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  1. [Misc] Junior[MX]'s Application

    Closed, I sent you a message on Facebook with details about this decision. Feel free to message me either there or on here if you have any questions.
  2. Chelsea's Introduction

    What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy? I just love being outside in general (when it's warm... I can't stand being cold </3) but swimming and going through nature paths, botanical gardens, zoos,and stuff like that are probably my favorites. Also, what instruments do you play? How did you get started with them? I played the violin for about 10 years but traded my violin in for a cello in the past year or so. I was always more attracted to the sound of the cello more so than the violin and I was finally like "I'm an adult that can pay for an instrument and lessons, so I'm just gonna do it!". Did learning to play any specific instruments influence what kind of music you're interested in? Being in orchestra for so long made me develop an intense love for classical and opera. Be sure to come hang out in TeamSpeak with myself and some of our other LoL people! We'll get you leveled up <3 You can find where to download TS, how to set it up, and our server information through this link. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything!!
  3. SteelSeries Gold Xai Mouse - 6 years later

    I had gotten the SteelSeries Sensei RAW to review and I had it for nearly 5 years before I had to retire it as well </3 My scroll wheel just decided it didn't want to do things the way they needed to be done. I'd get stuck 100% zoomed it and unable to zoom out in some games. So now I have their Diablo 3 mouse with the rubberized surface that I loved so much from my RAW :3 I love their products ~sigh~
  4. [RL] Infynitas Application ;D

    You're 14?! danggg son! Hopefully you're considered mature for your age by the people who know you best;3 but welcome to vVv Gaming! Make sure to get yourself involved with our Rocket League community! Have you browsed around the RL forums yet? It's linked right here in case you haven't. vVv Bagzli, vVv Saturn, and a few other people run an event called the Supersonic Series (details on the event and how to join are linked right here!) and that's a great way to play with everyone!If you don't want to start out by playing in a huge event, here's the link to the Rocket League Steam group! We also have a TeamSpeak server that you can come into at any time and there are usually people just chilling and playing games at all times of the day/night. You can find where to download TeamSpeak, how to set it up, and all of our server information through this link!Unfortunately we don't have a CS:GO side of the community. There are people who will play it occasionally though so just ask around if you're wanting your FPS itch to get scratched In your app, you said that you're one of the more "reflect on my mistakes" kinda person to help you get better. Do you record your games and watch them later to see what you did wrong or do you literally just sit and try to remember what you did wrong? Or do you use a different process? Let me know if you have any questions. If I can't help you myself, I can direct you to someone who can. I hope you enjoy your stay! <3
  5. [LoL] Schauer's Application

    I WISH you would be more active around here I know you just messaged me the other day about how you'll be inactive for a few days but I'm referring to when you're actually here. With how much value your stat sheet has been adding (it's super helpful and everyone loves it since it's something everyone has been wanting for awhile and you did it without even having to be asked), I feel like you would've been interviewed and accepted already if you were just more involved. Are you working weird hours or have any IRL stuff interfering with how active you are or how much time you can dedicate to "extracurricular activities"? Obviously if you don't want to post about it publiclyyou can PM the Bear and me <3
  6. [Misc] Junior[MX]'s Application

    I guess this guy's aight.
  7. a few questions...

    What Pherzghul said. I do want toadd something though: don't choose a certain career just because "it's easy".You should pursue something that you would want to do every day for a large majority of your life and it shouldn't be something that you don't care for just because it's "easy". Doing something because it's "easy" won't make you happy, it won't make you want to keep improving so you will be the best in your field, it won't make you inspire people with your passion for what you do. Even if you know you enjoy both areas and could see both as possible careers, I would still try to find the one that you enjoy more.Look at some websites or companies that you would consider to be your "dream" place to work. Look through their open positions, compare between multiple companies, see which position is in higher demand, stuff like that. You can also read the "What you will do" sectionof each listingto see which sound more interesting and like something that you could envision yourself doing. Hope this helps
  8. Hi there! Remember me? :D

  9. vVv Lamond ?

    Hey Lamond! I went ahead and deleted your other posts in this section considering they were all essentially the same thing and we don't really like spam here ;3 Unfortunately we currently do not have a Console Division but this doesn't mean that you can't start trying to build one. If there is enough demand for a console division to be brought back and there is someone willing to lead it and has proven that they can, then we will gladly make it an official division again! So get active, create all the content you want, have your friends make accounts here and get them active, all that good stuff. If you have started to stagnate on your community building efforts, feel free to ask questions on how to move forward! It's great to see someone as enthusiastic and passionate as you around here!! I love it. You can also check out this area of the forums (click here) to get an idea of what we look for when deciding whether or not we will support a game. Also, to answer a question from one of your other posts, you are not officially a member of vVv until you apply and are accepted. This process can last anywhere from 1-4 months. Because we do not support Call of Duty or have a Console Division, you won't be able to apply until a Console Division is established. Let me know if you have any questions! I'd be more than happy to help.
  10. ADL Season 8?

    LEGGO FAM Be sure to read the changes that we made for this season and let everyone know when it starts! BRING YO FRIENDS, BRING YO WIFE
  11. ADL Season 8 Details Thread

    It's ADL time again! We're excited to announce that Season 8 startsFebruary 19thandwe will be playing every Sunday and Friday at 9pm EST (6pm PST). Once again, we've made some changes to this season but I think this will make everyone much happier! Let's just say that the theme of this season is SIMPLE!... literally. Things were just getting too complicated for everyone involved and it was sometimeshard to understand what was happening and why. Now everything will be easier for everyone! Jump past the Quick Info to get the summary of the changes!! How the Amateur Draft Leagueworks (read if you're new!): Show up in TeamSpeak a little before 9pm EST on Sunday or Friday (about 10-15 minutes works). Once in TeamSpeak, right click your name, click "Change Description", enter your Summoner Name, Solo Q Rank, and the Top 3 positions that you would like to play (or a position you absolutely cannot play), then "OK".You will move into the channel that correlates with your current Solo Q rank under Skill Sorting Hat(if you're currently unranked, go based off of what you were last season).The highest ranked players that show up that night are deemed team captain for THAT NIGHT ONLY. Team Captainswill begin drafting their team out of theremainingplayers (dodge-ball style picking, pick order is under rules). People who are picked will be automatically moved into their team's channel.Once teams are drafted, you will play a total of TWO GAMES. After a game, the winners of the matchwill move into the same channel as the opposing team for a feedback session. Each game is against a DIFFERENT TEAM. Once you're done with BOTH games and your feedback sessions, you're welcome to leave, start inhouses, find someone to Duo Q with, etc. You can attend any night you want; you're not required to follow any type of schedule. If you show up to play, you must play both of your games. All you have to do to play is show up,you don't have to sign up anywhere or do anything beforehand.You must be level 30 andhave at least 16 champions (NA only).There is no minimum Solo Q rank requirement.Have questions? Hit up vVv Medusa or vVv Organicbear! Quick Info: TeamSpeak Server:ts65.gameservers.com:9222 (NO PASSWORD) Click Here to LearnHow to set up TeamSpeak Start Time: 9 PM EST/6 PM PST every Fridayand Sunday Changes based on your suggestions: Scoring system moved from acomplex ELO system to a simplified Win-Percentage-based system. One of the things you guys asked for was for us to simplify the scoring system. The ELO system was confusing and made it so it was difficult to understand what was happening with your scores since everything was calculated behind the scenes. As a result, this season we'll be moving back to a spreadsheet system and simplifying the scoring system to Win/Loss percentage. Your score will be displayed in a simple google docs spreadsheet so that you can look it up easily and see all the math involved in calculating your score. Adding an attendance-based bonus to remove the "hidden penalty" of showing up more often and having a lower win rate than someone who shows up a few times and has a win streak Additionally, you guys said that you didn't like that someone could come in at the end of the season and get a lucky 8-2 streak and end up placing higher than people who were showing up the majority of the season and doing relatively well. We agree that this is something that should be addressed, and although it's highly unlikely for someone to go on an 8-2 streak based on luck alone, we are adding a bonus multiplier to helpthose who show up to more games throughout the season. This will remove the unintended penalty for those showing up to more nights and trending toward a 50% winrate and prevent someone from showing up and doing well late in the season to sweep an easy victory, unless it's truly deserved. If you DO manage to go 8-2, you will still end the season with a relatively high win rate, but those who attend more nights and manage to perform at an above average level will still end up with a greater score. We will no longer be having a "Finals Night" to determine our winners; the winners of the ADL season will be determined by the end of the season Win/Loss Percentage after the attendance bonus is factored in. Since we no longer have ADL ELO, we will no longer have the Champion/Challenger Tiers. If we have 40+ people on a night, we will have the highestranked players do a separate draft from the lower ranked players. This will make drafting go faster as well as help with the "my lane opponent is diamond while I'm in silver" problem. The 20 highest ranked players will be moved into Group A while the other 20 players will be in Group B then drafting will resume as normal. We will have 3 groups if we have 81-120 players. So the maximum a group will ever hold is 40 people. Always be sure to give vVv Organicbear or vVv Medusaany feedback you have! We can always make things better or easier, we just need to be informed that something needs changing! A link to our profiles containing our contact information are at the bottom of this post. Feel free to contact us at any timein any way that is most convenient for you (including chatting on TeamSpeak). How to Participate: Literally all you have to do is show up! Get into our TeamSpeak BEFORE 9pm EST (10-15 minutes), go into the channel Amateur Draft League, then wait for further instruction! NOTE: Anyone can play, regardless of Solo Q rank, as long as you're Level 30 and have at least 16 champions to participate in Custom Tournament Draft. Official ADL Rules: Please take the time to read and familiarize yourself with the rules! You are expected to know the rules before you join TeamSpeak and participate!!! Are you excited about the beginning of Season 8? Should we have made any other changes? Be sure to communicate with us!!If you have questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions, contact Organicbear or Medusa and we'll be more than happy to help you <3 (srsly, with anything at all... except math). See you on February 19th at 9pm EST (6pm PST) for the Amateur Draft League!! ADL Staff: vVv Organicbear vVv Medusa
  12. ADL Season 8?

    I had some IRL things that delayed the start of the season. Organicbear and I are getting together to discuss some of the changes we'll be making to this season and then I'll have the post up ASAP once we get approved for Riot prizing. I'll be messaging everyone on the LoL client once we do get approved and all that jazz, so don't worry :}
  13. Banned from TS help!

    Unbanned <3
  14. Helloand Happy New Year('s eve....)! GOOD NEWS EVERYONE,I'm posting here today to announce something AWESOME: I'm now the President of vVv Gaming!!! I can't even begin to describe how grateful I am for this opportunity and how much I'm looking forward to this chance to learn, grow, and continue creating great experiences for everyone to enjoy. Before I start describing my vision for what I see vVv Gaming becoming, I first want to introduce (or reintroduce!) you to who Jordan Novak, aka vVv Medusa, really is. If you wanna read about me, just click on the spoiler below to reveal the hidden contents, aka my life. If you don't like me and don't wanna read it (rude!)go ahead and skip to the green line below the spoiler. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what do I plan on doing to make vVv Gaming as awesome as it can be? Stay awhile and listen! Let us redefine what vVv and our mission statement means! With competitive gaming gaining traction and wide spread popularity among the general public, it's easier for people to find others to play with. We're no longer a niche, we’re mainstream and because of this we have to find something that separates vVv from all the other organizations that are out there. We are already focused on having the highest quality events rather than just the most attended with the biggest prizes; being focused on the player experience is something we already do to separate vVv from others. Here is our mission statement. Everyone of all skill levels will continue to entertain, educate, and dominate in our events. We will provide a social outlet for the competitive gamers that want someone to actually hear and understand what they're saying. Let us set goals and lay out the plan on how to accomplish them! I would like to follow this post made by vVv LordJerith a few months ago (reminder: that Staff information is now outdated). I already stated above what I would like to dobut we have yet to really dive into how we're going to do it besides a few small details. I will be making a post shortly after the New Yeartoreally have somewhere solely dedicated to discussing 1. What is most important to YOU as a competitive gamer and 2. How WE think we will accomplish those goals TOGETHER. I will lay the foundation of my ideas there for how to accomplish these goals that are outlined in these two posts. If someone has ideas they would like to see come to fruition, now is your time to shine brightttt! Let us make being a vVv member mean something again! People were feeling like the tag was meaningless for awhile. What's the point in applying and getting accepted when nothing really separates you from everyone else besides your name? Moving forward, we will start incorporating new ideas to make being in vVv Gaming mean something to you again. To give you an idea of where we will be going with this, we will be focusing on having vVv members be an elite group that is primarily focused on being knowledgeable and a top tier player of their respective game, or being someone who is dedicated to making a difference in eSports. Of course, this is subject to change, but this is the general direction that would be taken. Let us prove that vVv is an organization that provides the best experiences to competitive gamers! We will start doing Satisfaction Surveys every 3 months or so at the end of our event "seasons" and they will only include a very minimal amount of questions. This way, we can track the improvement of our events over time and we can have solid information to point to when telling people or potential sponsors about our events. We will also be using these as a way to gather mass amounts of information at one time.Even though surveys in general are kinda boring, spending the ~2 minutes to complete it will benefit everyone! We will be keeping our CSGO and Guitar Hero players and more content will be coming in the nearfuture to feature our players. We will sponsor teams in the future, but we will be focusing on helping amateur players/teams make it into the big leagues. We are still a talent factory; we will continue investing time and patience into great people to develop those who are passionate about what they do, aspiring pro gamers OR people who want to work in the gaming industry. Do you want to be on vVv's Staff team? LET ME KNOW!We will also be making a large effort over the next few months to recruit new Staff members to help provide awesome experiences. Do you have any questions for me relating to my life or vVv? Do you have any feedback on what we could be doing better? Do you have any comments on what you would like to see from us or ideas for what we could do on the points listed above?Let me know in the comments here or feel free to send me a private message! This is your community, we're just here to help you make the best of it! <3
  15. How do I delete my account?

    Sorry, but we don't delete accounts here. You can take off personal information on your profile, social media accounts, your profile picture,and stuff like that but yeah we can't delete your account.