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  1. So, I've been debating this for awhile, even before I had to resign from my previous role(s). Probably since the end of January? Early February? Too long. Nearly six years ago, I was accepted into vVv Gaming, and this is the first time I have ever felt like vVv wasn't my home. Up until recently, I truly believed that vVv was exactly where I belonged and a place I will always be a part of (at least for as long as it were to exist). I believed it was a weird twist of fate or destiny for me to find vVv considering I met exactly who I needed to (for my own mental health and personal development) and became such a great person because of the experiences I've had here. This is the first time I have felt... not welcome, as well as genuinely disliked? Intentionally disregarded? An outcast? I'm not even sure if there is a combination of words or a certain phrase that exists that can accurately describe this mix of emotions. I'm just extremely disappointed to the point where, even though I'm in the Honorary Members group (we all know that's pretty much the no-chop zone), I would no longer like to be affiliated with vVv Gaming as it is today. Whether any of this was intentional or not doesn't matter because the damage is done. Therefore it is my time to depart. Thanks for the memories, incredible life lessons, invaluable skills, and priceless friendships. If my name could be changed to Muhdewsa while taking away the tag, that would be fabulous. Kbai.
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  4. See all of you squares there! PAX HYPE INITIATE
  5. Who do I talk to for pve in GW2? 

  6. Oh hi, I briefly crossed paths with you while you were bein all sassy. I like to be sassy too. Wow, we have so much in common. Okay, bye.
  7. What made you decide to reapply? Also, what is ICT? What do you do outside of gaming and school? Enjoy your stay and hopefully inactivity won't grab a hold of you once again :3 Let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns! <3
  8. Not sure what Pretzl told you, but we're currently not sponsoring teams so there would be no "official" traveling to record any of our teams playing or that kind of thing. Maybe he meant you personally traveling with him to local LANs in the UK and doing your own thing? Not sure since, like I said, we currently don't have teams and we don't really do EU things anyways EITHER WAY! I watched a couple of your videos and I wish I could see more of a type of short film/documentary type of thing from you. A lot of your shots seem to be a "see what I see" rather than a "look guys, I'm filming stuff!" That's meant to be a compliment; I enjoy that style. Also, the quality on your new camera is very nice, you made a good investment! The only thing I can really say I dislike it that is looks like you put some type of filters over your video. If you don't, then my apologies, I am using f.lux so that might contribute to it haha. But yeah! I'd really love to see what else you're capable of. Do you also do your own video editing? Maybe you should go to a local LAN yourself, maybe get a few interviews, maybe do a "mini documentary" kind of thing... I'd love to see that ;3
  9. Now they just need to remake MW2 for the XB1.... :|
  10. Closed, I sent you a message on Facebook with details about this decision. Feel free to message me either there or on here if you have any questions.
  11. What kind of outdoor activities do you enjoy? I just love being outside in general (when it's warm... I can't stand being cold </3) but swimming and going through nature paths, botanical gardens, zoos, and stuff like that are probably my favorites. Also, what instruments do you play? How did you get started with them? I played the violin for about 10 years but traded my violin in for a cello in the past year or so. I was always more attracted to the sound of the cello more so than the violin and I was finally like "I'm an adult that can pay for an instrument and lessons, so I'm just gonna do it!". Did learning to play any specific instruments influence what kind of music you're interested in? Being in orchestra for so long made me develop an intense love for classical and opera. Be sure to come hang out in TeamSpeak with myself and some of our other LoL people! We'll get you leveled up <3 You can find where to download TS, how to set it up, and our server information through this link. Let me know if you have any questions or need help with anything!!
  12. I had gotten the SteelSeries Sensei RAW to review and I had it for nearly 5 years before I had to retire it as well </3 My scroll wheel just decided it didn't want to do things the way they needed to be done. I'd get stuck 100% zoomed it and unable to zoom out in some games. So now I have their Diablo 3 mouse with the rubberized surface that I loved so much from my RAW :3 I love their products ~sigh~
  13. I hope we see you back again soon! We'll miss you <3
  14. You're 14?! danggg son! Hopefully you're considered mature for your age by the people who know you best ;3 but welcome to vVv Gaming! Make sure to get yourself involved with our Rocket League community! Have you browsed around the RL forums yet? It's linked right here in case you haven't. vVv Bagzli, vVv Saturn, and a few other people run an event called the Supersonic Series (details on the event and how to join are linked right here!) and that's a great way to play with everyone! If you don't want to start out by playing in a huge event, here's the link to the Rocket League Steam group! We also have a TeamSpeak server that you can come into at any time and there are usually people just chilling and playing games at all times of the day/night. You can find where to download TeamSpeak, how to set it up, and all of our server information through this link! Unfortunately we don't have a CS:GO side of the community. There are people who will play it occasionally though so just ask around if you're wanting your FPS itch to get scratched In your app, you said that you're one of the more "reflect on my mistakes" kinda person to help you get better. Do you record your games and watch them later to see what you did wrong or do you literally just sit and try to remember what you did wrong? Or do you use a different process? Let me know if you have any questions. If I can't help you myself, I can direct you to someone who can. I hope you enjoy your stay! <3
  15. I WISH you would be more active around here I know you just messaged me the other day about how you'll be inactive for a few days but I'm referring to when you're actually here. With how much value your stat sheet has been adding (it's super helpful and everyone loves it since it's something everyone has been wanting for awhile and you did it without even having to be asked), I feel like you would've been interviewed and accepted already if you were just more involved. Are you working weird hours or have any IRL stuff interfering with how active you are or how much time you can dedicate to "extracurricular activities"? Obviously if you don't want to post about it publicly you can PM the Bear and me <3
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