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  1. FraGzeeemail

    Gow3 Suggested maps and Gametypes

    I agree with everything here, In my opinion it should be strictly Execution like its always been.
  2. FraGzeeemail

    Community Spotlight: vVv Titan

    great interview! a great read too
  3. FraGzeeemail

    Hearts re-app

    my dude hearts <3 hes been my dude always and recently my lover on weekends ;] haha good luck mannn yu no wut to do
  4. FraGzeeemail

    My Year in Review (I love my vVv/District families)

    Much love for you Anthony and to the rest of you, just to say the truth, before i even thought of joining vVv, i didnt really know much about it, just that it was just an amazing Gaming Community, but the word i only say was "Gaming." Not until i was an app, and apart of this Community, i found the word community, it was an amazing feeling that i couldn't explain other than being in another family. Being in this community is by far the best thing that has happened to me in the gaming world and a real good thing that i needed for my life in general. Thank you vVv, thank you anthony, thank you everyone for opening my eyes and seeing all this amazing things <3
  5. FraGzeeemail

    vVv Picks up Believe the Hype!

    congrats on becomming vVv guys, glad to see you here, make sure you guys keep up the good work and rep us aswell as we rep you.
  6. FraGzeeemail

    Hearts re-app

    Yeaaaaaa boiiiiiii my nigga bussin hahaha, missed you brah glad to see you re app'in, hope you aint bussin like a dumb dumb =P nah jk good luck my dude you know wut to dooooo
  7. I'll be on the lookout for Anne Frank-types speeding towards me next time I'm walking around.

  8. i love how my vVv family goes on my profile and writes the darnest things hahahahha <3

  9. happy birthday dont get hit by a truck from Stitches

  10. FraGzeeemail

    vVv Relent GoW3

    Accept this shit now <3
  11. FraGzeeemail

    Insult The Person Above You

    ummm who are you?
  12. Stitches has the biggest dick in vVv

    1. FraGzeeemail


      its really true, he is the biggest dick in vVv =P

  13. OOBOY OBOY! NJHalo is just in 1 more day! vVv Relent and possibly vVv Dyehard are crashing at my crib for it then the BBQ!!!!!! omfg gonna be a good time =]

  14. FraGzeeemail

    JuStiN4L / JuStiNiLLa OD app.

    congrats justin #2
  15. FraGzeeemail

    What's up vVv?

    welcome to vVv Gaming, i hope you will find this community an exciting and fun one! be sure to check out our podcasts and articles for vVv lastest news. i see that you have made a gears application, best of luck on it and be sure to stay active. again, welcome to vVv Gaming!