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       Wanted: Rocket League Twitch Caster   vVv Gaming is looking for a streamer who wants to turn our biweekly Rocket League tournaments into a premier event.  Your role as a caster would be to stream the events on our vVv Twitch channel and commentate on plays in the game.  There are 4-6 Rounds in each tournament and you would be casting one game out of each round.  This is a volunteer position.   What we are looking for: - Available Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 9pm EST to about midnight - 1080p 60 FPS video - Ability to work in a team environment - Ability to interact with an audience   What we consider a bonus: - Familiarity with video editing and editing software - Previous streaming experience (specifically shoutcasting) - Familiar with Rocket League eSports scene - Know how to setup and use twitchalerts.com or similar system   These tournaments provide a chance for amatuer Rocket League players to connect with and play against others to learn key elements to the game and the importance of teamwork. The point of the stream would be to highlight great plays from teams and to recognize new and upcoming talent.
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  1. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic My thoughts on the Brawl Drama   

    i must admit, this thread was pretty entertaining
  2. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Drops Mew2King and Lee Martin!   

    Somebody who i was associated with through vVv Gaming with. What you're saying is that it is perfectly alright for players of the same gaming organization to cheer or talk shit against one another. This is exactly the same rational behind the "fuck you" thread.

    Also, where is the consistent logic from everyone when you and others talk about how we (m2k, ally, lee, me) split money. You do realize that all of the drama started because Chibo and Cheese wanted to split as well, correct? So in this sense, your players also undermine the entire spirit of sport.
  3. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Drops Mew2King and Lee Martin!   

    i could not agree more
  4. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Drops Mew2King and Lee Martin!   

    LOL I wish people knew the real story. I can't wait to hear the podcast.

    There was no bracket manipulation whatsoever. The brackets were done, and nobody threw matches or anything of the sort. This is what happened from what I experienced.

    "What happened in Vegas/Why I left vVv
    posted to the public at 11:26 PM on Monday Oct 25, 2010
    Here's the facts from the drama.

    Jason said he would split with Lee, Ally, and I. $6,000 between the four of us. Elliot needed money for something private. I needed money for a $700 ticket and to fix my car that broke down two weeks ago. Lee needs money for school.

    Fatal, Chibo, and Cheese approached us at the hotel asking for a split (mind you this is after Cheese and Fatal lost a combine $500 in blackjack after the first night). They said they needed money (for traveling as they said). Nobody said anything, and they pushed for it and Jason said No. We all agreed (me ally and lee) that there was no point to split with them. including brilliant "why would we make $800 instead of $1,500?" logic.

    After this, we met at the venue. Cheese, Chibo, and Fatal were all extremely mad. Fatal ended up beating M2K. Cheese tried to DQ people for the dumbest reasons.

    He tried to DQ Ally for being Canadian, saying that "THIS COMPETITION IS ONLY OPEN TO US RESIDENTS HE'S FROM CANADA." After a half hour of arguing, the TO basically said that that it doesn't matter.

    Cheese then tried to DQ Mew2king by saying "OH SO HOW'D YOU ENTER THE WIFI TOURNAMENT FROM AUSTRALIA? THERE'S NO WIFI THERE." Once again the TO didn't care.

    Jason told Fatal "i'll give you $300 if you let me win, i dont really want to play" and Cheese told the TO "HE'S BRIBING ANOTHER PLAYER." the TO once again didn't care.

    Cheese told the TO "THEY'RE SPLITTING THE MONEY," and i said "It's Jasons money to do whatever he wants."

    One of the TO's said "matches will be 5 stock 8 minutes" and Cheese in hopes to time people out said that these rules were okay and got Chibo and Fatal to agree to these rules in hopes to run the clock and get revenge on us for not splitting.

    Cheese cheered against me and talked hard **** when i played Chibo, even though we're all sponsored by the same company. I have been one of a few people to ever help him progress with good advice, and in game coaching at MLG's yet he decided to choose sides. Yes, I am salty, but that's because i've done so much for the kid and this is how he reacts.

    I left vVv because I believe a Professional Organization should have players who act Professional in and out of the game. Players who add nothing but negative reputation to an organization should not be a part of said organization. nothing more to say.

    to add on, i have nothing against Cheese, Chibo, or anyone from vVv for that matter. I don't hate anybody, but rather choose how i associate and communicate with people based on their past actions.

    I'm sure vVv staff will sensor this post as well, but i guess you gotta do what you gotta do to mask the truth in an attempt to remain positive.

    I just have never seen the logic behind having sponsored players who obviously add nothing but negative perception of vVv. If Cheese wasn't a part of vVv, you guys would have an all star line up of top level productive players with positive reputation.

    Lee Martin

    There was no "bracket manipulation." Just kids being upset about not getting money that they thought they deserved (but didn't) The pot payout was top 2, not top 8.
  5. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVvideo Thread   

    Where are vVv Choice's matches?
  6. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic Smash Talk   

    great idea choice and cheese.
  7. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming invades MLG Washington DC!   

    i actually got 6th with havok following right behind me in 7th
  8. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Interviews vVv ChiboSempai!   

    yay chibzzzzz
  9. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Re-Launches its Arcade!   

    get at my pacman score
  10. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Re-Introduces its Photo Gallery!   

    very great, i'll be sure to take lots of pictures this weekend
  11. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic Must see Brawl matches and sets   

    great set. even better ending
  12. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Rhythm Division Update!   

    can't wait for the new content
  13. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Enter Midnight Gaming Championship!   

    vVv Lee Martin also qualified
  14. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming opens Starcraft 2 Division   

    Welcome and Congratulations!
  15. mikeHAZE added a post in a topic vVv Gaming Enter Midnight Gaming Championship!   

    Cheese and I won our first two matches, meaning we'll be repping vVv at the live MGC tournament in Vegas!