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      We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

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Digital Pockets

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  • Full Name Jeremy S. Dickson
  • Gender Male
  • Location Tempe, AZ
  • Alias Digi_Pock
  • Favorite Games MW2, DC vs MK, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dead Rising, Dead Rising Zero, Mario Kart
  • Favorite Foods Pizza, Chimichangas, Burgers, And Fries
  • Favorite Movies The Matrix, Hackers, Fifth Element, House Of 1000 Corpses, and Evil Dead 2 Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, Freaknik: The Musical
  • Favorite Music El-p, Weezer, Pimp C, Sky Box, What Laura Says, Digital Pockets
  • Interests Music, Gaming, Socializing, Noob Tubing, Drawing, And Drinking Fire Water
  1. Playing Call Of Duty Black Ops On My New PS3 Slim... Sooo Sexcii It Is!!! Yeeaaahhhh!!!! Friend Me And Lets Play GT: Digi_Pock

  2. Bakk Active On vVv Wit A PS3

  3. Secret Achievments For Black Ops

    When Looking At The Televisions In Title Menu... Look Down At Urself And Tap The LT and RT Simultaniously Til U Break Free Of The Straps... Go Immedietly Behind the Chair U Were Strapped In And Type DOA On The Mac Computer... This Givs U And Extra Game Option At The Menu... When Tired Of This Game mode Go Back To Computer And Type ZORK, Another Game Mode Will Be Added To Ur Menu...
  4. Me and Schirms need Black Ops Buddies!

  5. In The Spirit Of Halloween And Nerdcore... Who's Ur Favorite Masked Crimefighter???

  6. Internet Was Down, Now Its Up... What Happened To My Competitve App???

  7. 007

    Hot Off The Rumor Mill... I Hear There Is A New 007 Coming Out, Juist As Fantastic As Goldeneye For N64, This Is What Started The FPS Phenom We All Know And Luv... The Big Daddy Of All Multiplayer Games, Is Finally Going To Hav Online Multiplayer Action... Everything U Love About Goldeneye Is Back... Also A New Secret Feature Designed For Those Who Love To Camp... Its Not Good For U, But It Will Be Fun For All Of Us Who Hate Campers...
  8. MW2 Tonight 12 am MST GT Digi Pock XBOX

  9. Hand Helds

    With Mumbled Whispers Of PSP 2 And A Definitive 2011 Holiday Release For Nintendos 3DS, The Pros And Cons Are Building Up On Both Sides, Along With Anticipation... Im A Fan Of PSP... My First And Only PSP Was The God Of War Edition... I Loved It, It Came With The Obvious Game, A Free Download Code For Syphen Filter, And Superbad Unrated Edition On UMD... Very Niceee... I Got Familiar With The Playstation Store And Also All The Features It Had To Offer... It Was More Than A Gaming Hand Held, It Was A Portable Office... I Used It To Skype, Email, Social Network, Download Music, Store Files From My Computer Because It Functions As A Flash Drive, A Camera, And The List Goes On... I've Dropped It Plenty Of Times, Belly Flopped It, Kick Skid It On The Street/Sidewalk/And Workplace... Every Where I Went, I Had My PSP, My Smartphone, Keys, And Whatever Else... I Could Take My PSP, Download A Brand New Movie From The Playstation Network, Take It To My Friends House, Connect To His XBOX Via USB, And Watch A Movie Using The XBOX Video Library Feature... I Bought That In 08 And Still Hav It To This Day... The UMD Drive Doesnt Work Anymore, But It Has So Many Functions Plus Downloadable Games, And Updates... I Can Only Imagine The PSP 2... Tell Me What U Think Of Hand Helds, And Talk About The New Hand Helds To Come... Peace Easy!!!
  10. 10 Gamer Commandments

    I Got MW2, Guitar Hero 5 and World Tour... Any Song, And Match... Im New To This Sight, but not Video Games...
  11. 10 Gamer Commandments

    Thank U For Understanding What Im Doing... Much Respect...
  12. 10 Gamer Commandments

    Ppl Learned To Speak... We Evolve, Things We Do Evolve... u Say i Spell Wrong... Based On What??? English Litterary Terms, Proper English... I Am A World Body, I Speak In A Way That Is Understandable... i Could Understandf if Everything Was Incoherint Mumbling With Know Intelligant Basis... But Cinsidering My Conviction, VALOR, And Understanding Of More than American Views proper English And Class, Respect, Acceptance of Different Views Adn Over All Style Of Effort Put Into All That I Call Art... Then Yes, u Are All Right And I Am Wrong... Woe Is Me... Can U Find All The mistakes In The Above post??? If So, U Win... Giv urselves A Round Of Applause and Challenge Me In A Video Game And See If U Can Play One Of those Better than me... My Spelling Is Questionable, But my game Play is Undisputable... If ur Not Too Busy Proof Reading posts That Is... XBOX GT Digi Pock
  13. If U Live In, Or Around New Jersey, Check This Out Gamers http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44964

  14. Drizzy Drake, Snoop D-O-Double, and Andre "Big Boi" Patton Are Gonna Be Playable Charcte4rs In NBA 2K11

  15. Real Guitar in RB3

    Death To Forum Trolls... Regardless If U Like It Or Not, Its Innovative... And Considering Its A Business And The Point Is For Them To Make Money... It Seems More Appropriate Than Gimmiky... 4o Years In The Making, And U'v Finally Achieved What U Set Out To Do... Congratulations On An Awesome Game... Im Looking Forward To Playing With The Key Board... There's Gonna Be A Lot More Songs And Im Sure Tons Of Artists Are Going To Release Albums Via Download Specifically For This Game... Haters Wanna Hate, Players Wanna Play... A Game For Musicians And For People Who Wanna Feel Like Rockstars... Win Win Situation...