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Flip my ScripT

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About Flip my ScripT

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    I can finally use the Shoutbox
  • Birthday 04/15/1994

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  • Twitter www.twitter.com/vVv_ScripT
  • Facebook www.facebook.com/matt-schroeder
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Profile Information

  • Full Name matt schroeder
  • Gender Male
  • Location north dakota
  • Alias Flip my ScripT
  • Favorite Games Halo: CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach
  • Favorite Foods Taco Casserole, and fast food :)
  • Favorite Movies not so sure on a favorite but i love comedies.
  • Favorite Music I love rap, mostly midwest rap including atmosphere, brother ali, and sage francis.
  • Interests halo reach and snowboarding
  1. McDonalds or Burger King?

    There both DAMN good, just depends on the day for me i guess.
  2. First Ever Blog

    OH BOY! Where do i start off with this blog. Well i think i could start off buy giving a little run down of me and what im about. As i stated this is my first ever blog so just ride it out with me on this one. First off my name is Matt Schroeder, I am 16 years old, and I live in Bismarck, ND. I love to game as much as possible (preferably the Halo series) always trying to improve my skill on a personal level and team level. Outside of gaming i love to snowboard, hang out with my girlfriend, friends, and basically live a fairly typical High Schoolers life, But enough about what I'm all about lets get to this updates deal. I would like to start off by saying im playing for Team Fresh as of now with some great teamates in and out of the game. Currently we are squeezing in as much time as we can into practicing for MLG Dallas by scrimming teams and running gamebattles when we can.Dr. Pepper $10,000 ladder: http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/halo-reach/team/team-fresh Dallas Online Qualifier Ladder: http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/halo-reach/team/team-fresh-dallas. Right now i feel as things are really starting to come together for us. Our team shot has improve tremendously this past week. We are really starting to click as a team and making a smooth transition from individual players to team players. We have really been lifting each others game play lately, and really pulling out some clutch wins in the last seconds. As far as the competition goes, both ladders have amazing teams that really force up to step our game up and work together. Outside of our gameplay our sponsership request for vVv was denied for now and we decided as a team to switch over into the competative division of vVv. As far as vVv has been going I'm really starting to learn my way around the website and beginning to enjoy the great community it has to offer for everyone. I plan on blogging once or twice a week on here, I recently created my twitter http://twitter.com/vVv_ScripT and aim account vVvflipmyscript, you can also find on my profile. I had a lot of fun creating this blog actually to my suprise and that about wraps it up for me. GT: Flip my ScripT Hit me up for MLG customs, 4v4 scrims, FFA's, ect. I'm always down to meet new people and have a good time playing Halo: reach
  3. vVv Announces New Halo Team!

    Welcome guys, good luck at D.C. and can't wait till Dallas, maybe well get matched up. On another note i was just wondering if there was a chance Team fresh could possibaly get a scrim against you guys in Reach. Just messege Flip my ScripT, Resist Infinity, Th3 GoDMoDe, or Temptin Luck if you guys are interested.
  4. Drug Testing at MLG?

    HAHAHA such a touchy subject here. I myself have used Amphetamines to focus on my gaming and it does help out a lot but i feel its near pointless at events because with constant playing you really are limited to the time you have to go take more and more leaving the come down off the drugs to be a complete bitch and spoiling your performences.
  5. slammin some serious halo: reach and waiting for MLG settings to come out :)

  6. I am 16 years of age residing out of Bismarck, North Dakota. I love to snowboard more than anything other than possibly halo:reach. I go to a public High School and Im a junior. :) I love my fuckin teamates Max, Justin, and dylan. :):):). And finally i have no clue what else to say in this, so ill leave it at that.

  7. halo mutha fudging reach is on my mind

    1. p0prox


      yo im thinking we should hit up some doubles in reachhhh