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  1. Just switched back to the S10 from Iphone. Never leaving samsung again.
  2. I like 3. Maybe change the font style to something else. Depending on what color shirt/hoodie options become available the colors of the logo would be easy to change so the logo still stands out.
  3. Depends on what I feeling like watching. Most recent examples are: CoD: obvious reason. watching comp to get a better understanding of the game and how it is played at the highest level. Resident Evil 2: laid back chill streams but also has a nice mix of people attempting speed-runs to set the WR.
  4. Havik


    Is the game worth getting right away? Have been debating about it and wanted to wait and see what others think. Just don't want another let down like Destiny.
  5. Where am I today?: I'm now 25 and still living in Chesapeake, VA. When I was originally in vVv, back in 2010-2014, I was in high school and college and I now work at Newport News Shipyard. Do I still game?: If I'm not at work, sleeping, or have something important to do I'm playing. What platform do I mainly play on now?: PS4 is my main system as I'm on a team going to compete at CWL Fort Worth. I still play on X1 and PC from time to time when I fell like switching things up. What do I do for work?: I'm a ship-fitter at Newport New Shipyard. I build all the structural components for submarines for the Navy. Did your time in vVv affect where you are at today? If so, then how? Yes it did. Made quite a few friends through vVv that I still keep in contact with and a few I still game with from time to time. I still have a drive to compete at the highest level I can, as well as step back and enjoy just little things a game can offer. I try to take the various lessons I learned from Jerry, Doom, and many others during my time here and apply them to my life daily.
  6. I know I'm not a member anymore but I back this idea. Mikey was everything we looked for and better in everything that we look for in possible members of this community.
  7. I can't believe he's gone. I'm in utter disbelief right now about this. I have so many great memories with him in the CoD lobbies we would run all the time. He will be missed greatly.
  8. I've been debating this for some time now and I think its time for me to resign. This place just doesn't feel like the home it once was when I joined up and I really don't have the drive to stay active on the forums anymore. With all the changes that have taken place over the past year, people, divisions, and operations, I just don't feel like many of them were for the betterment of this community. It saddens me to feel this way because of how long I've been here and all the amazing people I've come to be friends with and all the life lessons I've learned, but I do so I feel its best to leave. I've had tons of fun at community events and at all the different MLG events with everyone and those are memories I will always enjoy and I'm sure I'll still see some of you at future MLG and other lan events in the future.
  9. I hope my Xbox One will be back and with no more issues so I can join in for this.
  10. Guess who has to send his Xbox One in for repairs. Thats right THIS GUY!
  11. Alright got all of my Xbox One troubles just about fixed (one last thing to get) and I'll be ready to get way more involved with this.
  12. Scott I think you and I should talk a bit more about this one on one when you have to time to.
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