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  1. Good luck man. Ya'll can scrim us whenever ya want man. We're a to3 as well.
  2. Thanks brotha, lemme know when ya'll wanna scrim.
  3. I think I might this time. My roommate had it on his laptop he thought but there was something not working normally (prolly him do something wrong) so it didn't help us.
  4. Thanks everybody. Just got my laptop ordered the other day, things are looking up!
  5. Thanks for the positive reinforcement fellas I'm doin' good and all it's just a rough situation with the apartment more than anything. Cause clearly we can't live there. All my things I'm getting back through insurance so it'll work its way out. Just stayin' positive through it all, and my new things I've gotten so far are much better than the old Love ya'll.
  6. Just thought I'd post up a quick thing since I haven't been here in about a week. Some of you may have already heard, but this past week my apartment was broken into and I lost everything. Laptop, xbox, ipod, TV, accessories, Wii, etc. Anything of value is gone. I'm slowly gaining things back. As of now, I purchased a new xbox, Gow3, controller, and TV. I still do not have my laptop back, so my apologies to you guys if you don't see me on the site as frequently as before. I will look here every chance I get. While I was gone, my team once again broke up. This whole no event thing is really throwing people in a loop I feel like. Everyone just wants to go to the next best thing, and it's been a frustrating challenge. But, things are looking good for the next potential team. Taking things a bit slower. I hope to see all of you and talk to you soon on XBL and here. Hopefully everyone is doing well Thanks for reading, Justin
  7. JuStiNiLLa

    Solar's vVv App.

    I know haha get this dude an interview!
  8. JuStiNiLLa

    Solar's vVv App.

    Check your GN pm's if you don't before you read this.
  9. Good luck sir. I feel like you'll find out that you can make time for this... I'm busy as can be and still do. But I completely understand, so GL to you.
  10. JuStiNiLLa

    Solar's vVv App.

    Should be accepted!
  11. Shouldn't miss anything if ya have the communication on lock.
  12. Thank you, sir. I'm gonna try and do these frequently.
  13. For sure we'll scrim ya'll, we always are looking for now scrims. Thanks for the support.
  14. Everyone but you agrees that keeping an open mind = searching for 2. Simple as that.
  15. Thanks, man. We're working on it. Wish people were just dedicated.
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