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  1. MurDeR

    MurDeR vs MakaPrime



    vVvMurDeR vs MakaPrime on Ladder.
  2. MurDeR

    WNS Week 2: vVv vs xSix

    Nice analysis Time. Gives those who missed these games a glimpse into what ended up being an excellent showing from two top North American teams and those who witnessed the games the opportunity to reflect on a hard-fought and well-earned victory. Well done.
  3. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Any recommendations for future articles? Any questions or matchups or maps?
  4. There's no "sure" way of scouting dts, to be honest. I try to focus on how to react. I'll consider adding these side-notes in further write-ups though, there are many different ways to scout. Thanks.
  5. ^Thanks Guys: Please leave me feedback. Are these write-ups helpful? Do you have constructive criticism so I can improve? Do you have ideas for future write-ups, or any requests? Thanks!
  6. For this post we will be looking at a game played between vVvMurDeR and EGAxslav from Team Evil Geniuses. This game was for the WCG Qualifier #2 and it was the first round of the upper bracket play. This took place only 2 hours ago. (2:00 p.m 5/22/2011). vVvMurDeR won 2-1. Replays: We will be taking a look at game 3 on Shakuras Plateau. First, I'd like to lay out the builds of both players, as there isn't too much action in the first half of the game. vVvMurDeR's Build: 1 Rax (Techlab) expand into 3 Rax with a fast tech to starport for medivac. I opt for reactor on my factory, for even faster medivac and later viking production. EGAxslav's Build: 2 gas, 2 gate expand into twilight council into dts. Both of us go for pretty strong economy builds, with all the intentions of getting aggressive and doing damage in the early-mid game. This is pretty standard. Axslav goes for the slightly riskier build that has a large upside, as dts can outright end games in just seconds if not handled properly. I go for standard bio medivac play. My mindset: After a very successful early reaper (I manage to kill 5 probes and scout the expansion) I am very confident moving into the mid-game. There is a problem however: I have no idea my opponent is going dts. At about the 8:00 minute mark, I decide to take some map control with a group of marines with stim. I do this because he is expanding, and I know that in an open field my army will trade better than his if he chooses to fight for the watch towers. Note: IT IS ALWAYS IMPORTANT TO HAVE THE XEL-NAGA WATCH TOWERS. You will notice me and Axslav fight over these things for a lot of the game, it's almost always a "side" battle fought in most high level matches. Note also that I sent one of these marines that pushed out to his 3rd to see when he places it down/deny it. This marine almost always is able to kill the probe, sometimes without the opponent even noticing. (VERY IMPORTANT TO SEND THIS MARINE!) At about the 9:00 minute mark, the dts hit my base. Luckily for me, he hit my bunkers and I was able to react properly, sealing off my main base and putting down an Engineering Bay. He also did not split up the first 2 dts and I was able to kill both of the dts with 1 scan. This was also the most critical mistake Axslav makes all game, and I never stop punishing him for it until he leaves the game later. After killing the first dts, I immediately move to drop my opponent. The best defense is always a good offense when you have medivacs- so use them. Counter-dropping your opponents when they want to put pressure is a sure way to send them running back to their base and do damage. But once you load that drop up and send em over to the opponent's base, you can't fall asleep. When an opponent opts for an opening like dts, they are more or less forced to use that tech until they can manage to get a different tech out. This makes them very predictable. For this reason, I save my scans and understand that he will use dts in both offense, defense, and for map control. Be prepared to use tons of scans vs these DT users. (This requires that you save them strategically) Soon after my drop leaves my base, I spot another dt running up my ramp, scan and kill it. You can't stop watching (and I mean staring at your computer screen for that DT) until that turret goes up. Notice I make 3 turrets in my base. These function both as DT detectors and observer killers. Killing just one observer is worth it in my book, so don't be afraid to put up more than just the 1 turret at your ramp. Some protoss users will even go as far as proxy pylons and warp in dts in your main base, as well as the rare warp prism. Both of these are deadly if you are greedy and do not turret your main: So do it. It's not THAT expensive. Moving on. As my drop finally hits, my turrets are up and I am completely safe. This means I can go hyper aggressive mode. My new goal : Deny the opponent's 3rd, and (safely) set up my own. My drop does a considerable amount of damage, as at the 11:00 minute mark, I am up 13 scvs, halfway done with my 3rd, and the scout marine I had sent to my opponent's 3rd had killed the probe meant to build the nexus, and given away the fact that he wanted to expand at this timing. Now I have a 3rd to actively deny, and a main to drop so he can't do a thing about it. Let's be honest: He is behind economically, the dts failed miserably, and I have a better standing army with better upgrades. (Yes, I know, only +1, but every upgrade advantage makes a big difference- trust me. From here I want to establish my 3rd (with turrets because dts are still a threat), drop his 3rd, and drop his main, while getting control of the watch towers. This is the surest way to win this game. I look for and kill Axslav's proxy pylons, as well. This helps deny Axslav information as well as a place to warp in pesky dts or other units. At about the 14:00 minute mark, I had just denied his 3rd, set up my own 3rd, and taken over the watch towers. I am looking very good at this point in time. After securing the map, I decide I want to engage Axslav's main army and just micro with him. I want to pick off units and trade armies, as I am way ahead in every way imaginable. I know he won't have any collosus timings anytime soon, and MmM trades very well against un-upgraded, no tech gateway units. Axslav leaves the game as he loses his whole army and his 3rd once again. This game was all about little transitions. I don't necessarily mean army transitions, as I am pretty much marine/medivac all game. It's a transitioning of mindset. It is important to understand what your opponent is capable of at all times. I think dts are one of the easiest tech trees to deal with, as you are pretty much positive the protoss can't produce a standing army better than yours, so you can play very aggressive with drops. I am a big fan of early reactor medivac play because it allows you to safely build up your economy behind bunkers and turrets while maintaining aggression and slowing down your opponent. It is also important to have realistic goals during your game play. It is very rare to win a game by simply running up the ramp and a-moving your opponent. You must try to gain little advantages at the many turns in every game. This game is a good illustration of when to play defense, when to play offense, and how you should control the game to your favor.
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    MurDeR 2-1 Axslav
  8. MurDeR

    vVvMurDeR vs aAaKenzy


    1 download

    How to take advantage of close spawn Metalopolis.
  9. For my first blog post I wanted to take a look at a TvZ I played vs aAaKenzy on the European Ladder. Kenzy is a Grandmaster Zerg in Europe. Replay: Some of you are probably wondering why on Earth I would decide to make a post on how to win a game close position vs Zerg. You Zerg are most likely shaking your fists in anger. Allow me to explain. And no, this will not make you Zerg feel any better about this! I think most races are in agreement that close spawn Metalopolis and other short distance maps can be rather difficult for Zerg. It is surely more difficult than large maps. Still, I see Terrans lose to different roach, ling, and baneling all-ins and it makes me question whether or not they TRULY know how to play it. Hell, I didn't know how to play it a few months ago and I'm a professional. Sure, I knew how to all-in with marine/scv, and that'll usually do the trick close spawn. But how SHOULD a Terran play in this situation? Allow me to break it down for you. To do this, I will be looking (in great detail) at this game vs Kenzy. Luckily for us, it is (rather) short. Let's go. I would like to note briefly, although it is irrelevant to our discussion, that at about the 1:20 mark I scout my base for an overlord. I typically do this around 10 or 11 food, and this allows me to quickly see if the Zerg is close air position or not. It's a good idea for all Terran on this map to do this, and yet almost none do. Do it! I start this game with a very standard wall-off at my ramp. I see his drone right before I build my rax (at 12 food) and decide I want to cut an scv to build a quick 2 Rax (this drone told me immediately it was close position, that is the reason for this decision). Kenzy decides to go for the 15 hatch. He soon scouts my 2 rax. I have to admit, I was smiling when I saw the hatch go down, because I felt confident. By no means is this situation game-ending, but I knew that I could dictate the flow of this game from the very beginning. I decide immediately to build a bunker in his sight range at his natural, forcing drones to come to me. My plan is to never commit too far with this marine pressure, but to pick off whatever I can (drone being the #1 target) and force more lings. I managed to get a bunker up, and kill off quite a few drones. Losing these units for this trade was very good. After the successful pressure, My bunker goes down at the 5:00 mark. We find that I am up 19 food to 15 food. He has 6 lings in production, only 7 drones (one of them being the scout drone, still in my base), 35 minerals, and 9 (soon to be 15) useless lings that will do nothing to a walled off Terran. Needless to say, I am ahead. At this point in time I am thinking he has only two chances. Try to drone and defend whatever I throw at him with the lings he has already made or all-in with bane lings. Because of this, at the 6:00 mark, I make a very odd decision. With 6 Marines and 7 scvs, I decide to feign pressure (it looks like an all-in, or at least a dangerous attack). If you were checking the production tab, he had begun drone production again. I wanted nothing of it. After getting only a few drones up, I force him to stop drone production (he now has 12 drones vs 17 scvs and a half completed CC. I get to the middle of the distance between us and run back. Instead of 4 more drones, he has added 8 useless lings to his army and still can't produce queens. He has no queens still! At the 7:00 mark! With a good lead, I build a bunker in my base to remain safe vs all-ins and work up my production to tank/marine in preparation to expand and make a timing push. I finally expand when I get siege mode out. I add two bunkers to remain completely safe to any all-in from the Zerg. In most cases, this is his only chance at this point. Despite not pressuring at all in 4 minutes, at the 11:00 mark I am 6 food ahead with a major tech advantage, an economic lead (about even drone counts, but 2 base vs 2 base and I have 2 orbitals). I was a bit indecisive with my build, but I opt for a 2 fact tank push and at about 4-5 tanks I decide to move out and siege up the Zerg base. I was expecting much more from the Zerg, to be honest, and was pleasantly surprised. This is the surprise you get when you know you have played the game well. Forcing the Zerg to make early lings and lings after they lose drones are the two most effective ways to slow the Zerg down and keep them in check and you ahead. In this game, I showed a way to be open the game in a standard way, apply strategic pressure and maintain complete control over the game. Controlling the tempo in this fashion is a sure way to beat out the Zerg.
  10. MurDeR

    TvP: A powerful Tank/Marine/Banshee Timing

    Nice Time. In-depth look at a strong 1 base build. It's a good build to have in your arsenal.
  11. MurDeR

    Faction Wars Tournament



    Undefeated. Faction Wars Tournament. Teams: vVv , Rev, ix (Eleven Gaming)
  12. MurDeR

    Never underestimate scouting!



    Just a funny little rep while laddering this morning. Very short. Nothing serious <3. I got a kick out of it, maybe you will too.
  13. MurDeR

    vVv SC2

    but there's 5 people in the photo! (I'm 3rd from left. Titan is far right. Rigid 4th from left.)
  14. MurDeR

    vVv SC2 Division

  15. MurDeR

    vVvMurDeR 4/6/2011 Ladder



    1- TvP vs Budweiser 2- TvZ vs Bio 3- TvZ vs LiquidRet 4- TvP vs Talorswiftfan 5- TvP vs vVvRantech 6- TvZ vs xSixMystic 7- TvZ vs ZpuX 8- TvZ vs Breek 9- TvP vs RevKizu 10- TvP vs YoungJun 11- TvT vs Drew 12- TvT vs Lagerfield 13- TvT vs Everize 14- TvZ vs VileSpanishwa 15- TvP vs EGAxslav 16- TvP vs One 17- TvP vs vVvHasuu