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    I rule the forums! ツ
  • Birthday 07/28/1992

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    Sabrina G
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    Dp Illinois
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    vVv Faux
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    Gears Of War 2 And COD series
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    Grand Torino, Never Back Down, Elephant, Accepted, Grandma's Boy, 21, Fighting. Pinaple Express
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    Sublime!!! Blink 182 Eminem, Kid Cudi , Scary kids scaring kids, The Used. Weezer. Underoath. Taking Back Sunday. System Of A Down. The Starting Line. Senses Fail. Say Anything. Panic! At The Disco. Mayday Parade. The Lonely Island. Jack's Mannequin. The Hush Sound. Hollywood Undead. Head Automatica. Gym Class Heros. Fallout Boy. A Day To Remeber. Death Cab For Cutie. Dashboard Confessional. Cute Is What We Aim For. The Cool Kids. Coldplay. Beastie Boys. All Time Low.
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    Gaming. Music.

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  1. Faux

    College - Fall Semester

    i start college fall of 2011 :|
  2. Faux

    My dream girl..

    lmaoo oh gawd
  3. Faux


    el oh el :]
  4. Faux

    Weed Experience

    lol diff people have diff experiences... like they said take smaller hits u should have started with hookah or something to get the whole vibe or whatever
  5. Faux

    Brand new world

    the 70's :]
  6. Faux

    Swagggggggggggggggggg Thread

    lmfaoooo oreo
  7. Faux

    New Laptop!

    get a mac! a good graphics card NVUDIA is a very good common card if u wanna do video and stuff u should get a external hard drive (thats my own opinion tho) their like 50 dollars at walmart for like a 50GB i think also get something with ALOT of RAM :]
  8. Vans > UGGS (:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Doctor


      Rare to find nowadays.

    3. Stingur


      like, but uggs are fucking sexy on some girls

    4. Reducey


      What DREW said.

  9. Faux


    welcome to the site :]!