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  1. Beer Pong Brew/elbows or wrists rules

    i can't chug liquor, it's the one thing i can't do. I can only sip mixed drinks, unless they're real pussy...... but i'm telling you captain morgan and monster is the best drink on the face of the earth, you can add as much captain as you want and fill the rest with monster and you won't taste a damn thing, and it's the same effect as a four loko, just not shitty liquor...... and yeah i've never played bp to impress anyone lol, i don't think girls really go to parties and scout the bp table for the best player hahahaha
  2. Beer Pong Brew/elbows or wrists rules

    I've never gotten as fucked up as the night i played Four Loko Pong. We also play civil war or 21 cup a lot, shit is intense. But BP kinda lost it's appeal now, i don't have fun, it takes to long, and i don't really give a fuck about winning, and i can get fucked up quicker if i bong/play flip cup (which girls love)/ shotgun... Also, if you can only drink one type of beer you're going to go through money in college like a motherfucker, better get used to the taste of natty because that's all you'll be drinking
  3. now lemme end my verse right where the horns are like.....

  4. Like Dubstep? :)

    i haven't even heard the drop and i can already tell he's going for a house type effect. house usually takes a while to drop the beat, and the build up usually is like the type your friends got going in the first song... i do like it, however, to be succesful in dubstep, you have to remix a song someone already did, or find a new song that you can turn into dubstep with lyrics..... however the bass just dropped and it is quite filthy but tell him to work on the intermittent parts between drops, it gets boring haha.... otherwise i like it
  5. what song are you currently listening too?

  6. Rap Battle Pt 3000000000

    awwww someone has mommy and daddy issues!!!!! aren't you like 23 bro? do something with your life besides sitting behind a computer screen and working a dead end job that pays minimum wage you fucking pathetic excuse for life. you hate on me because i'm white, bro you're white. you hate on me cuz i'm rich, it's called capitalism, i'm sorry that your mother decided to be a crack whore instead of actually obtaining a real job. PLEASE JUST STOP CARING SO MUCH ABOUT MY LIFE!!!! and to top it off here's a lil summin summin just because i enjoy to tie together some lyrical verses and don't even sit here and try to rehearse it doesn't mean i'm tryna act hood if you new that then maybe youd be good but instead you sit there and talk shit behind a computer screen, step to me in real life your shit will get hit because you're just a scrawny ass bitch with issues here hold one lemme get you some tissues tell me all about how your mom's a whore or how you were conceived in a salvation army store i'll just sit there and listen and pretend to care and you'll keep talking bout how daddy wasn't there and in the end the difference between you and me it's not the knowledge no, not even the size of my pee pee the real difference is i can have real life relations while yours consist of taking dick in the back of gas stations id keep going but i think i'd make you cry hey kids everyone wave to Voison "Bye Bye"
  7. Rap Battle Pt 3000000000

    lol the point is to post a response!!!! don't be shy
  8. so we did this back when i was in vVv and it was thoroughly entertaining, i can start it off so i'll hit ya'll with a lil summin summin comin in vVv harder then anyone could live from your speakers sounding just like i should but back to the topic i'm rapin off the dome anyone steppin to me should have already known that i don't play games with anyone here i'm a beast, and i'm ready to endear so let me bless your ears with a little touch of heaven no, brown kid, i'm not talking about your fathers 7-11 but aye, no disrespect just rapping to the beat exo, please don't even try, stay in your seat last time you tried, you nearly broke your hip talking to your girl she let it slip that your small ass dick couldn't even fit i know thats rude but i only spit truth that's why you sittin there, and i'm rapping from a booth because my flow's hard to pass like stones in your kidney and my lyrical game is hotter than australia, sydney no i'm not rapping bout your lil kid sister your girl was just here, with me, you musta just missed her she wasn't that great, sorry didn't mean to diss her i came in her mouth, really hope you didn't kiss her but aye i'm just doing it for the love of the game for everybody in the world to be screaming my name to have my shit lit up, yeah reigning my fame any other rapper out there couldn't even claim to have been as ill or nice as me or my crew i'm like a smooth suave dude, you just a goofy jew i'm spitting these rhymes right at you so step up kid lets see what you can do
  9. Insult The Person Above You

    do something with your life
  10. who here has an extensive collection of house music they would care to share?

  11. who here has an extensive collection of house music they would care to share?