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  1. DanQ8000

    DJ Hero Tournament Feedback

    This was a fun tournament. Too bad I lost, but at least I made it to the top 4! Congratulations to Mast3r Ball3r and Fedora. Good job guys. Thanks Paradise for organizing it!
  2. good game Fedora. I simply cannot beat you haha. I totally fell apart on Rockit. I never play that song. Good luck in the rest of the tournament!
  3. thats 6 or 7 my time. ya thats not late. which time is better for you?
  4. it depends on how late it is.
  5. im pretty sure Sunday will work out fine
  6. so round 2 huh Fedora? when are you available
  7. so round 2 huh Fedora? when are you available
  8. I actually cannot believe I beat Petrie. He beat on the first 2, but I did very well on the 3rd.
  9. im in Canada, on Mountain Time
  10. these are good songs, so petrie, when you available?
  11. ya after your win, i really scrambled to win the next 2. good game dude, and thanks
  12. Videogamer scared me, it was a close match!