several workers and the natural hatchery. In an attempt to get back in the game, Mkengyn takes a third in the bottom right main. Mkengyn also gets into Murder's base with mutas before Murder has turrets up, and kills a lot of marines and SCVs, again evening the game up. The game continues with some harassment on both sides, Mkengyn taking the lower right natural, and Murder placing a planetary fortress in the third below his main. Murder moves out with a large number of marines and a few tanks against Mkengyn's army of ling/bane/muta. Murder pulls his marines back, forcing many of the banes to blow up on his tanks, and splits his marines at the end, absorbing Mkengyn's entire army and coming out ahead. After winning this fight, Murder never lets up the aggression, continuing to micro his marines well against banelings, and forces his way into the lower right, at which point Mkengyn calls GG. Game 4: vVvMurder vs xSixMystik on MLG Metalopilis (Cross Spawns) Murder opens 1 rax CC, quickly adding 2 more barracks for safety, while Mystic expands on 15 supply. The first 7 minutes are uneventful, and mystik moves across the map with some zerglings to scout and pick off an SCV or two. After killing most of the lings, murder moves to mystik's natural third base, picking off some overlords. He sees that Mystik has not taken his third yet, so is apprehensive. After some maneuvering by both sides, murder attacks into Mystik's third and splits marines perfectly, ending up ahead with 1200 fewer resources lost. Not long after, murder moves out again with a handful of marines, forcing Mystik to cancel the third hatchery he has just begun. Murder takes the opportunity to get more ahead by quickly dropping a third base at the gold. However, Mystik attack's murder's gold with perfect timing, canceling the turrets that were building and forcing murder's army out of position. He then attacks murder's undefended natural, picking off a few marines, a tank, and a few SCVs before retreating. Mystik comes back after regrouping, and despite the gold having a planetary fortress and several turrets, his entire army is positioned there rather than in his natural, leading to his natural being ravaged and his army being slaughtered as it comes to defend. Mystik takes a fourth shortly after and plays solidly to seal the victory. Game 5: vVvaLeJ vs xSixMystik on Xel'Naga Caverns aLeJ spawns in the north position, and opens 3 gate expand, while mystik opens 14 pool 15 hatch. mystik scouts several sentries, and sees a forge and hallucinated phoenix as aLeJ takes his expansion. Seeing that aLeJ cannot put any real pressure on, mystik safely puts up a fast lair and 47 drones. When aLeJ's nexus finishes at his expansion, he is down 14 probes, and mystik begans pumping roaches and adding a hydra den. Mystik quickly breaks the gold rocks and takes a third base. aLeJ knows that he cannot attack into mystik's roach/hydra army without several colossi, so he decides to expand to his third. Unfortunately, the economic edge mystik took in the early game carries him to 200/200 with 3k minerals in the bank while aLeJ is only at 140 supply. Mystik wins this game handily after corruptors take out all of aLeJ's colossi. aLeJ played too defensively in the early game, having tailored his build far too much toward defending from a losira-style roach/speedling aggression build. This build is very potent on Xel'Naga against a standard 3 gate expand, and I feel that 3 gate expand is not a good choice on this map. In order to be safe against the aggressive builds zerg can do, protoss sacrifices all hopes of stopping the zerg from droning, as we saw in this game. Game 6: vVvTitan vs xSixMystik on Typhon Peaks (Cross spawn) Mystik opens hatchery first, getting a fast roach warren to be safe against early banelings. Titan opens with pool first, quickly getting a large number of speedlings while expanding, and attacks mystik's natural. Mystik gets caught with his units too far from the ramp and loses a queen and a drone for very little. Titan immediately decides to go for a ling/bane all-in, producing nothing no further drones from either hatchery. Mystik decided to produce 3 drones after the initial attack, and doesn't have nearly enough to hold against the huge ling/bane army that Titan created. Against this type of zergling aggression, mystik needs to get banelings in addition the roaches, as well as not produce drones while titan is all-ining. Game 7: vVvTitan vs xSixMaker on MLG Testbug Maker opens with a reaper FE, with titan opening hatch first. The first reaper is used to harass titan's queen, but doesn't do any damage. He also is able to get a good scout of the main base before dying. Maker adds two additional barracks then techs straight to a starport. Titan, with excellect timing, sacrifices an overlord into Maker's main, seeing a starport swapping with the factory which has just produced a reactor. Knowing that heavy harassment is on the way, he produces many zerglings and some banelings while taking a third and adding a spire. Maker uses both medivacs to harass Titan, and succeeds in picking off a few drones and many zerglings, but gets shooed away by mutalisks without having done nearly enough damage to justify the investment. When the harass it over, Titan is ahead 56 drones to 39 scvs, and three bases to Maker's two. Titan takes a good position in the center of the map while harassing with mutas and continuing his machine-like macro. Given his 40+ food lead, Titan proceeds to starve out Maker, constantly denying his third base, and destroying Maker's entire army when he finally gets the third up and running.
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    PvT: 1 Gate FE

    1 Gate FE is a very solid, macro-oriented way to play PvT. With it, you can put some pressure on a greedy terran player with your first few units, getting valuable scouting information and delaying their expansion, while quickly building a strong economy. The replay we'll look at today is one I played against sixjaxMajOr. Replay: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=1495 I begin by getting 1 gateway, building a zealot and then chrono boosting 2 stalkers. I go to MajOr's base with a zealot, stalker and probe to pressure. The probe is used to scout, making sure that the zealot and stalker don't attack into concussive shell upgraded marauders where they will die quickly. A few marines are killed, and the stalker should have been pulled out when the scvs came, but this engagement was still good for the protoss. By killing these early units, MajOr's 2 barracks aggression is completely negated. MajOr comes for a counterattack, but after building a nexus and 2 gateways on 30, the two additional gateways finish just as warpgate research completes, and the counterattack fails to do any damage, leaving me far ahead. At this point, since I have a considerable advantage, I decide to just play a macro game. Because MajOr makes 4 barracks before teching, I think that macroing here is better than doing a 2 base colossus all-in, which would be very effective against a failed 2 rax which techs faster afterward. I take a relatively quick third while getting colossus, charge and upgrading. The biggest threat at this point is split attacks and drops, so I use two observers to keep tabs on MajOr's army. I deal with most of his harass well, force fielding a few units in my natural. However, despite my best efforts MajOr is able to snipe my third nexus without taking huge losses. This, however, is not a big deal. When this happens and you are ahead on army and upgrades, just remain calm and rebuild the nexus, and look for opportunities to catch their army in a poor position or counterattack. After my nexus completes again, MajOr comes for another attack, but I catch his army with a few colossi, immortals and a large gateway army. His entire army is routed, and I counterattack straight to his natural, avoiding the planetary fortress at the gold. This counterattack cripples his economy and weakens his army, buying me more time to extend my advantage and macro up a huge army. After this, the game is basically over. I am ahead nearly 50 supply with better upgrades and a fourth base on the way. Additionally, his main and gold are almost depleted, and all that must be done is preventing MajOr from taking another base.
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    PvZ: 3 Gate DT Expand

    Added 3 replays ^^.
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    PvZ: 3 Gate DT Expand

    Against early roach/ling aggression, DTs clean up the attack much more rapidly than void rays can, which is a huge plus. Also, DTs can cause a lot more damage to a well-prepared zerg than void rays can. If the zerg has 3+ queens, a single void ray cannot do any damage to the natural or main, while a single DT can poke in and out repeatedly, killing 1-2 drones each time. DTs also take out expansions faster when the zerg is otherwise occupied, and can clean up drops more easily than a void ray. However, DTs are certainly weaker than void rays in large engagements, and you should not aim to play passively and make a death ball the way you would with a stargate into robo style opening. DTs are more versatile and fun to use, basically.
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    PvZ: 3 Gate DT Expand

    Dark Templar have been becoming more and more popular in recent times. I recently discussed a DT based PvP build which has been utilized in high level games, and am now going to talk about a relatively new PvZ Opening which I first saw HuK using on his stream: 3 Gate DT Expand. We saw Inca try to use DTs in several of his games against NesTea, and although he did not succeed, I believe that this was due to his weakness in the matchup relative to NesTea, not his openings. I experimented with some similar DT openings, and found them to be OK, but they seemed a little weak to various forms of early pressure. I was extremely excited when I saw HuK using a DT based expand build in PvZ. The benefits to using DTs are numerous, but primarily they allow the protoss to reclaim map control and put pressure back on the zerg in the early game, something which protoss typically cannot do without going all-in. Rough Build Order: 13 Gateway 14 Assimilator 15 Pylon (use your third chrono boost on nexus, then use the rest for warpgate research) Zealot/2nd assimilator (get zealot first if needed to hold against lings, assimilator otherwise) 2 Sentries after the zealot 2 Gateways when you can afford them 31 Twilight Council 32 Pylon 35 Nexus Dark Shrine when Twilight Completes If the zerg gets a late gas (i.e. at 3 minutes or later), get a stalker before any sentries, and use it to force some additional lings and pick off lings around your base and at watchtowers, making sure to retreat by around 5:45, before speed finishes. Also, be sure to use your first probe to attempt to scout for any type of roach/ling one base all-in. If they are doing such a build, make the additional two gateways and spend chrono boosts on your gateways. Once you have made the nexus, continue warping in zealots, and build the dark shrine when the twilight council completes. Continue producing gateway units, add a forge, and warp in two DTs upon completion of the dark shrine. With these DTs, you do not plan to win the game immediately. The purpose of the DTs is to take map control, gain small economic advantages, and defend against early aggression. If the zerg is executing an early roach/ling attack, such as the losira build, they will not have an early lair, and so keeping 1 DT at home while sending the other to their mineral line will prevent them from doing damage to you, while simultaneously dealing damage to your opponent. You should be very far ahead in this situation. However, beware of the slightly later ling/roach two base aggression, which will come with an overseer. You will almost certainly need two cannons to defend, as well as excellent force fields. This strategy is common in close positions, such as on metalopolis close spawns or shattered temple close spawns. If the zerg goes for a more standard opening, such as a fairly early lair with roach speed, send the two DTs to separate mineral lines (or if they are being very greedy and taking an early third base, go kill it). By splitting the DTs this way, you force the zerg to build multiple spore colonies, or attempt to defend many places with a single overseer. Even killing only two or three drones per DT is solid, and that playing cautiously here is almost always advised. You always want to leave their base with at least one DT remaining, so that you can scout for bases and take control of the watchtowers. While doing your harass, start upgrading attack and researching blink. Blink is a phenomenal ability in PvZ, and will allow you to defend against mutas, as well as early aggression from roaches, merely by making your army more mobile and cost effective. If the zerg has been producing roaches, get a robotics facility to produce observers and immortals. Otherwise, be on the lookout for muta/ling harassment, and produce a few archons to help deal with mutas, ling and banelings. Using your early DTs, you should be in a strong position heading into the midgame. DTs slow the opponent down and force them to play cautiously, as well as giving you good scouting information, since they often get into the main base. As the game continues, remember to warp in a few DTs to scout for hidden bases, to kill drones at new expansions, and to punish the zerg any time he loses his overseers. I expect to see this strategy in some high profile games in the near future, and I will do an in-depth analysis on the game when I find one. Feel free to PM me if you know of any replays or games where this strategy was used, or if you would like for me to send some replays of me using this strategy. EDIT: Added some replays. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=209971#/replay_overview This was a game I played against Ostojiy in the clan war against ONE. When my DTs arrived at his base, he had a sick number of drones, and I saw drones transferring to his 3rd. I decided to all-in him since I cannot catch up on economy. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=209973 This game I scouted that Goswser made an early hatch, so since it was cross spawns I expanded after 1 gateway in order to not fall behind in econ. This game shows how you can use DTs to continue harassing the opponent and gathering intel throughout the game, as well as how you can use blink and force fields to defend against aggression. http://www.gamereplays.org/starcraft2/replays.php?game=33&show=details&id=209975 In this last game, my zerg opponent goes muta/ling. I deal some damage with DTs, and go kill him before he makes a ton of spine crawlers and makes a huge muta ball.