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  1. You’re very welcome, thanks Jordan!
  2. It's good to see vVv going back to its roots. Thank you all for everything you've done and are doing to revive vVv!
  3. Looks solid, can’t wait to have some merchandise!
  4. They should put a Let’s Encrypt SSL on the site that way Chrome stops throwing the stupid ‘Not Secure’ message. I know we’re not taking sensitive information or payments on the site, but Let’s Encrypt is free so there’s really no reason to not force https on the site.
  5. Let’s get some games going when I return from Europe at the end of June
  6. I have a new Xbox and my new gamertag is vVv Rookiee
  7. I'll be returning back to the US on June 24th. Just booked my flight back!
  8. Baseball - Mets Football - Redskins Basketball - Knicks
  9. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing what you add to the community.
  10. Divisions managers are always a good idea. Good leadership makes a good community and there should always be a chain of command. I'd like to see vVv bring back competitive teams, it was always awesome to root for our teams, practice with them etc.
  11. Welcome back, saw you lurking the other day... let's get some GoW going soon.
  12. Sounds good to me brotha! I am glad to see vVv going back to its roots. If you want to be here you should be involved. Everybody has personal life stuff to attend to, but it's not asking too much to hop on the forum or Discord when you can. If we all have the time to play video games then we all have the time to browse a website for a few minutes a day or week.
  13. Looks awesome Jordan, now I want my clothes! LOL
  14. LMAO, agreed! , thank you! Thanks man, I definitely will!
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