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    facebook.com/toblyndunlap i dont use it

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    Toblyn Jacob David Dunlap
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    Loganville GA
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    vVv Classic
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    MW2, COD4, Halo 3, Gears of War , Madden
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    The Godfather All 3, Goodfellas, The Sopranos
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    Eminem, Drake, B.I.G
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    Of course gaming, I like to chill with my family a lot especially my brother, i chill with y friends when i get the chance to, and also basketball.
  1.  Classicc

    Sick by Nature, MW2 Xbox 360 Application

    thank u so much 4 giving us this opportunity we will not let u down
  2.  Classicc

    Sick by Nature, MW2 Xbox 360 Application

    Individually, all team members (Including the captain) must answer the following: How long have you been playing competitively? 5 years now. If you are attending a LAN event, please detail your travel plans here (flight info, car info, train info, bus info, etc) There are no LAN's around me at the moment. How many hours during the week do you devote to gaming? How many of those hours are for the game for which you are applying? 45-50 hours a week, all those hours are towards MW2 Have you attended any national events? (MLG, CPL, WCG?) Yes I went to MLG Anaheim Are you shy around people you don't know? No, Im very out going but very serious when needed Link us to some of your best personal achievements. Placing pro on cod4 and coming in 2nd in my last 2 tourneys but i have no link cause gb took down the brackets What was your biggest loss or disappointment in gaming? Why did you lose that match? My biggest match i lost is when i was playing in pcl playoffs on cod4 when MoB Genesis lagged my whole team out and we did not get to play a map and we got the loss, which ended are pcl run but we still got 5th place which is pro How can you PERSONALLY benefit vVv Gaming? I will be as active as i can with the community, i will also make sure to put vVv in my gamertag, bio. Also whenever i go to local LAN's or any tournament i will make sure to promote vVv Gaming to all the gamers around me. Whenever im in a game i will make sure not to talk trash and reprsent vVv professionaly.
  3.  Classicc

    Sick by Nature, MW2 Xbox 360 Application

    Sorry for the double post :smiliz14: