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    Exon's Graphic Application

    Yeah, So for those of you that do not know me, I was the Head of Graphics for vVv for a short time. Some issues with basketball came up during the winter and I couldn't really balance the two. I had no choice but to resign from staff. Now that it is summer, I have alot of time on my hand (probably more than I should) that Im looking to devote to graphics. I miss doing the minor stuff for vVv to help improve the appearance. Hopefully me and Buzz will have a chance to work together again and progress vVv My Portfolio * Name: Raymond Perez * Age (minimum 16): 16 * Gamertag or Alias: vVv Exon * AIM Screen Name: vVvExon * MSN Messenger: N/A * Skype Name: vVvExon * Xfire: N/A * What are your hobbies and interests outside of gaming? Outside of gaming, I enjoy doing a lot of Graphic work (hence why I am applying to graphics) but I also like to bmx, play sports and watch movies. * Have you been to a major LAN event before? If so which one and did you play or spectate? I've been to MLG Meadowlands 2009-(spectator) and I've been to a couple locals around NJ such as NJHalo. * Do you know anyone currently in vVv Gaming? and if so, whom? Since I was on staff I know majority of the players and staff members here, but as I am returning I am seeing a lot of new faces * What position are you applying for? Graphic Staff * How many hours per week can you devote to staff? I can devote a good amount to being on staff. * Do you have access to a computer and e-mail on a daily basis? Yes * Why you are interested in becoming a staff member? I miss doing graphics and getting feedback from the community. I also enjoy doing anything that can help benefit the appearance of the website! * What personal goals do you hope to achieve? Outside of gaming I hope to achieve a degree in Criminal Justice, or Accounting. But for now I'm focused on doing good in highschool and getting good grades so I can get to a good college. * What past experiences do you have being a moderator or admin? I was recentely the Head Graphic Designer for vVv Gaming, I was also head graphics designer for GameNation, and nGu (NextGenUpdate) for a while.
  3. Please don't say yourself you noob lol, Lets see who has the most original/best name?
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    Exon's Graphic Application

    I did
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    vVv GB

    is this gow1 or gow2? Either way send the inv, vVvExon
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    vVv Mousepad Design Options

    3 and 4 without a doubt. Version 1: Eh what throws me off is the Black on a grey gradient, IMO it blends in too much. Either make the gradient a lighter grey or make the black V's white. Version 2: Personally I just think the color(the red) is ugly & dark. Version 3: This one is good. I really like it and wouldn't mind buying one of these. The V's stand out and do not blend in as so in Version 1, and the colors are fitting as well. Version 4: Probably the best. Like Version 3 the colors are great and I imagine this design is going to sell very well. Good job on this one. Just my input
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    Exon's Graphic Application

    First off, thanks everyone for the support I appreciate it. Alright as far as my plans for being a GFX designer go I feel like I can mainly improve the appearance and promotional area of vVv. If it wasn't to much troubled, I would be interested in doing web appearance (Icons/Templates/Banners) and possibly promotional advertisement. Overall I can do anything vVv needs me to do without it being an issue.
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    Think you can hoop?

    pretty good, you drive like a boss haha thats my biggest problem im smaller so its tough for my to drive the lane -___- been working on my outside game tho so it balances out good shit tho
  9. I feel like thats encouraging kids to have sex, Either way I would find it awkward doing the dirty with my parents in the next room.
  10. Exon

    GoW Division Leader

    ehh its tough lol, I know RobZ and Sundown have been around for a while and have expierence, but I also think zombeast could do a good job as well. Overall most of the applicants are good, so you can't really go wrong! Hell i might even get back into gaming.. idk
  11. Exon

    New vVv Logo Options

    at first glance first thing I noticed is, that the logo looks more like a V with 2 slashes next to it. It doesn't really convey vVv. For anyone seeing this logo for the first time wouldn't be able to tell it is vVv unless you choose one of the versions that have text. But otherwise I do like this. I was talking to buzz mentioning how maybe we can steer away from the conventional "circle" logo that you have had for many years and maybe doing something different, for example the Pure Talent Gaming Logo, It is very simple, professional and nice. Maybe a 3d look to the logo as well. But i definitely think Version 1 looks the best, although it may be a little plain, try adding something to it possible, maybe a 3D shape like i mentioned before. This was just my input, just lettin you know what I think Overall I like all of them so whatever choice you guys make is fine!
  12. Exon

    Anyone who has a Tumblr

    Hey so I just created a tumblr and i'm trying to get some followers so if you can follow me or tell ur friends i'll follow back, Thanks! Also let me know what you think about my blog! http://www.xanq.tumblr.com
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    I need help.. PLEASE READ!

    Okay so whenever I try to turn my computer on, everything loads fine.. untill i get to the Windows 7 Loading Screen (where the logo comes together) after that what is usually suppose to happen is the screen will direct you to the login page, (im sure if you have windows 7 you are familiar with this process) but instead right after the logo loads, my screen goes black.. I hear that login sound when you turn on your computer and the following words come up : "Entering Power saving mode". After which the green Power-light on the monitor changes orange-ish. It allows me to go into one of the three safe modes on my computer, but I am not sure on how to correct this problem. (Usually whenever this would happen I would do a memory restore from a couple days back.) Unfortunately I do not have any of the Restore points to use, and it will not let me) If you have any idea what is wrong PLEASE help me! Thankks, Exon
  14. Exon

    I need help.. PLEASE READ!

    thanks so much! even tho i had no idea what the fuck these words u guys were using, ill have my dad do it. Its his job to fix computers he just doesnt have that much time to figure out what is wrong with it, so now i can just tell him what u guys said and he'll know what to do good stuff thanks a bunch!
  15. hahahaha nice sig!

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    Do not f*ck with vVv

  17. You still need graphics for your truck site?

    If you're talking about a website template I can design one, but you will have to find someone who knows how to code a website.

    If you're just talking about logos and images for the site itself I can do that as well.

    Just let me know if you still need help :)

  18. Exon

    Does anyone Snowboard?

    Alright when I go snowboarding I usually rent my stuff, but I'm getting tired of doing that, so I want to buy my own board/bindinds/ect. The thing is im not really sure what size I need to get or what a good board is. I'm looking to rent from htttp://www.the-house.com Here are some questions I have, if you can answer any of them it'd be appreciated. 1) What size snowboard should I get if I'm about 5'8 ? 2) What are some good snowboards for freestyle/freeride? 3) What size boots should I get if my shoe size is a 12? 4) If my shoe size is a 12, what size bindings would I get? 5) What are some good bindings that are comfortable, easy to strap into, and great for all around freestyle? Thanks for reading.. if you think you can help me out some more hit me up at vVvExon on AIM
  19. Exon

    Beats by DRE

    I'm thinking about getting them, has anyone used them? Or own them? How are they? Any feedback is good!
  20. I agree, great way to reward members that are truly dedicated !
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkPafwxbtjk&feature=related&has_verified=1
  22. Saw this on gamebattles.. Warning: Can be disturbing http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/296836