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    Football, Videogames, Friends, Cinema :)

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  1. Close that Application plz.
  2. I buy a steelseries Just to ask we really want to know if you will sponsor a team like us for GoW2 and quickly for LANS in April so please Shluu answer ...
  3. GL with your app
  4. Some big lans in eu : Dreamhack(s) and WCG But it's a sad day ...
  5. GL on your app
  6. GL on your app
  7. GL on your app ! Stay active !
  8. GL on your app ! Stay active !
  9. good luck and stay active !
  10. good luck and stay active !
  11. GoW2 forever, and GoW3 will come
  12. GL for your app
  13. Hey!

    How did you know?


  14. Hello :)

    so you speak French ?

  15. Gl for your app