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    • Twitch Caster Opportunity for Rocket League!   10/04/2015

       Wanted: Rocket League Twitch Caster   vVv Gaming is looking for a streamer who wants to turn our biweekly Rocket League tournaments into a premier event.  Your role as a caster would be to stream the events on our vVv Twitch channel and commentate on plays in the game.  There are 4-6 Rounds in each tournament and you would be casting one game out of each round.  This is a volunteer position.   What we are looking for: - Available Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 9pm EST to about midnight - 720p 60 FPS video - Ability to work in a team environment - Ability to interact with an audience - Willingness to stream from our official channel.   What we consider a bonus: - Familiarity with video editing and editing software - Previous streaming experience (specifically shoutcasting) - Familiar with Rocket League eSports scene - Know how to setup and use twitchalerts.com or similar system   These tournaments provide a chance for amatuer Rocket League players to connect with and play against others to learn key elements to the game and the importance of teamwork. The point of the stream would be to highlight great plays from teams and to recognize new and upcoming talent.
      For the specifics of the event, refer to our guide on the Community Tournaments here.   If you are interested in the opportunity, please send me a private message via these forums!
    • vVv Returns to Guitar Hero!   10/06/2015

        With the release of Guitar Hero: Live on the horizon, vVv Gaming is reentering rhythm gaming with three of the most passionate plastic instrument players in the world. vVv Gaming has a history of success in rhythm gaming with over 30 top four finishes at tournaments including the World Cyber Games, Electronic Sports World Cup, and more. Our new rhythm gaming players hope to continue this trend when Guitar Hero events are held in the future. Additionally, all three members of the team will be creating rhythm gaming videos and streaming on Twitch.   Read on to learn more about our new Guitar Hero players!     vVv Acai vVv Acai28 obtaining one of the current highscores on King for a Day in the Guitar Hero: Live demo
      Alec “vVv Acai28” Castillo first joined vVv Gaming five years ago and went on to become the Gold Medalist in the 2010 WCG Grand Finals. As the last WCG World Champion, Acai is looking to continue his tournament dominance in Guitar Hero: Live. When asked about his return to competitive gaming, Acai said:      Follow vVv Acai28 here:   Twitch
      YouTube       vVv Paradise
          vVv Paradise before a recent rhythm gaming stream on his Twitch channel     Jason “Paradise” Kuntz is a two time national tournament winner in the USA and a long time member of vVv Gaming. Once a staff member for vVv, Paradise now returns as a player to compete in Guitar Hero events and stream on Twitch.       Folllow vVv Paradise here: Twitch
      YouTube       vVv UkogMonkey UkogMonkey achieving 100% on Fury of the Storm by Dragonforce at a live event in the UK
      George “vVv UkogMonkey” Boothby may be the newest face in vVv Gaming but he is a veteran of the Guitar Hero scene. UkogMonkey was the Gold Medalist in the 2008 WCG Grand Finals and has amassed countless achievements in the rhythm gaming scene. Upon joining vVv Gaming, UkogMonkey was quoted as saying:      Follow vVv UkogMonkey here: Twitch
      Please welcome our new Guitar Hero players: vVv Acai28, vVv Paradise, and vVv UkogMonkey!
    • We Moved from Mumble to TeamSpeak!   10/06/2015

      TeamSpeak 3 Guide
      Don't have Teamspeak 3?
      Download here: http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloads
      (Windows, OS X, Android, iOS, etc)
      Server Info:
      Server address: ts65.gameservers.com:9222
      (You can uses spaces in your name)  
      Need help setting up your microphone and sound settings?
      Tired of hearing that beeping/ding noise, when people post in TS chat?
      Can people not hear you while you have a game open?
      You should now have the basics of TeamSpeak set up. Welcome to the better VoiP program! You don't need to do anything extra so you can now come in and join us for events, find people to play with, or just to socialize.
        If you have any questions or need help, just ask a staff member or send me a PM!

      Guide to using plugins (add-ons) with TS3. This is NOT required: (Coming Soon)


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  1. Eve added a topic in League of Legends   

    Need people to play with :)
    I'm kinda bad , not really but I'm level 15
    and I play anything except tank or jungle. I play teemo the most right now but saving for ahri

    but my summoner name is Yvenord so add me ya ya ya

    ok ok oK
    • 4 replies
  2. Eve added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Just saying hi to old pals.
    Even though most of the people here either are dead or quit bye now.

    - Eve, Probation expert.
    • 4 replies
  3. Eve added a post in a topic Gears Of War 3:Judgement Wanna know everyones thoughts?   

    shutup roxy, you will still be bad.
  4. Eve added a post in a topic TNO Update   

    I'm ashamed.
    shady douchebgas.

    $20 says you guys beg zombeast to team again in 2 weeks.
  5. Eve added a post in a topic Please get a Randomnade account   

  6. Eve added a post in a topic Zodyak   

    bringing alacrity back, im feeling it
  7. Eve added a post in a topic Gow3 Suggested maps and Gametypes   

    Remove Old Town Execution for Gridlock Execution
    Because As brady said the high advantage is substantial and Half the map is INK out of spawn which basically makes the cluster fuck at boom/digger even more retarded if you throw the ink. Where in middle you have incendiarys which compared to an ink have little to no value.
    For old town to be good out of spawn should only be smokes.

    I don't see how Gridlock isn't on the list. historically one of the best execution maps on GOW1, plays just as well on gow3.
    I see no problems with it, although i'm open to hear the reasoning behind not having it.

    Checkout plays well in TDM also if played correctly. But i don't specifically have a map to replace for it.

    Personally I'd drop a Trenches or Old Town KOTH for TDM Checkout
  8. Eve added a post in a topic Missing classes for events. How do you deal w/it?   

    if you can fail off missing two days of school, you probably shouldn't go to events.

    just saying.
  9. Eve added a post in a topic vVv Get Bronco GetBcation/vVvacation documentary   

    have fun down here fellas.
  10. Eve added a post in a topic Follow me on twitter @EveGoW   

    look at op
  11. Eve added a post in a topic Follow me on twitter @EveGoW   

    considering its only applicants and members. I think you can see why i wasn't the first one to simply post there

    Yes, i am solid. Never have denied it.
  12. Eve added a topic in Off-Topic   

    Follow me on twitter @EveGoW
    For the very few of you not completely consumed by blinded hate for me.
    I made a twitter strictly for gears


    I follow any and all gears players. Follow me back <3
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  13. Eve added a post in a topic JERSDAY   

    always here to provide the lulz
  14. Eve added a topic in Movies and Television   


    an hour before i’ll be like:

    a few minutes before i’ll be like:

    when it finally starts:

    my mom comes in to ask me something:

    get something to eat during commercial:

    comes back on, still excited like:

    Ron and Sam are fighting:

    preview for next show:

    realizing you have to wait till next week:

    - My Life

    • 19 replies