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    Exon's Top 5 Greatest Sports Upsets

    Do you believe in Miracles? Top 5 Greatest Sports Upsets By: Exon 5. Denver Nuggets shock Seattle Super-Sonics in the 1994 NBA Playoffs! When the Denver Nuggets lost their first two games of their 1994 first-round NBA playoffs to the Seattle Supersonics it seemed as Seattle already had the championship in the bag, and to make matters worst, not only did they lose the first two games, but they lost by an average of 17 points! Despite the futile efforts of the Nuggets, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf and Dikembe Mutombo refused to give up. They led their team to victory winning game 3 by a margin of seventeen points! The two men did not give up there, they pushed and pushed as they gained control over game number 4 and won by nine. There it was, The Denver Nuggets recovered from a 2-0 deficit, and now tied the series at 2-2. It all came down to game number 3. This game would change the history of basketball forever. Abdul-Rauf and Mutombo battled a hard faught game of blood, sweat and tears against the Supersonics. The Denver Nuggets upset Seattle to become the first ever 8 seeded team to beat the number 1 seed. This historical moment would be arguably the greatest moments in the history of basketball. 4. Joe Namath Guarantees victory for New York Jets (Superbowl III) Superbowl III was undoubtedly the greatest Superbowl that was ever played. Some may argue that this game received to much 'Hype' due to Namath's statement, but it is important to remember that the first two interleague championships had been devastated by the Green Bay Packers. New York entered the game as the 18-point underdogs to the Colts. Despite the statistics, the Jets prevailed and followed Namath's statement. Not only was this a remarkable win for the Jets, but it was also a huge turning point for the AFL. This tremendous upset counts in as number nine in my book! 3. Buster K.O.'s Mike Tyson! Arguably one of the biggest shocking moments in boxing today. James "Buster" Douglas was named the New Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion after defeating one of the greatest boxers that has ever stepped foot in the ring. Mike Tyson had been the World Heavyweight Champion for two years and appeared nearly unstoppable. The 1990 Championship fight was suppose to be a tune up fight, warming Tyson up for his showdown with Evander Holyfield. However, Buster had different plans for Tyson. Buster took the fight to Tyson in the early rounds unlike any opponent the champ has faced; dominating the earlier rounds. The champ retaliated knocking Buster down (but not out) in the eighth round. The two continued the battle in the 10th round until Buster found an opening and knocked Tyson down for the count, gaining not only the title, but the respect of many viewers alike. 2. Appalachian State Stuns The World! NCCA Football has given us many upsets throughout the years. One of the most impressive upsets is Appalachian State's 34 - 32 upset over the #5 Michigan Wolverines in 2007. By blocking Michigan's last second field goal attempt, App. State became the first team to ever beat a team ranked in The Associated Press Top 25. To add insult to injury, the defeat took place on Michigan's home turf in front of over 100,000 fans in Ann Harbor. Despite being an FCS team, the Mountaineers were pretty damn good. They came into the Michigan game having 1-AA Titles in 2005 and 2006, they went on to win the third consecutive win against the Wolverines in this nail biting final. Below is the video of the clutch block by the Mountaineers to save the game 1. Miracle on Ice Topping our list of Top 5 Upsets in sports History is what else than the Miracle on Ice -- The United States Hockey Team victory over the Soviet Union in the Winter Olympic Semi-Finals in 1980. The Americans entered this game as the underdogs, they were a group of untested college and amateur players in a culture that was barely hockey-centric. They entered the tournament as a seventh seed amongst 12 teams. On the other hand, the Soviets were a full-time hockey team that played with each other for years and were professionals. The two teams were not only rivals on the ice, but also had different politcal views, this stirred the tension between the two opposing countries even more. To make matters worse, the two teams had played earlier in the year and the USA suffered a 10-3 beating from the USSR. The odds were against the U.S., but that did not stop them from playing their hearts out. On that very day the two teams met for the second time the United States showed up to play, and emerged the better team winning 4-3. Sports Illustrated has called this the greatest sporting moment of the 20th century. After reading all these remarkable moments I guess I will ask you this one last question, Do you believe in miracles?