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  1. Skysz

    Colorless Application

    Good Luck
  2. Skysz


    Its definetly quite an interesting game, and I have purchased the Ultimate Gamestop Edition Here
  3. Skysz

    vVv Announces Fall Donation Drive!

    Donated and Just wondering who would we contact for the name on the Jersey?
  4. Skysz

    DavyRocket Guild Wars 2 Guild Application.

    WE all work quite lots, just make your rounds on the forum and in game every now and then
  5. Skysz

    Mystic Forge Recipes

    Thanks for the recipies
  6. Skysz

    VVVSpike Goes to College

    Well either way good luck to ya, Spike! Have fun in Arizona
  7. Challenge Accepted,! Come on vVv Lets Compete!!! Let The Games Begin Soon as GW2 Servers Open
  8. Skysz

    "The Final Countdown"

    Better rest up and be ready for it
  9. Skysz

    DavyRocket Guild Wars 2 Guild Application.

    7 more now
  10. Skysz

    Guild Wars 2 3rd Stress Test

    I go back to work
  11. I have off 2 1/2 Weeks Starting August 24th Im playing
  12. Skysz

    DavyRocket Guild Wars 2 Guild Application.

    I personally like the crafting aspect, alot it will be quite, nice I like how they set it up
  13. Skysz

    DavyRocket Guild Wars 2 Guild Application.

    It Happens Occasionally ;D So what, are you looking forward to most in guild wars 2?