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  1. Fedora

    Ever wonder whos farming your gold?

  2. So this one time Randy Beaman came over to play dj hero and you know whats fun when dj hero no more the price will go down on dj hero and then ppl will be like oh its cheapier now let me tryt it and see if i like it and then millions of people love the game becuase they tried it becuase it got cheapier and then there like shit dj hero got kick and there gonna be like i loved that game i wish i gave it a shot earlyier and if more people knew how good it was we wouldent have to say goodbye to it becuase it would be makeing great money but people dont feel like wasting money on sometrhing that i new to music gameing ...OK BYE *Goes back inside, shuts door*
  3. Fedora

    Scorehero Season 12 Leagues Starting

    I get the feeling Cake may beat me to the finish. The buttons on my turntable are starting to go and I'm just getting burned out.
  4. Fedora

    Scorehero Season 12 Leagues Starting

    Kicking ass in the DJH2 league.
  5. Fedora

    Jeez, I'm terrible at DJH 2

    Your timing could be off. I found that properly calibrating DJH2 was almost impossible for me. Also, check out this if you haven't already: http://www.vvv-gaming.com/forum/blog/111/entry-517-how-to-path-in-dj-hero-2/
  6. We will have to play tomorrow or something. I am in my interview right now lol.

  7. So... I heard your going to PAX... :D

  8. hey can you mabey look at my app and coment it would help me out alot and did you do the league on scorehero

  9. Fedora

    DJ Hero 3 Ideas?

    The Freestyle sections make it a more immersive music game than anything else short of learning the actual pro guitar modes in RB3.
  10. Fedora

    I can't stop ranting about this.

    Personally, I like RB3. But then, I play the game because I think it's fun, not to prove how bonecrushingly badass I am at Expert Guitar. In fact, I rarely (if ever) play Expert Guitar. Usually I Vox-bass with the fiancee on keys. A Thousand songs worth of DLC also helps keep things fresh, too. In the end, it is exactly what it is meant to be - a game that is meant to appeal to it's demographic. As always, if you want to exclusively play Expert Guitar, and want extreme noodly solos and blistering difficulty, you should get Guitar Hero. If you want a game that's fun to play with some friends who come over (especially if they don't play on expert! *Gasp!*), get Rock Band.
  11. Fedora

    Scorehero Season 12 Leagues Starting

    I'm signed up for RBX Bass and DJH2. Just found a bargain on a new turntable ($25! not bad!) so I'm ready to go.
  12. Just posting this on all vVv's rhythm gaming members and applicants to make sure you all see it.

  13. Happy birthday man! Hope you have a great one. :]

  14. Happy Birthday man!!