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  1. Mew2King

    I'm in Australia

    Just arrived in Australia! This is my first time OOC. The plane (VAustralia) was massive and all 15 hours were great due to the extra space, 2 free meals, and free television the whole ride. I watched 3 movies (Shrek Forever After, Iron Man 2, Clash of the Titans) and a bunch of Family Guy, Simpsons, and American Dad episodes. I had to wait in like a half hour line to get to baggage claim from Sydney airport, and then had to find Shaya, who I am with now. I'll be here for 2 weeks, and I plan to win their big Melee + Brawl tournament called Robocop (their biggest tournament of the year). Everything here is expensive but good quality, and the skies are more reddish in color at least at night. Not much else to say yet since I haven't been here long, but it's going good so far. I've been using a white controller that isn't my primary MLG tournament controller (because my main controller is old and I want to make sure not to waste it's remaining battery before MLG Dallas finals) to preserve my main Purple one. Hopefully this is a good idea.
  2. NATIONAL Japan tournament for Brawl next year - http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?p=11200540#post11200540 I'm pretty sure I'm going. Who all wants to join? Can anyone hook me up with Buddy Passes to make this trip much cheaper?
  3. Hey there,

    I'm new to the vVv community I'm strongly interested in joining. I wish to get to know more of the vVv community. If you play Xbox 360 be sure to hit me up.

    Gamertag: MaxXxy zR

    Currently playing the Call of Duty series...

    vvv App: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=44599

  4. Mew2King

    beat Hbox

    in a 3/5 set yesterday. Yay lol. Close games. Also 3-0d seibrik, 2-0d redhalberd (then 3-0 in a mm later but close games), 2-0d hrnut.
  5. Mew2King

    Videos from MLG Raleigh

    there was me vs Lee (twice) me vs Felix (REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS) Lee vs Felix (I REALLY WANT TO SEE THIS) Felix vs Seibrik Felix vs Tyrant ALL of them were recorded by different people. Can anyone help me find these matches? Find out who has them? thanks
  6. I first would like to say that I am sorry that I have not been writing as many blogs as I would have liked lately. It was for various reasons, along with my own irresponsibility, and I apolgize for that. With that out of the way, I would like to make a request. To everybody who likes me at all or anybody that is in vVv (especially smashers), I really would like support at MLG Dallas finals (Nov 7th). With a big Texas crowd (I think a lot of that state dislikes me for some reason compared to other places) that will probably be against me, I would like as much support as I can get. I would really like to win 5 straight MLGs, ESPECIALLY the finals event in Dallas. That would be like a dream come true to me, so please support me and help me get there. Mike, Havok, Lee, Tyrant, Cheese, Allied, and everybody else (and your friends' friends) I would really like support for this finals event in 2 months from now. Thanks everyone.
  7. Mew2King

    My Schedule

    July - a bunch of California tournaments August - Apex2 in NJ/NY, SuperCon in Colorado, Aug 22nd idk yet, then MLG Raleigh Sept - FAST2 in Florida, possibly Dominican Republic for another tournament, then Sept 18th is Tourneyplay 6, then Australia Sept 23 - Oct 5 - Australia, for 2 tournaments, the 2nd being a big one called Robocop Oct - a few big tournaments, not sure exactly what I am doing yet
  8. Mew2King

    E3, Sin2, and Anime Expo

    I forgot to mention this before but I was at E3 just before Devastation. I flew down to California right after Showdown because I wanted to go to E3. I was there for 2 of the 3 days. I played a lot of the new Nintendo games and was walking around talking to people and seeing what it was like for the first time. They sell cheeseburger and fries for almost 10 dollars (probably 11 after tax)... it was ridiculous, and I was surprised with how many people actually bought them. There is Sonic the Hedgehog 4, which looks similar to Sonic the Hedgehog 3 except a lot prettier, and a new game called Sonic Colors, which is basically an extremely pretty 3D sonic. I was disappointed with how easy the game was (pretty much catering to the casual, average gamer) but very impressed with the graphics. Too often you could just press the A button to automatically get to the next area or kill an enemy nearby. In the Nintendo booth, I played the new pokemon game (Poke Park Wii I think it was called) and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Poke Park Wii was like a huge adventure game where you are Pikachu and you have to talk to all the other Pokemon around the land and do a series of many mini-games. It
  9. Thanks for your two blogs and good luck with your travels!

  10. Mew2King

    Showdown and Devastation 2010

    Showdown was a giant tournament the week after MLG Columbus. This was a large Melee + Brawl tournament in Ohio with a 1k pot for Melee and a 2k pot for Brawl (but only 40% goes to first). I managed to defeat Drephen 2-0 and 3-0 in Melee and Kels 3-0 in Melee and dominate that tournament by a lot, including almost 4 stocking Drephen in one of our Sheik dittos. I won that tournament very easily in Melee, and dominated teams as well with Kels. In Brawl at Showdown, I had to fight many good players, such as Judge, Shugo, ADHD, and Ally. Besides teams being an easy win, singles was no joke in terms of the competition level. However, my opponents must have felt it was even harder, since I won the tournament barely losing only 1 game total (to Shugo, which was last stock 150%, but almost 3 stocked him immediately afterwords) the entire time. I Jv 3 stocked Judge's Wario and then raped him again afterwords, beat Shugo, beat ADHD (my hardest opponent for a long time) 3-1, and 3-0d Ally. I had a very dominating tournament. After the tournament, me and ADHD were playing tag for a while and playing with items in friendlies. I had a lot of fun doing this with him, both getting some exercise, learning the Diddy matchup better, and just having some fun. The day before Devastation 2010 was a Friday small tournament in SoCal. I beat DSF, Tyrant, and Larry by a pretty good margin, and won some extra cash and got some good practice for the next day at Devastation. The bus ride to Devastation SUCKED. The line for the ticket was so long, that I missed my 9:30 bus by 1-2 min, had to wait until the 11:50 bus, and then that bus didn't arrive until 4 and a half hours later until 4:20 AM. After that 7 hour bus ride I was extremely tired and mad, but still managed the next day which was a few hours later. Devastation 2010 was a few hours later in Arizona. 600 for first place in Brawl was rewarded, which I obtained, defeating Dekar, Mikehaze, and Havok. In teams I told DarkLink a long time ago I would team with him, but we ended up getting 2nd to Mike and Havok, but both sets were 5th game. The final day at Devastation, I got to watch a lot of the finals events in various fighting games, which made for a pretty entertaining day. Things have been good so far, and my dominance at Brawl has only risen in the past few months.
  11. *Generic welcome statement here*

  12. Welcome to vVv M2K!

  13. Mew2King

    MLG Columbus

    MLG Columbus was an extremely fun tournament. As winner of the past tournament MLG at Orlando, I had to make sure I could continue being the reigning champ at Columbus. Well, thanks to smart brain power, practice, and a lot of skill, I managed to also win Columbus. As of right now, I am proud to say that I haven't lost a single set yet at either MLG. Things are looking very good for me right now I joined vVv the day before Singles after having a long talk with Jerry. I decided it was a good decision to join vVv, had a fun time with my smash vVv friends at the hotel, playing with vVv Tyrant up until about 5 AM. After waking up several hours later, me and vVv Lee Martin decided to go to the pro lounge and practice a lot. As a result of playing with me, Lee Martin took out Dojo in MetaKnight dittos in the bracket, and I am proud to say that he told me that my practice has greatly helped him. Lee never beat Dojo before this. Lee got 4th. I had to fight Nick Riddle, who shocked everyone by beating Tyrant 2-1 and Ally 2-0 in the bracket. The first game he almost beat me, but I adapted strongly afterwords, 3 stocking him 2nd game then a pretty solid win on the last game. Giving some advice to Ally, Ally then 4-0d Nick immediately afterwords, but then I defeated Ally 3-1 in the final set, with strong wins the 3rd and 4th games, becoming the reigning champion of MLG. vVv gave me a free hotel that night and paid for the 20 dollars for me and Ally to register for doubles. Teams the next day was very easy for me and Ally. We have never lost a set in teams, and this time, we won the tournament only barely losing a game (to Jash and his teammate), but only because Ally switched to MetaKnight. When he went Snake the last game, we 3-4 stocked them I believe, and beat everyone else very soundly. This was a very good weekend for me and I can't wait for the next big event =)