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    Ethan Micheal Vawter
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    Dayton, Ohio
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    vVv Dj Scribbz
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    Super smash brothers brawl, WoW, Dance games
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    chicken prepared many different ways
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    monty python and the holy grail
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    I like pretty much every kind of music
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    Playing video games competitively, cooking, playing music, crafting things.
  1. Just met katt williams at the mall, oh yeah

  2. Just met katt williams at the mall, oh yeah

  3. ugh can I get that server first bre??

  4. I just stole your dictionary and took off, I got away with words

  5. ugh work in the morning... mannnnnn

  6. or...you can ask me. considering its what I do on my wii
  7. loving the new v's logo

  8. i told you if you got a car id teach you how to drive. Also i should be getting my license back in about 2 weeks from now. Then i will get a car then i'll be back on track. also paul my new sched atm is saturdays off so get at me if there is something going on and ill try to get us there. Until then i'll just keep setting world records in super meat boy
  9. new job, and new housing situation. Finally on the up and up! heres to hoping i can get everything back on track! :D

  10. so much crap goin on ;_;. hope to get everything back on track here soon. maybe in a month or so things should be straightened out.

  11. well, i would love to come over to your brothers 2 play, but im not sure if i can go to SiiS 5 just yet.

  12. gratz mah dude. were gonna get together at my brothers and practice tomorrow for siis5 this weekend you want in?

  13. rawr so late to this...hahah but mad support. He really does bust his chops to do anything that he can to improve. Very eager to do whatever he can to get to that next level, an up and coming for sure.
  14. Loved the blog. I really hope that there will be a 4. But as far as to what direction it should go, id like to see maybe a mix of the two, cuz i enjoy both of them for different reasons. so basically im seconding what chibo said
  15. Starting a new podcast series about random things/recent game news/ game knowledge. give it a listen if you get some time., Im not in the first one, but will be soon. http://uptimeshow.podomatic.com/entry/2011-04-26T20_31_33-07_00