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    LOL HI

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    Yvenord Mergilles
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    vVv Eve
  1. I'm kinda bad , not really but I'm level 15 and I play anything except tank or jungle. I play teemo the most right now but saving for ahri but my summoner name is Yvenord so add me ya ya ya ok ok oK
  2. Eve


    Just saying hi to old pals. Even though most of the people here either are dead or quit bye now. - Eve, Probation expert.
  3. shutup roxy, you will still be bad. LOL DYNASTY COMEBACK
  4. Eve

    TNO Update

    I'm ashamed. shady douchebgas. $20 says you guys beg zombeast to team again in 2 weeks.
  5. Eve

    Please get a Randomnade account

  6. Eve


    bringing alacrity back, im feeling it
  7. Eve

    Gow3 Suggested maps and Gametypes

    Remove Old Town Execution for Gridlock Execution Because As brady said the high advantage is substantial and Half the map is INK out of spawn which basically makes the cluster fuck at boom/digger even more retarded if you throw the ink. Where in middle you have incendiarys which compared to an ink have little to no value. For old town to be good out of spawn should only be smokes. I don't see how Gridlock isn't on the list. historically one of the best execution maps on GOW1, plays just as well on gow3. I see no problems with it, although i'm open to hear the reasoning behind not having it. Checkout plays well in TDM also if played correctly. But i don't specifically have a map to replace for it. Personally I'd drop a Trenches or Old Town KOTH for TDM Checkout
  8. Eve

    Missing classes for events. How do you deal w/it?

    if you can fail off missing two days of school, you probably shouldn't go to events. just saying.
  9. Eve

    Space Bandits Academy Team App for vVv Red

    Don't choke tommorow <3 seriously.
  10. have fun down here fellas.
  11. Eve

    Follow me on twitter @EveGoW

    considering its only applicants and members. I think you can see why i wasn't the first one to simply post there Yes, i am solid. Never have denied it.
  12. For the very few of you not completely consumed by blinded hate for me. I made a twitter strictly for gears http://twitter.com/#!/EveGoW I follow any and all gears players. Follow me back <3
  13. Eve


    always here to provide the lulz