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  1. Mast3r Ball3r

    Chop Chop!

    =O Preston? =( Good luck everyone
  2. Well congrats to both of them. Either way vVv in the top 2
  3. Holy crap, Go Brock! Lol, Acai might be WCG champion but he's got nothin on you!! Good luck to both of you. Congrats to the two of you for making it this far and everyone else for representing and even getting selected
  4. hey man you and me need to play dj hero sometime but can you mabey look at my app and comment would really help hope to play soon peace

  5. Just posting this on all vVv's rhythm gaming members and applicants to make sure you all see it.

  6. This is an amazing accomplishment! I don't think anyone deserved it more than Alec. He's an outstanding player and he has a ton of support from his family. The best part is that he's still in his youth. I can only imagine what he may be capable of in the future. Very well deserved. Great Job!!
  7. Mast3r Ball3r

    vVv's Impressive Showing at WCG

    Awesome stuff you guys! Best of luck in the World Finals!
  8. Mast3r Ball3r

    vVv Welcomes New Rhythm Gamer!

    Welcome! It's nice to finally have you on board! Good luck at WCG
  9. Mast3r Ball3r

    My name is Acai28

    Welcome man!! Great to have you here!
  10. Mast3r Ball3r

    vVv Invades the WCG U.S. National Finals!

    Good luck to everyone! Once again vVv showing that we dominate!
  11. Mast3r Ball3r

    vVv Smash Division Gains Two More!

    Welcome you guys! I can't wait to see tons more of Brawl ownage from vVv!!
  12. Mast3r Ball3r

    vVv Smokyprogg Comes in 3rd Place at ESWC!

    Awesome job Rob!! I can't see what else you win in the future. Keep it up man
  13. Mast3r Ball3r

    DEVASTATION 2010! Amazing

    This past week I attended DEVASTATION 2010 that was held in Phoenix Arizona. It was the first time I had ever been to a gaming event and I wasn't sure what to expect really. As soon as I got there I was floored. The venue was huge, there were games everywhere, it felt like I was in heaven. I flew out to Arizona Thursday afternoon and met vVv mDaWg at the airport. As soon as we walked outside we noticed Arizona's heat. But of course we were in the shade at the time. When we walked over to our cab we stepped into the sun and it was like 20 degrees hotter. When we got to the hotel we met up with vVv Paradise and vVv Brock to get checked in to our hotel room. As soon as we set out stuff down the first thing we noticed were $5.25 bottles of aquafina sitting on the dresser. We decided it would be a great idea to hide them so they didn't get drank or accidentally opened or anything. After that, we got the xbox set up and started gaming. Later on Paradise and Brock went out the a Dream Theater concert and mDaWg and I headed over to the DEVASTATION VIP party. The VIP party was just a day to come out and get a look at the venue and play a bunch of games. We played some DJ Hero of course and looked around at all the game areas set up. I would have played some other games but it was bring your own controller and I didn't have controllers for them so I was kind of bummed, but that's ok. We also met vVv Pythagoras that day while he was jamming out to Guitar Hero. Later that night we met up with vVv Smokyprogg and went out on a bit of an adventure to find food within walking distance. I think it was around 10 pm we found a Subway, a Baja fresh, and a Burger King and they were all closed. Since we were all tired and hungry we settled for the restaurant inside the hotel that we were trying to avoid because we figured it would be expensive. The prices actually weren't that bad though. After eating we met back up with Paradise and Brock and headed to bed. The next day was a pretty lazy day. We didn't have anything going on competition wise and there weren't really any games that we cared about watching the tournaments for. We just hung out, mingled, played games, stuff like that. I guess Brock was talking to someone about a get together that was being put together. A guy named Brent, who goes by eXcelon on Scorehero, has a really awesome house and he invited us all over in addition to Edge of Insanity and a few others. We played a bunch of Rock Band and had burgers and hot dogs that Brent grilled. I spent almost the whole night playing drums and I kind of slowly noticed people start to disappear outside after a while. When it was time to go I discovered that they had all been drinking out there and I missed out cause I was gaming. I was kind of bummed but it's ok. I got to hear a really funny story from Paradise though. If you ever get the chance to see him drunk ask him to tell the GO story. He only tells it drunk though. That night vVv mikeHAZE showed up at the hotel in the middle of the night and vVv Havok showed up a few hours later. In the morning it was time for the Brawl tournaments. I was able to witness most of the epic doubles match with mikeHAZE and Havok against vVv Mew2King and DrkLink. I didn't get to watch all of it but I was definitely rooting for mikeHAZE and Havok and I was glad to hear that they won! At the same time the DJ Hero tournament was kicking off. I was happy to have gotten a Bye in the first round. The second round, my first match, was against some guy named Preston. I had seen him play earlier and I wasn't impressed so I wasn't too worried about it. I won that match which put me against vVv Paradise in the next round. He picked Elements of Life which is a song I'm not usually too strong on and he knew that. I ended up playing that song the best I'd ever played it. I forgot to take a look at the stats screen but I think I probably missed less than 10. So I beat him on that and whatever I picked and I advanced. I think my next match was the winners finals against mDaWg. I was pretty nervous about this one. We had a really close best of 5 game with both of us winning 2. The decision for the 5th song came from a judge who knew nothing about the game. I believe mDaWg bribed her to pick Rockit, which is his best song. Needless to say, he sent me to the losers bracket. After a quick match against Jumpaan I came back for the grand finals against mDaWg. This set wasn't quite as close. He beat me 3-1. After the tournament was all said and done. Paradise comes up to us and tells us that there are people doing a documentary on the culture of competitive gamers and they wanted to talk to a really good rhythm game player and asked him if he knew if Prod1gy X would be at the event. We all got a good laugh from that. He said he told them about how Smokyprogg was the best Guitar Hero player in the US and how he took 3rd at the WCG Grand Finals in China last year and how mDaWg and I are the 2 best DJ Hero players in the world. So they interviewed the 3 of us which was pretty cool. Sunday was Finals day and it was full of a lot of very interesting games. First up was the Brawl singles match featuring vVv Mew2King vs vVv Havok. We were a bit disappointed to see that on screen they didn't have the V's in front of their names. But it was a good match none the less. M2K took home gold and Havok took home silver. One of the games, Blazblue, I saw a little bit of for the first time the day before and I found it interesting. After watching the finals for it I was even more interested in it and ended up buying it when I got back home. The Street Fighter 4 tournament was the finale and it was really exciting. I felt like I was watching a basketball game or something. One of the players, Juicebox, had the crowd on his side the whole time. Whenever he landed a move we all cheered for him. I was sad to see him take 3rd but it was awesome watching him play and to see the crowd behind him like that. After that it was time to head back to the Airport. We got a ride from a cool kid we met named Isaiah. When we got there we went and ate at Paradise bakery. Paradise thought maybe he could get a discount because the place was obviously named after him but that didn't work out. After eating we all said our goodbyes and that's when my trip turned sour. I knew that I was going to be waiting at the airport for a while because my flight wasn't until 6:30 AM and it was only like 11 PM, that I didn't mind because I knew it was going to happen. What I didn't expect however was the weather in Chicago to be crappy and for my 6:30 flight to be canceled and to be placed on a 1:30 flight. After trying to sleep in those uncomfortable chairs for what seemed like forever I found out that that flight was delayed to 3:20. I was at the airport quite literally all day and I wasn't a fan. When I finally got home at like 10 I just passed out... Anyway, overall it was an amazing trip. I met some really great people and it's clear to see why they're sporting V's on their shirts. I can't wait to see these guys again. DEVASTATION 2011 here I come!
  14. Mast3r Ball3r

    vVv Smokyprogg Heads to France for ESWC!

    Congrats on that invite man. Getting the only invitation for the whole country is already a huge feat in my eyes. I know you're gonna rock the tournament, good luck to you. I'm looking forward to seeing the results
  15. Thanks brother. It was great meeting you.