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    i LOVE golf, i am a student at Arizona State University in their Professional Golf Program

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  1. YahtZee I KiNG


    what all does a vVv sponsorship entitle? it seems like my MW2 xbox360 console team wont be able to use steele series stuff from vVv sponsor's
  2. matty and his emo pants ;)

  3. im at Poly ASU campus in mesa

  4. hahaha matty is a Guest LMAO

  5. YahtZee I KiNG

    Winners take losses

    didnt know that about intrinsic and extrinsic
  6. hahaha add some shit to ur profile, spruce it up :)

  7. YahtZee I KiNG

    User Color Groups

    what is your avatar guy supposed to be saying? its driving me nuts lol
  8. apparently i have not updated my status yet :) lol

  9. apparently i have not updated my status yet :) lol

  10. YahtZee I KiNG


    Brandon, i can guarantee we will be very active on these forums as vVv is something we would love to get involved with and i will tell everybody to update their profiles
  11. YahtZee I KiNG


    Team Captain Please Answer the Following: * How long has this roster been playing together? Not long as we made a team just recently, myself and Ian have been playing together for 3 years now and have been searching for just the right people to make that special team with and we believe we have found it. * Where do the players live in relation to one another? we have 3 in california, i am in arizona for school and oregon in the summers, ian is in NY for school and in Massachusetts for the summer as well * What are your team
  12. i dk exactly how this vVv website works, but my team is looking for a sponsor and i have heard good things about vVv

    my team is http://gamebattles.com/xbox360/call-of-duty-modern-warfare-2/team/varient-practice-squad and we are 27-1 and that 1 loss was a fluke, we replayed them and beat them. we are trying to go OPCE in MW2 and i dont think vVv has any teams on the ladder.