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    Wild Child and Over her dead body.
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    I love my friends and make up.

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  1. lol, dang can we say eStalkers? I think so

  2. hey. welcome to ze site.

  3. Welcome to vVv . if you need anything graphics related well. im your guy :)

  4. since you added me as a friend i might as well say..


  5. Hi, welcome here :)

    Saw your favourite games were CoD games, so if you wanna play sometimes with me, add Azerty 1puRe

    Cya !

  6. Hello and welcome to vVv-Gaming! :]

  7. The people that have posted here already like you to much.

    I'm talking to you rusted >.>

  8. Welcome to vVv, remember to stay active on our forums and enjoy your time being here :)

  9. a woman just added me as a friend on the vvv forums

    there is a god.

  10. Welcome to vVv, remember to stay active and post in the forums. Also join in on our usually, ridiculous conversations in the shout box.