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  1. Congrats to everyone who got new jobs!
  2. A couple weeks ago I was wondering how cool it would be a have a custom vVv Gaming chair and now this happens. Great idea to get a chair partnership because any hardcore gamer would tell how how important comfort is. They look very stylish as well. I'd love to get my butt on one of those chairs.
  3. Great Year for vVv and eSports. Cant wait to see what the new year brings
  4. I literally shit myself when I read this. (I was in the restroom. tmi?) But I'm soooo happy. I already own 3 pairs and I've been using them for over 2 years now and I love them. If I wasn't so tight on money I'd buy me another pair. Now if we could just get partnered with Nikeā€¦.
  5. Seems like there is a good combination of skill and experience. Good Luck in all events and I hope you guys represent vVv well.
  6. Congrats Aman, keep up the hard work and good luck at WCG.
  7. Congrats Mike, you really do deserve everything you're achieving plus more. You're dedication and hard work is paying off and this is just the beginning for you. Great things are coming, trust me, you'll get your break.
  8. Congratulations Rob. I know you'll work hard to achieve your goals. And congratulations to Jordan, I'm sure you're exstatic to be working for Riot. vVv doesn't just develope great gamers, but great people. Thats what I love about vVv, and this is a great reminder to everyone what the rewards are for hard work and determination. Keep up the great work.
  9. Those headsets looks sweet! The winner is gonna one happy gamer
  10. Congrats on getting T6! Good Luck in Cbus
  11. Really great giveaway! Whoever wins it is gonna be exstatic. Thanks to the sponsors for the support
  12. Welcome and good luck in future events. I hope you guys ... and girl, show a good representation of vVv