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    Michael Haze
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    Los Angeles, CA
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    SSBB, SSBM, Halo 2, Mario Party 2
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    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Fight Club, Vanilla Sky, The Science of Sleep, The Boondock Saints, A Clockwork Orange
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    Bright Eyes, Astronautalis, Atmosphere, Kimya Dawson, Weezy
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    Gaming, Art - i love painting and drawing, music - listening and making. I basically love to create.
  1. mikeHAZE

    MLG Raleigh

    I arrived in North Carolina Thursday morning. I caught up on my sleep while waiting for ADHD (Wyatt) at the airport. Within a few minutes Wyatt and I were picked up by a couple of NC Smashers and taken to Trowa's house. Everyone was passed out when we got there, but they came too relatively quickley. The house at this point was vVv Lee Martin vVv Mew2king DEHF Tearbear Trowa We hung out and smashed for a while before going to eat. I took a nap for a few hours. I woke up to find vVv Havok in the house as well. Throughout the night people joined the group, players like Snap and Kadaj came through and we began practicing. I later invited some other East Coast players who spent the night. The crammed house ended up consisting of multiple national level players consisting of vVv Lee Martin vVv Mew2king vVv Havok vVv mikeHAZE DEHF Tearbear Trowa Ally Atomsk Kadaj Ninjalink Izumi Stingers We left around 2:00 PM Friday morning to the venue which was about ten minutes away from Trowa's house. Lee and I got our pro passes and went to go play some friendlies. I played a little bit, and met up with Doomhammer and Jerith. The first round of singles was starting soon. Luckily, i was 12th seed so I had a bye for my first match , though this was good and bad since it meant I would not get an effecient "free" warmup. My stomach tightened as they began to announce second round matches. I had to play an East Coast Lucario player named Zucco. I was admittingly nervous throughout the set, and I had something to prove. I remember Zucco posting "fuck vVv" over multiple blogs on allisbrawl.com (a smash forum), so after solidly 2-0ing him I was consumed by joy and vengence. Next, i had to play Shady_Penguin, who I was told to be the "best snake in NC." I played extremely campy the first match and JV 2 stocked him. I banned Brinstar and was counterpicked to Lylat Cruise. I contimplated staying Marth but decided I should warm up my Metaknight, for future counter picks. I 3 stocked him second match. Day one of bracket is over. I presumed to play a good three hours friendlies and didn't lose once with Marth. I money matched some people (vVv Chibo, Vinny, some others who i forgot) and didn't lose a single match. I felt very confident walking back to my hotel room. We ordered Pizza and fell asleep due to lack of a Wii. I woke up with a good nights rest and proceeded the venue. I snuck in a few matches before my match was called. I had to play Felix, a diddykong player from Washington. I played him once before at a tournament in Northern California back in 2009 and won, but I still felt nervous. And i had a good reason to be. Our set ended up being game 3, last stock but Felix got the best of me and sent me to losers bracket. I played well so I wasn't even remotely upset, and instead decided to focus on losers bracket. As it happens, i heard the announcer say "ALLY, ADHD, ATOMSK, AND NINJA LINK - YOU HAVE BEEN DQ'D." fuck. Losers bracket just got stacked. To add on, vVv Cheese upset Nickriddle (the best Zero Suit Samus, got 3rd at MLG CBUS) and sent him to losers. I waited about an hour before my match being called. "Nickriddle Vs. mikeHAZE Tv 11." fuhhhhh. I don't know this matchup too well but i'll maintain my confident smile. I took the first game on Yoshi's Island pretty solidly with Marth. I was counterpicked to Pokemon Stadium 1 Vs. Nicks ZSS. I stayed Marth and nearly 2-0'd Nick but he went super saiyan and decided he wanted a 3rd game. I counterpicked smashville and held up my own the whole match, until the last stock. Our whole set revolved around both of us playing safe and patient until the last stock. I lost my composure and approached unsafely, forward airing sloppily vs Nick's shield which he took advantage of. By the time i caught on to my mistakes the match was almost over. I took a backair to the head while recovering to lose the set to Nick 1-2. Felix ended up raping the tournament and getting 3rd which was a big bump up and surprise from his 17th placement at MLG Orlando. Nickriddle ended up placing 5th. I was happy with my performance and take these losses as a learning experience. I'll be practicing hard for MLG DC in hopes to destroy the bracket.