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    Matt Liberatore
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    Philadelphia, PA
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    Brawl, League of Legends, Zelda Series, Pokemon, Mortal Kombat, Tekken
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    Chinese, Italian, Fast Food, and a lot haha
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    Rush Hour 1-3 and anything comedy plus Gran Torino
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    Game, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem
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    Video Games, girls :], friends, sports, school, and having a good time.
  1. Xzax

    Gimpyfish's Video Series - Player's Progress

    pretty good series thus far. cant wait for more
  2. I like this idea. I should be a little more active, huh?
  3. Xzax

    Xzax's vVv App(Brawl)

    Will do, sir. I'll work on it and thanks for giving your time on helping me.
  4. Xzax

    Where is everyone from?

    Canada is legit, I've went there once, but I'm trying to revisit! I'm from Philadelphia, PA. Like a 10 hour drive from you.
  5. Very interesting, gonna follow this. Keep up the good work
  6. Xzax

    General Smash discussion thread

    yeeeeaah. Falco all day sons
  7. Xzax

    Xzax's vVv App(Brawl)

    I was really inactive for awhile, but I am back. I'm going to work on my twitter account and being more active.
  8. Xzax

    Xzax's vVv App(Brawl)

    I have beaten cheese twice recently lol
  9. Xzax

    Xzax's vVv App(Brawl)

    Yeah, recently I have been a little inactive. Some home problems/school is holding me up atm. I'll try and do what I can though, and thanks for the heads up.
  10. Xzax

    Old games you miss

    Anything on the N64 or PS1 I miss sitting down and playing with my brother especailly Mairo Parties lol I'm a younger gamer
  11. Xzax

    Hi there! I'm new.

    Welcome to vVv! I hope you enjoy this place, its pretty tight. Get friendly on the forums and hit up the arcade!
  12. i like the blogs, keep up the good work brah

  13. getting better, but still not there quite yet.

  14. all you can do is just keep on trying bro