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  1. Bnk5D

    The Razor wife/husband thread

  2. Bnk5D

    Your fave present so far

    All i got was some percocet and vicodin
  3. Bnk5D

    Thinkin of You

    i definitely now dont regret my resignation after many years lmfaooo
  4. Bnk5D


    I bet u do lol jk THE GOD! lmao i miss those days :'(
  5. Bnk5D


    @Doc dis nigga whats up bro
  6. Bnk5D


    whats up everyone? its been a while
  7. Bnk5D

    R.I.P. Gears of War :'(

    Classic Slim. still giving the dee on the forums <3
  8. Bnk5D

    If you only knew. . .

    this site is so dead and boring 07-10 use to be good days now its all shit sorry to say it and most of u wont agree cause your to scared lmao
  9. I havent been on here in a while and no one is around anymore RIP Academy Days Late Night Pick Up Scrims

  10. Bnk5D

    Gears Community Night

    wow the site is dead lol no one good plays anymore
  11. Bnk5D

    A God

    GL my dude
  12. Bnk5D


    lol GL Zody <3
  13. Two of the best things to come out this year Cole World and Gears 3