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  1. SickDegenerate

    MLG Players

    *Raises Hand*
  2. SickDegenerate

    In My Pants

    I'm not trying to be funny, but i was seriously listening to Big Weenie by Eminem. Big Weenie... in my pants?
  3. SickDegenerate

    Wil Wheaton's Keynote Speech at Pax 2010

    Simply amazing.
  4. You go to College in New Jersey i live in NJ to, U go to NJHALO?

  5. SickDegenerate

    vVv Gaming Launches FIFA Tournament!

    Is this for Xbox 360 or for PS3?
  6. SickDegenerate

    New Halo Reach Vidoc

    The vidoc was such a fantastic let down. But the chess looks like it works and should be at least a little entertaining.
  7. SickDegenerate

    Button Layout

    I use bumper jumper, but I switch all the time between default, southpaw, and boxer each clawed, and walkie talkie.
  8. A great listen, truly insightful.
  9. SickDegenerate

    Afternoon Delight Sponsorship

    Name: Cuyler Landi Age (minimum 15): 18 Gamertags: SickDegenerate MySpace profile name and URL: My facebook is http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=650787443&ref=ts#!/clandi?ref=ts AIM Screen Name: sickdegenerate MSN Messenger: None Skype Name: Cuyler Landi Please list all your LAN and online achievements here, and indicate the prizes you have won: I have won 6 seperate NJ Halo 4v4 Tournaments, as well as 3 NJ Halo 2v2 Tournaments. On two seperate occasions I have placed Losers 8 at MLG Orlando 08 and 09. How many hours per week will you devote to gaming? Personally I play anywhere from 15 hours to 30 hours a week, and as a team we attempt to practice everyday. Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? I have email on my phone, so I can access my email anytime of the day. What are your personal goals? My personal goals for this season are to first make it out of the amature bracket for the first time, from there I want to become a consistent top 16 player, and with this team I feel that the chances of becoming a top 16 player are very good. What do you hope to achieve with your team? I can see us making top 12, but more realistically top 16 Who do you see as your toughest competition? Any team that wants to win as badly as we do. What is your expected finish at your next event? Like i said we expect to finish top 12-top 16. We all feel like we can. What do you hope to get out of vVv Gaming? I hope to become a face of vVv gaming with my team Afternoon Delight