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  • Birthday 06/09/1994

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    Anthony Rondini
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    Bristol, CT
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    vVv BooFerz
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    Blops, DJHero 1&2, FFXIII, Dragon Age, Two Worlds.
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    Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, pr0nz ;)
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    Immortal Technique, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Suicide Silence, Brand New, Foxy Shazam!, We Butter the Bread With Butter, TDWP, White Chapel, Daft Punk, Anybody that makes GOOD Dubstep, The Irish Front, Asking Alexandria, and more.
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    -Rhythm Gaming
    -My Girlfriend <3
    -Being a sssthnaaaaaake
  1. Happy Birthday @SeaNanners !!!!!!!!!!! :DD how old are you? like...60? 65? am i getting close??...jk ;)

  2. Decided to dig a 10x10 hole in Minecraft. Stopped at 1,400 blocks down. Gonna fill it with 1,400 boxes of TNT, put a house on top and watch it go kaboom (:

  3. "Sharp hats and fatalities!" as the famous @d_carriere would say! Playing some #MortalKombat >:D

  4. Wanna know what i love about Borgore and Skrillex? they don't care if you "pirate" their music.

  5. why does it feel like i can crack my chest (wtf?) everytime i stretch certain ways. ouch

  6. Anyone need any #Maplestory Closed BETA keys? :pp #BETA

  7. so goddamn tired. Went to sleep at like 5. -__- ' Now, Minecraft time.

  8. Playing some #Minecraft for a little bit. #Tired

  9. trying to get #skrillextitties trending on twitter with some people lol. Shona is sleeping... so cute. lolol (: i love herrr <3

  10. Can i get a RT from my favorite people for a great ending to an awesome birthday??? @Skrillex @12thplanet @datsik @Borgore

  11. Listening to music, and typing this retarded essay. -_- ugh..

  12. can i haz moar fucks?
  13. Hey, what's your twitter?